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The Remo platform enables you to immerse yourself in an event just like you would in real life: Walk around, talk to other participants, create workshops, brainstorm, round tables, everything you can think of, you can do on Remo.
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Enable meaningful connections

With Remo, your attendees can walk around freely and go from table-to-table to discuss with whoever they want, however they want.

Custom tables of 2 to 16 participants

Private VIP table for event managers or executives

Assign tables or let people form groups by themselves

Discuss via video, general chat, table chat or private chat

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Create engaging presentations

Jump into presentation mode in a click and enjoy an easy and natural way to present any content, from webinars, conferences, games, or trainings.

Share your screen, a whiteboard or a youtube video

Get live reactions from the audience

Use the upvotable Q&A to ask questions and answer the most requested ones

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Make it fun and dynamic

No one wants a boring conference call, that’s why we created multiple fun features to help you energize your gathering. Send notifications, shuffle your attendees, draw, brainstorm and more!

Each table has a whiteboard to brainstorm, draw, or consult information

You can shuffle everyone so that people can get to know each other better and network

Send notifications or set timers to give people notice of how long they have until the next activity

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Visually stunning immersive environments

You can use the Remo built-in environments, create your very own custom environment exactly how you want it, or hire professionals to do it for you! Recreate your office building, a beach, mount Everest, or a nice cozy coffee shop. The choice is yours!

Available Remo floor plans for multiple occasions

Get a new fun floor plan designed by professionals in our marketplace

Use your designer team to create a custom floor plan that’s 100% your own

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