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Remo is the perfect virtual meeting and team building solution for your remote team; you can walk around the virtual workspace, engage with peers and clients, have real water cooler discussions and meetings just like you would in person. Find out why many global firms and bar associations have chosen Remo to support their digital transformation.

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Engaging Virtual Environments

Remo makes it simple to create a delightful, immersive virtual space that empowers people to communicate, connect, and collaborate with anyone just like you would in real life.

Since the pandemic you probably started using Zoom or Microsoft Teams for your video conferencing and video calls, but to really give your team members and clients real-time natural interactions, and tremendously improve the overall experience, you need Remo.

With Remo, you can recreate your own branded space, or any fun workspace your remote employees will love, and have all your partner and staff meetings, happy hours, team building activities, firmwide announcements, employee onboarding, all in the same engaging platform. 

From one-on-one discussions to lunch and learn and virtual retreats, you can have all your remote team events in one beautiful interactive space that enables natural conversations and interactions.

You can use Remo for ALL your different firm needs


Obviously there are many more use cases for Remo in the remote workplace:

Want to know how Remo could be the perfect virtual workspace for all your meetings, team building activities, video conferencing and more?

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Key features you’ll love:

  • Custom floor plans: Have your colors, logo, and very own ambiance that you know your employees will love. You can even recreate the real office for hybrid work, or a fun workspace style (why not a star wars themed workspace?
  • Custom table sizes: Have different group sizes for different functionality: one-on-one discussions, team meetings, group presentations or workshops. 
  • Secure access to whiteboards: Our integration with the Miro app enables you to create whiteboards during your meetings and collaborate on any workflows or project together easily. Perfect for workshops, team building and training.
  • No need for an IT team: Even if you're a small SaaS and don't have an IT team to set Remo up, you don't have to, it's super easy-to-use, cost-effective and with a top notch customer experience from our contact center. No need for virtual desktop, VPN, or cloud services, or worrying if it works as an android or IOS app, it's all online.
You can try Remo for one-time events, subscribe monthly or save big by choosing a yearly plan for all your different team meetings and activities, the choice is yours!

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