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Cvent Review: A Virtual Event Solution Review

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Remo Staff

Hoyin Cheung

9 mins



June 13, 2024

A comprehensive review of Cvent – a virtual event solution
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I think we all can agree that finding the best virtual event platform for your next event is no easy task. Is it reliable? Will it be easy to use? What’s the support like?? Is it in my budget??? These are just a few of the many questions I’m sure are already running through your head. That’s why we put together this quick review of one of the top event platforms, Cvent. With this review, you’ll quickly discover what their platform has to offer, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they compare to other alternatives, like Remo. All of which you can use to decide whether Cvent is the right platform for your virtual event. 

So, let’s get started right away with a brief introduction to what Cvent is.


What is Cvent?

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Founded in 1999 by Reggie Agarwal, Cvent is a cloud-based event program with features that automate event planning tasks from beginning to end. The program works for all types of events, including webinars, online, in-person, and virtual gatherings. This software offers specialized features like reporting and analytics, venue management, and email marketing.

Cvent aims to help planners create branded events and save time by simplifying manual event management tasks. Users can integrate the software with third-party apps, including Salesforce and Hubspot, to improve engagement and communication among their event team. 

Furthermore, the software provides user-friendly tools to create custom events with personalized backgrounds and layouts. To boost engagement, you can also add basic tools like surveys, polls, and emojis. While, speakers and organizers have the option to present live, semi-live or recorded.

Pros and Cons

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of Cvent based on users' experiences.

Cvent Pros

  • Easy Setup and Use: Cvent is popular in the event software market for its ease of use with their all-in-one software. To keep things simple for event organizers, the software offers a single system to manage all their event tasks and save time. Also, users often commend the simple design options that promote a smooth workflow and overall user experience. 
  • Excellent Reporting System: Cvent has commendable data reporting to aid planners' decision-making. The software features a built-in report system for real-time reporting on almost all aspects of the event. Managers can also easily share links with other users, obtain reports on demand, and save time.
  • Tailored Experience: Another advantage of Cvent is the customization it offers for event organizers. For example, planners can customize the page to include a map highlighting all the important event spaces attendees should know and visit, ranging from exhibitor booths to registration and session rooms.

Cvent Cons

  • Overpriced Features: Several reviews mentioned that Cvent's services are expensive given its features and capacity offered. Cvent also does not offer a starting point for its pricing plans, unlike other platforms, so organizers have no choice but to request a demo for just an idea of their platform cost. 
    From their website, it appears that Cvent offers separately-priced solutions (Registration, Attendee Hub, and OnArrival) so you can pay for which you need, in addition to their basic Professional plan. There was also mention from past users on review sites about hidden charges Cvent charged them during usage, which is important to note when considering your budget.
    Alternatively, at Remo, another virtual event platform, affordability and transparent pricing are at the heart of our service. We have several flexible packages to fit different budgets and event needs, with the "Starter" plan starting at $380 monthly to give you a rough idea of cost. Unlike other virtual solutions, our pricing is straightforward based on just your expected number of attendees (not registrations) and your event duration.
  • Customization Challenges: Speaking of customization, some users did point out that some of Cvent’s features, like their registration page, lack any form of customization. For example, it was mentioned that it might be difficult to register speakers and add them to the speaker module simultaneously.
    Several competitors, including Remo, recognize that each virtual event is unique and requires flexible customization capabilities. With Remo, you can customize your entire event space from just adding your logo to changing the entire virtual event environment. More than just design, event planners can set up their events the way they want with a customizable agenda, event registration page, and even custom welcome messages for attendees as they enter.
  • Poor Customer Service: Although some Cvent users experienced success using the platform with no issues, there have been some complaints about the company's poor customer service. Some users have complained that Cvent's customer service does not respond promptly, and the limited training might be challenging to follow. Many users find it tedious to use Cvent completely as some customer service representatives do not even have a full grasp of their products.
    On the other hand, at Remo, customer support is a top priority to ensure all customers and their guests get actionable solutions to any questions or issues. Besides live chat and email support with our team, we also have a helpdesk with how-to-use and troubleshooting articles for users at their disposal.
  • Mobile Application Issues: Based on user reviews, Cvent's mobile application also presents significant issues. Some users have noted that the app is very slow and has a low touch-feedback response. The app might also be riddled with bugs, as there have been reports of frequent crashes during use, which is not ideal when hosting a live event.
    Alternatively, Remo is a browser-based platform, so hosts and attendees don’t have to download or install any other apps just to enter an event. They can easily enter the event via a browser on laptops, mobiles, or desktops with the event URL. Therefore, guests won't have to worry about constant bugs and crashes as long as their network connection is stable.
  • Tedious Usage: There are also complaints that simple tasks on Cvent can be unnecessarily tedious. Some users have complained that they found it difficult to set up websites on Cvent, and the platform was time-consuming for tasks that they felt could have been done in a far shorter time frame.
    Conversely, our platform, Remo, provides users with a straightforward and easy experience to event hosting. On Remo, setting up a basic event takes about 5 minutes. We also offer a range of default options such as 30+ pre-made floor plans, a pre-selected event image, and even a pre-filled welcome message, to make event setup much faster. Of course, you can always spend more time really customizing your event to make it your own though.
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Cvent Key Features

Here are some of the key features other users have noted about Cvent’s event platform:

1. Venue Management

Primarily for in-person events, Cvent offers a comprehensive solution to manage your event venue. From providing a robust database of venue choices, to helping you craft and send the RFP to secure your chosen venue, Cvent covers it all.

Their venue management service features over 300,000 venues you can search and select from for your next event. Cvent also offers side-by-side comparison of venues so you can compare factors like rates, size, number of meeting rooms, and more. Beyond that, once you’ve settled on your ideal venue (or shortlist of venues), Cvent also allows you to customize and send out a request for proposal (RFP).  

2. Attendee Engagement

One of the solutions Cvent provides is their “Attendee Hub”. This solution is centered around providing features that increase engagement of attendees, like surveys, Q&A, or networking tools. Another solution Cvent offers is their “OnArrival” package. Cvent’s OnArrival is all about helping organizers manage check-in and attendance of their events. It provides access to features, like check-in alerts and printing attendee badges. It should be noted while both these solutions are included in their Enterprise plans, they may come at an additional cost when considering Cvent’s Professional plan.

In addition to these two solutions, Cvent also offers a dedicated studio feature which allows speakers to better engage with attendees. Within Cvent Studio, speakers can control their live feed, manage the event chat, and even select a virtual background.

3. Room Block Management

One of the unique features Cvent offers its in-person event attendees is the ability to reserve rooms ahead of the event. With Cvent, event organizers can also capitalize on this and add perks, like room upgrades, to upsell attendees. They can also monitor and track all room bookings easily from a centralized dashboard.

4. Insight Tools

Cvent also provides a range of features that aim to provide organizers with actionable insights from their event. This includes customized engagement scores, survey solutions, and robust event reporting. 

With their custom engagement scores, event planners can track and score their attendees’ experience at their event including event registration, exhibitor interactions, and more. On Cvent, event organizers can also survey attendees for feedback before and after their event. However, unlike Remo, they don’t yet provide real-time survey capabilities for during the event. Finally, Cvent’s virtual platform, like Remo, also offers event planners detailed post-event reporting, covering areas like lead capture, session data, and attendee tracking.

5. Budget Management

The Cvent virtual event platform also features tools to manage your event budget and track event spending. These tools include budget templates, physical and virtual card management, currency conversion functionality, and expense integrations. 

6. Mobile Application

Cvent has also created a dedicated event app for Android and iOS devices. Their mobile app covers a lot of the same features they have available on their online platform, including but not limited to their data reports, engagement-building tools, interactive maps, virtual booths, and gamification features.

Cvent Pricing

Cvent does not have pricing information readily available on its website, nor does it offer a starting price point for a basic idea. Therefore, if you are interested in using Cvent for your next event, you will need to contact the company directly for a price quote to see if the solution is within your event budget.

One important point to note is that Cvent offers different pricing for different types of events and solutions. For example, their webinar platform offers dedicated webinar plans that are priced differently to their main event management software. So, keep this in mind when reviewing their pricing and decide which of Cvent’s solutions you are interested in.

On the other hand, at Remo, we have a much more straight-forward and transparent approach to pricing – it relies on 3 primary factors: your event duration, preferred subscription length, and expected number of attendees (not registrations!). We purposely kept our pricing flexible to meet the unique needs of each event and budget. That’s why before purchasing, we encourage organizers to meet with our sales team first to understand more about your event, see if Remo is a good fit, and discuss budget/quotes. 

Final Verdict

Cvent has a good history of providing easy-to-use tools to help businesses simplify event planning tasks. The software also has excellent solutions for virtual events and reporting options that allow users to monitor and track their event engagement.

However, as we saw above Cvent does also have its fair share of challenges, which may not make it an ideal solution for some users. The software offers little to no customization, overly complex features, and expensive plans. If personalization, simplicity and budget are key considerations for your event, you may want to consider some alternatives, like Remo.

Remo: Cvent's Better Alternative

While Cvent offers a holistic event platform for virtual, hybrid and in-person events, Remo focuses solely on virtual events to give your virtual attendees the best experience possible. With many customization options and a full suite of interactive tools, Remo can help you engage and immerse your attendees like never before.

Here’s a few reasons why you should consider Remo for your next event:

  • Affordable Pricing: Remo has affordable and transparent pricing options. Starting from $380, Remo plans can be customized to fit your event needs and budget completely. We try to keep pricing simple by quoting according to event duration, expected attendees, and which add-ons you want available.
  • Customization Like No Other: Unlike Cvent, which offers limited customization options, Remo is fully customizable. For each event, you get to decide which features are available, how the event should work, even the actual event space is customizable. (You could host your online conference on the beach, your virtual hiring event from space, or your networking event in the middle of Central Perk - it’s completely up to you).
  • State-of-the-art Engagement Features: Engagement is the bread and butter of virtual events on Remo. Our main goal is to equip event organizers with the tools necessary to capture and retain their audience’s attention even when they’re online. With past events, we’ve seen 3.2x more attendee engagement when compared to events hosted on platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Here are just a few of the engagement-boosting features Remo offers: 
    • Free Attendee Movement - Let attendees “walk” between virtual tables and conversations as they please
    • Shuffle Mode - Instantly mix and match attendees across virtual tables
    • Polls and Quizzes - Survey your attendees in real time
    • Lock tables - Host private conversations or group discussions
    • Whiteboards - Let attendees collaborate on a digital whiteboard
    • Real-Time Reactions & Sound Effects - Give speakers real-time feedback from attendees
  • Excellent Customer Service: Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Remo’s services. So, our team ensures customers and guests get the answers they need as quickly as possible via live chat and email support. We also have a robust helpdesk with articles and solutions available for common questions or how-to’s.
  • Dual Networking and Presentation Modes: Remo offers organizers a comprehensive virtual event solution featuring both a conversation and presentation mode. With Remo’s conversation mode, attendees are free to move between smaller-group conversations as they please, facilitating networking that feels authentic. Whilst, presentation mode is for delivering speaker presentations or panel discussions to your entire audience at once. Best of all - event organizers can seamlessly switch between the two with a single button.

Do you want to know more about Remo? Book a demo today, and let us help you manage your virtual event to perfection!

Hoyin Cheung

Hoyin Cheung is the Founder & CEO of Remo, where he focuses on enhancing the authenticity of connections at virtual events. With a wealth of experience in event planning, he translates his insights into compelling content aimed at improving virtual interactions. His mission is to empower event professionals with practical tips to foster genuine connections in every virtual gathering.

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