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Generate Leads and Maximize ROI with Remo's Virtual Trade Show Platform

  • Virtual trade show platform for networking + keynotes

  • Display products in branded exhibitor booths

  • Attract buyers, generate leads, and boost sales

  • Measure and maximize virtual trade show ROI efficiently

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Trusted by over 1000+ organizations worldwide

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Virtual Trade Show Platform with Exclusive Benefits

Remo’s Virtual Trade Show Platform helps you host engaging virtual trade shows that boosts your lead pipeline and ROI.


Foster Genuine Connections with Remo’s Virtual Trade Show Platform

Transform online networking into an authentic experience with Remo’s virtual trade show software. Encourage meaningful conversations between attendees and exhibitors.

  • 3.2x more engagement than other virtual platforms

  • Empower genuine conversations of all sizes with leads

  • Let guests network and move freely among exhibitors

  • Host multiple exhibitors in dedicated branded booths

Host A Virtual Trade Show
Multiple virtual booths with separate meaningful conversations happening between exhibitors and attendees using Remo’s Virtual Trade Show Software
An embedded display of an exhibitors product catalogue with the option for immediate purchases to boost sales on Remo’s Online Trade Show Platform


Boost Sales with a Conversion-First Virtual Trade Show Platform

Turn every interaction into a potential sale with Remo’s online trade show software. Close sales faster with live demos, embedded stores, and meaningful interactions.

  • Showcase products in branded exhibitor booths

  • Drive immediate conversions with embedded displays

  • Build meaningful attendee-exhibitor relationships

  • Identify high-intent leads with targeted in-app CTA’s


Captivate and Engage Your Virtual Trade Show Attendees

Host presentations and networking on one virtual trade show platform. Engage attendees with interactive keynotes, panels, and product demos like never before.

  • Easily switch between networking and presentations

  • Facilitate engagement with polls, reactions, and more

  • Host industry talks and demos on one virtual platform

  • Offer a comprehensive virtual trade show experience

An image of the two modes organisers can seamlessly switch between on Remo’s Online Trade Show Software - an interactive presentation mode, as well as an engaging networking mode
Examples of analytics that Remo’s Virtual Trade Show Platform provides organisers with to improve their future virtual trade shows


Optimize Your Sales and Future Virtual Trade Shows

Use our virtual trade show platform’s analytics to understand your prospects better. Tailor your offers and refine your virtual trade show strategy for improved ROI.

  • Track behaviours, engagement, and attendance data

  • Gather feedback and insights from surveys and polls

  • Tailor your product offers based on lead preferences

  • Share high-intent leads with exhibitors for direct ROI


Amplify Your Brand Visibility with a Customizable Virtual Trade Show Platform

Immerse attendees in a fully branded experience with Remo’s virtual trade show platform. Let exhibitors customize their booths while keeping your brand front and center.

  • Immerse guests with visually stunning venues

  • Ensure brand visibility with a white-labeled platform

  • Offer exhibitors their own customizable virtual booths

  • Guarantee a memorable trade show experience

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An example of a branded virtual trade show space with customised booths, company logos, and a subdomain on Remo’s Virtual Trade Show Software

Virtual Trade Show Platform: Testimonials by Customers

Don’t take it from us – check out these Remo reviews from customers about their experience on the virtual trade show platform!

Remo rating: 5/5

Easy to use virtual platform

“We like the how Remo replicates our face to face tradeshows in an easy to use virtual platform. If you're looking for a subscription based tool, Remo is fantastic!”

Mark M.
President and Managing Director

Remo rating: 4.5/5

Remo is the future of virtual events

“Remo is a REAL virtual event platform. It is changing how people remotely connect. The ease and versatility of Remo makes it easy for ANYONE to use. It actually ‘mimics’ a real face-to-face event. Breakout rooms are the BEST for networking. Hands-downs! My entire business model is based on using Remo to host events of all kinds.”

Jarrod G.
Founder & Small Business Entrepreneur

Remo rating: 5/5

Remo was Made for Events!

“The ease of use, is very intuitive once guests have an understanding of what to expect. Along with this, the customization of each event is special. Each time you attend an event... you could be in a completely different setting. The Whiteboards at each table are also unique, anything you want can be embedded and it is amazing for all our events, especially "trade show" events.”

Dean S.
Small Business

Remo rating: 4/5

Easy to Use

“The functionality of the platform and unique set-up give it a true expo feel through a virtual platform. It solves the ability to hold an expo, tradeshow, congress meetings while in a virtual setting by bringing together the larger group.”

G2 Reviewer
Events Services

Remo rating: 5/5

Great and intuitive platform that can reimagine traditional brick & mortar events

“Intuitive platform, great visuals, good customer service. Some benefits to highlight are: The ability to recreate the "human interaction" in the virtual realm. The ability to utilize the platform functions for more than basic meetings.”

Tarik A.
Program Manager

Remo rating: 5/5

Interactive and fun platform for meaningful conversations

“Having a floor plan and showcasing where participants are in real-time help attendees feel like they are at a real event. People can jump around to different tables and discuss topics that they are interested in. The format is highly engaging as participants can interact with anyone and choose the topics they are most interested in. ”

Joey H.
Manager (Alumni)

Remo rating: 4/5

Very interactive virtual event platform

“The experience the tool provides for virtual event is very interactive and accommodates multiple features to simulate live event experience like floors, tables, breakout sessions. Nothing that i didn't like so far.”

Damini G.
Senior Executive

Remo rating: 5/5

Great networking app

“I've used Remo as an attendee at a couple of virtual conferences, and it's been the best networking app so far. The highlight of these meetings is networking, and Remo has really filled that void in the virtual realm. I've been impressed with the ease of use, flexibility and interactive features, including audio, chat and video conferencing.”

Elizabeth W.
Board Member, Membership Chair

Virtual Trade Show Platform FAQs

How do you measure success at a virtual trade show?

Success at a virtual trade show can be measured by analyzing attendee engagement, lead generation, and the overall interaction with exhibitors' content. The best virtual trade show platforms, like Remo, provides detailed analytics to help you track these metrics easily and effectively.

What kind of content can exhibitors display?

Exhibitors can display a variety of content including product catalogs, demos, images, and resources, just to name a few, using interactive banners and whiteboards on Remo’s virtual trade show platform.

Can content be viewed even after the trade show ends?

Yes, displayed content can be viewed as long as the event space remains open. Additionally, any presentations can also be recorded in HD and shared with guests post-trade show for continued access.

What integrations does Remo support?

Currently, Remo supports integrating the virtual trade show platform via Zapier to your preferred tools/apps.

What is Remo’s virtual trade show platform pricing like?

Remo aims to keep pricing as flexible and transparent as possible. You can choose from 3 subscription types: one-time event, recurring trade shows, or an enterprise solution. Check out our pricing page for more information and get a quote!

What is a virtual trade show?

A virtual trade show is an online event where exhibitors showcase their products and network with attendees in a digital environment. It typically uses features like video conferencing, interactive booths, and live chat. It can also feature several industry talks or live product demonstrations.

Are virtual trade shows worth it?

Yes, virtual trade shows are a cost-effective way to enhance business ROI and lead generation. They offer exhibitors a much wider/global audience, as well as robust analytics into attendee behavior.

How to host a virtual trade show?

To host a virtual trade show, you first need to choose a virtual trade show platform, like Remo. Once chose, you can set up virtual booths for each exhibitor, schedule engaging content such as webinars and demos, and promote the event to attract attendees. You should also run a few practice events with exhibitors so they feel comfortable using the platform’s interaction and lead generation tools.

What is the best virtual trade show platform?

The best virtual trade show platform offers a mix of reliability, lead generation features, customization, and powerful analytics. Remo is a strong choice, known for its engaging, interactive environment and comprehensive suite of tools that enhance both the attendee and exhibitor experience.

How many guests can Remo’s virtual platform support?

Remo’s virtual trade show platform supports unlimited registrations and up to 1000 attendees per event space. You can host multiple exhibitor booths within one event space though. For larger virtual trade shows, you can also link spaces together.

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