The Perfect Virtual Meeting Platform for Your Team

You now have remote teams, and virtual events replaced the classic workplace face-to-face meetings. But Remo can make virtual meetings just as awesome as the real deal.

Here’s how Remo can help you create the best possible experience:

Remo makes it simple to create a delightful, immersive virtual space that empowers people to communicate, connect, and collaborate with anyone just like you would in real life.

Remote Team Collaboration Made Simple

Your virtual team needs more than the typical Microsoft Teams, Gotomeeting, Skype or Zoom video calls, they need a tool that's really going to help them feel like they are in an in-person meeting. A complete virtual meeting platform like Remo.

Walk around, meet in custom conference rooms or by the water cooler, host fun and engaging happy hours, holiday parties, webinars, or any virtual event. Remo's the perfect digital space for you to host all your virtual meetings and gatherings all year long.

Virtual meeting networking
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Best Virtual Meeting Functionalities

Here are some of the functionalities you need to look for in an online meeting tool. Whether it's for video conferences, webinars or just improving communication amongst your remote work force. Keep these conferencing software features in mind to find the most cost-effective tool and have a successful virtual meeting.

virtual meeting video

Video meetings

The very first and most important feature of any video conferencing tool is to be able to have video meetings. Ideally HD videos with a good webcam and a good internet connection really help you get an effective virtual meeting.

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virtual meeting screen sharing

Screen sharing

Another very important functionality is screen sharing. Your team members should be able to show what they are working on or what they have questions about, in real time.

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virtual meeting rooms

Meeting rooms

Sometimes you want a private conference call, a more general remote team collaboration meeting, one-on-one discussions, or meeting participants during a larger event. All of it is possible if you have virtual meeting rooms available.

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virtual meeting whiteboards


You can use Remo as a collaboration tool, and all work together on the same miro whiteboard, that you can then keep, much like the whiteboard in your real-life conference room.

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virtual meeting polling

Polling and Q&A

In most virtual meeting software it's quite difficult to get feedback from everyone, particularly enabling people to ask questions freely. The virtual meeting etiquette makes it quite awkward to unmute and try to get a good moment to ask your question. With a polling or Q&A feature, everyone can write questions in real-time and not get lost in the chat.

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virtual meeting networking


If you don't want your remote team to just hang on social media on their mobile device during your virtual meeting, you need some networking capabilities.

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virtual meeting floorplan

Custom floor plans

To engage your virtual team, make sure the environment where they meet is fun and custom to their needs. You work with a bunch of star wars fans? Why not meet on the death star for the townhall meeting? Possibilities are endless when you have the right tool.

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Virtual Meeting Tips 

Pandemic or not, here are a couple tips to keep in mind to have an effective virtual meeting. 

1. Make sure to take into account everyone's time zone when scheduling your meeting.

2. Share the meeting agenda ahead of time and let people add points or note questions before the meeting.

3. Have a host, moderator and/or facilitator so that the meeting is led by someone and doesn't result in chaos or long silences.

4. Make sure everyone is always muted unless they talk in order to reduce background noise.

5. Choose the right virtual meeting platform that gives you all the necessary features.

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You can try Remo for one-time events, subscribe monthly or save big by choosing a yearly plan, the choice is yours! 

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