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Connect Students and Universities on our Immersive Virtual Education Fair Platform

  • Attract international universities and students

  • Engage & inform on one virtual education fair platform

  • Transform student-institution connections

  • Immerse students with fully branded university booths

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Remo's virtual education fair platform comes with virtual booths, interactive banners for content, and live audio-video chats

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Virtual Education Fair Platform with Exclusive Benefits

Share university information, application processes, and recruitment tips with prospective students on Remo’s virtual education far platform.


Build Real Connections At Virtual Education Fairs

Enable authentic networking on Remo’s virtual education fair platform. Facilitate genuine conversations between overseas students and international universities.

  • Experience networking that feels as real as in-person

  • Empower students to freely explore university choices

  • Engage in rich chats on our virtual education fair platform

  • Host discussions of all sizes; from 1-1 to large groups

Host A Virtual Education Fair
Remo's virtual education fair software allows for multiple university booths and conversation in one online hall
Maximize attendance with Remo's web-based virtual education fair platform


Attract International Institutions and Students to Your Virtual Education Fair

Reach across continents to connect diverse leading institutions with a global pool of prospective students on Remo’s virtual education fair platform.

  • Reach thousands of students and universities globally

  • Web-based virtual education fair platform; no installs

  • Collect valuable student data with custom questions

  • Create a searchable student database for follow-ups


Interact Live with Students on One Virtual Education Fair Software

Our virtual education fair platform makes it easy to host engaging webinar sessions or talks, providing valuable insights into student life, courses, applications and more.

  • 3.2x more engagement than other virtual platforms

  • Drive interaction with polls, quizzes, Q&A, and more

  • Host networking and presentations on one solution

  • Offer practical information to students and parents

The two modes of Remo's online education fair platform – networking and presentation modes
Display multimedia content and track interactions with Remo's online education software


Seamlessly Share Content On Our Virtual Education Fair Platform

Remo’s virtual education fair platform makes it easy to host engaging webinar sessions or talks. On Remo, you can provide valuable insights into student life, courses, applications and more.

  • Enrich virtual booths with banners and whiteboards

  • Share downloadable brochures, guides, & catalogues

  • Display info interactively with virtual tours & embeds

  • Identify qualified students and share with universities


Enhance Branding with a Customizable Virtual Education Fair Platform

Amplify brand visibility with Remo’s virtual education fair platform. Tailor every aspect of your online education fair with branded booths and a bespoke floor plan.

  • Create a fully immersive virtual education fair venue

  • Custom branded booths for each university

  • Ensure brand presence with a white-labeled platform

  • Guarantee your virtual education fair stands out

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A fully branded virtual education fair hosted on Remo

Virtual Education Fair Platform: Testimonials by Customers

Don’t take it from us – check out some Remo reviews from customers on their experience with the virtual education fair platform!

Remo rating: 5/5

Easy to use platform making this a great virtual meeting option

“The Remo platform is well laid out, easy to use and an efficient way to host larger scale group meetings and events. The problem Remo helps us solve would be letting people meet virtually without the barriers one would find with other online platform providers.”

G2 Reviewer
Education Management

Remo rating: 4.5/5

Really nice virtual environment

“I would like to recommend Remo to others. I attended a lot of conferences during this period and I personally felt that something was missing with respect to physical events. However, for the first time, using Remo I feel that the gap was filled, it's like being really at the place. You can talk with people, network, and easily present your work.”

Gabriele S.
PHD Student, Attendee

Feels like an in-person interaction

“I like that you can sit on tables and have group discussions, also the ability to jump between tables is nice as it feels like a real conference/visit day. Remo allows us to hold open days for the university like we would in-person, it allows tour guides to give virtual campus tours, lecturers to interview students privately and speakers to give talks.”

G2 Reviewer
Public Relations and Communications

Remo rating: 5/5

Very clever networking application with all the right tools and great value

“Very affordable and packed with video networking features. I like the idea of joining and moving between tables. The whiteboard is a cool feature too. It has all the features of a big box platform like Zoom or Teams with easy to use controls. This is a near perfect networking app.”

Glenn C.
Marketing Specialist

Remo rating: 5/5

Nice way to socialize

“I like seeing the tables with people and that it limits the number of people at any given table so you can actually chat with others. Being able to chat with specific people through the chat function was awesome. As a frequent host, having to organize people "live" during a session is quite stressful, and Remo allows the participant to be the one who "self-organizes".”

G2 ReviewerEducation Management

Remo rating: 4/5

Provides real networking missing from other platforms

“I like that people can move table to table and not only video chat but share a whiteboard surface to work with others at the table. It's unique. People burned out on zoom really responded to the new platform feel of Remo.”

Hilary H.
Chief Experience Officer

Remo rating: 5/5

Excellent Networking Event

“The platform is easy to use and accessible. Attending a networking event in this way may even be better than face-to-face events as it takes away any of the overwhelm from entering a room full of people. It is great to see where people are and chose where you want to go. I especially like the options to be at a table and network with people as well as there be presentations from the organisers.”

Ric H.Small Business

Remo rating: 4.5/5

An awesome virtual experience with an awesome conference

“The visual aspects that make it look like you're looking at a real floor plan is incredible. I like the tables being organised into virtual meeting places, so you can have opportunities for both 1-2-1 meets and even a place for a bit of timeout. The main stage and being able to bring up attendees was another feature I particularly liked too.”

May King T.
Live Reporter

Virtual Education Fair Platform & Other Use Cases

Explore Remo’s All-in-One Platform for all your event needs; from Hybrid Events to Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual Education Fair Platform FAQs

How many users can Remo’s platform support?

Remo’s virtual education fair platform can support up to 1000 users per event. For larger fairs, you can also link multiple events together. Remo also supports an unlimited number of virtual booths.

Can I customize the virtual booths and the fair?

Definitely! Remo allows you to fully customize your virtual education fair to match your branding and specific needs. You can choose themes, add university logos, and modify booth designs to create a branded and engaging experience for attendees.

What content can I share on Remo’s virtual platform?

On Remo’s virtual education fair platform, universities can share a wide range of content at their dedicated booths. This includes videos, presentations, downloadable brochures, and links to external resources. As an organizer, you can also use interactive features like polls and quizzes to enhance engagement during your virtual education fair.

How much does a virtual education fair platform cost?

The cost of a virtual education fair platform usually varies depending on the features, number of attendees, and event duration. With Remo, we offer 3 plans: subscription-based plan, one-time event plan, and an enterprise plan. But, on all 3, we aim to offer the best price for your needs – get a quote estimate here.

Does Remo offer a free trial?

Yes, Remo offers a 14-day free trial—no credit card required. During this trial, you can explore all functionalities and host unlimited events for up to 20 people each. Get started today

What is a virtual education fair?

A virtual education fair is an online event where students can explore and interact with various educational institutions from around the world, using a virtual education fair platform. It replicates the experience of an in-person fair, offering features like virtual booths, live audio-video chats, and webinar technology.

How do I set up a virtual education fair on Remo?

Setting up a virtual education fair on Remo is straightforward: Add your event details, customize your virtual space with booths and branding, and invite students to join. We also have a dedicated support team who is ready to guide you along the way.

What is the best virtual education fair platform?

The best virtual education fair platform offers robust interactivity, easy customization, and strong support. It should include key features, like live chats, virtual booths, and robust reporting. For example, Remo provides all these capabilities, along with a user-friendly interface that connects students with educational institutions effectively.

How long does it take to set up a virtual education fair?

Setting up a virtual education fair can be a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the virtual education fair platform you choose, complexity of your event, and number of booths. With Remo, for example, setup is easy using our intuitive tools and templates.

How long does a virtual education fair usually last for?

A virtual education fair typically lasts for 1 to 3 days, allowing enough time for attendees to explore different booths, attend webinars, and interact with university representatives. However, depending on your and your participants needs, you can make your virtual fair last for however long you want.

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