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Unite Virtual and In-Person Attendees with Our Engaging Hybrid Event Platform

  • 1 Event, 2 Experiences, 1 Hybrid Event Platform

  • Maximize attendance with local and global audiences

  • Drive hybrid event engagement for everyone

  • Seamlessly connect virtual and in-person attendees

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A hybrid event featuring simultaneous in-person and virtual participation using Remo's Hybrid event platform

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Hybrid Platform with Exclusive Benefits

Boost attendance, drive engagement, and unite audiences with the most seamless hybrid event platform


Maximize Registration and Attendance with Our Hybrid Event Platform

Boost your hybrid event attendance with easy registration for virtual and in-person attendees. Make joining your hybrid event effortless for everyone, everywhere.

  • Attract a local and global audience with one platform

  • Customize registration forms and event tickets

  • Boost attendee turnout with automated reminders

  • Manage registration for all attendees in one place

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Registration form, ticket tiers, event invite, and landing page built from Remo's Hybrid Event Software
A townhall event presented both in person and on Remo's hybrid event platform featuring both in-person and online speakers


Deliver a Seamless Hybrid Event Experience For All

Remo’s hybrid event platform ensures a unified experience for all attendees. Create one integrated event environment that engages everyone; whether they’re online or onsite.

  • Replicate your event venue with a bespoke floor plan

  • Mobile and browser-friendly for easy access

  • Easily stream in-person sessions online; and vice versa

  • Enable real-time participation from virtual attendees


Streamline Your Setup with Remo’s Hybrid Event Software

Hybrid events can be complex, but Remo makes it simple. Our hybrid event platform simplifies event setup so you can focus on delivering value, not wrestling with technology.

  • Straightforward 3-step event setup

  • Intuitive interface, suitable for beginners and experts

  • Partner with technical A/V agencies for extra support

  • Integrate Remo with your favorite apps via Zapier

Create hybrid event tickets easily on Remo's hybrid event software


Forge Real Connections with a Networking-Focused Hybrid Event Platform

Empower your remote participants with authentic networking opportunities. Create a virtual space where conversations are spontaneous and connections are genuine.

  • Let attendees move freely between conversations

  • Foster a dynamic networking scene with virtual tables

  • Build connections with networking that feels genuine

  • Enable attendees to make valuable new connections


Engage and Immerse Virtual Attendees in the Hybrid Event Experience

Transform passive viewing into active participation with Remo’s hybrid event software. Guarantee your virtual attendees are as tuned in and engaged as those onsite.

  • 3.2x more engagement on our hybrid event platform

  • Fully immerse remote guests in the online experience

  • Drive interactivity with live polls, Q&A, and more

  • Easily switch from live presentations to networking

The two modes of Remo's hybrid event platform – conversation mode for networking and presentation mode for presentations
Robust suite analytics provided by Remo's hybrid event software post-event


Boost Event ROI with Robust Hybrid Event Platform Analytics

Leverage Remo’s analytics to showcase your event ROI to stakeholders. Gain insights into guest engagement, sponsor conversions, and more to guide future hybrid event strategy.

  • Track guest satisfaction and engagement in real-time

  • Share high-quality leads with sponsors for direct ROI

  • Display post-event surveys immediately for feedback

  • Optimize future events with actionable insights

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Hybrid Event Platform: Testimonials by Customers

Don’t take it from us – check out Remo reviews shared by event guests about their experience on the hybrid event platform!

Remo rating: 5/5

Remo is a great tool for converting live events into the online world

“I like being able to customize the floor plan to whatever design we like. The customization is a great tool to sell to clients, would highly recommend it. We use Remo because the ability for guests to network face to face is missing on a lot of other conference platforms.”

Eden W.
Small Business

Remo rating: 4/5

Great networking tool!

“I organize networking events for the online/hybrid conferences for attendees from all over the world. This tool allows attendees to interact more or less interactively and almost like it used to be during "conventional" on-site fairs during the pre-pandemic times. I also appreciate good opportunities for the events' sponsors, i.e. branded tables and videos.”

Stanislav B.
Chief Business Development Officer

Remo rating: 5/5

Such a wonderful platform!

“I started using Remo last December for one of our international events and it was a hit! Our users liked the functionality, look and ease of choosing their own networking tables. The broadcast feature was great for housekeeping and instructions, and our meeting guests liked being able to control where they were going next. Overall the platform is easy to set up and customize.”

Grace W.
Small Business

Remo rating: 4.5/5

Great for networking and engaging experience

“The ability to network by moving from "table to table". It's guest-led in "table view" and then host-controlled once the program begins in "presentation view." There is also an ability to stream to YouTube at no additional cost. This platform really solves the problem of having attendees engage and network.”

Briana S.

Remo rating: 5/5

Virtual networking on Remo creates a meaningful community experience

“Virtual table networking makes meaningful conversations possible unlike other web conference platforms. The conference room visualization mimics an in-person event and motivates attendees to participate. Remo is engaging and enjoyable and helps my organization deliver value to our members.”

Stephen A.
Co-founder and President

Remo rating: 4.5/5

The next best thing to in person event!

“This platform has helped fill the void of not being able to meet in person. There are a ton of customizable features and Remo is constantly pushing out bug fixes and new features! I talk about Remo so often and what it has the potential to do. On our campus, we have hosted over 60 events in just 3 months.”

Brittany N.

Remo rating: 5/5

So far as I know, there is no similar product

“This gives a networking experience unavailable on Google Meet or ZOOM. In fact, in terms of enabling initial interaction Remo is better than real life. It is less effort to push yourself into a conversation. Remote conferences of this sort allow me to join in a way that is not often financially or physically possible given my location.”

Philip O.
Conference Attendee

Remo rating: 5/5

Closest thing to making your virtual event seem like it’s in person

“Great for participants. It has a natural networking feel to it. You can jump from table to table. Great for organizers, as you can force people into the conference setting at will. I've used it for three events, and will continue using it. It's a great event tool at a great price. To me that is value.”

Michael O.

Hybrid Event Platform Features Your Virtual and Onsite Attendees Will Love

Connect virtual with in-person attendees using top features from Remo’s hybrid software

Hybrid Event Platform FAQs

How to choose from in-person, virtual or hybrid events?

Consider your audience, budget, and objectives. In-person events are ideal for deep engagement and networking, while virtual events offer wider accessibility and lower costs. Hybrid events combine the best of both, maximizing attendance and flexibility, but can often be more challenging to plan. Choose based on which format aligns best with your goals, your attendees needs, and your resources. If you need help, check out our free AI chat tool which gives personalized advice on the best format for your upcoming event.

How many guests can Remo’s hybrid event platform fit?

Remo can accommodate up to 1,000 guests per virtual building. For larger hybrid events, multiple buildings can also be linked together to expand capacity.

Can virtual and onsite guests interact at a hybrid event?

Yes, hybrid events on platforms like Remo foster interaction between virtual and onsite guests through features like live chats, Q&A sessions, networking tables, browser-based access, and the ability to bring guests onto the virtual stage for real-time engagement.

How can I make sure my virtual attendees are engaged?

To keep virtual attendees engaged at a hybrid event, use interactive tools like polls, chat, sound effects, as well as integrating them into live activities such as bringing them onto the virtual stage to ask their questions live. To help with this, select a hybrid event platform, like Remo, that allows seamless interaction between onsite and online participants to maintain a unified experience.

What is Remo’s pricing like?

Remo offers flexible pricing plans tailored to the size and needs of your event, with options suitable for both small and large events, as well one-time or regular events. For detailed pricing information, you can visit our pricing page or contact our sales team directly.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event combines both in-person and virtual elements, allowing attendees to participate from anywhere. With a hybrid event, attendees can choose whether to join onsite or virtually. This format offers the engagement of a live event along with the accessibility of an online experience.

What is the best hybrid event platform?

The best hybrid event platform is one that seamlessly integrates the virtual and in-person attendee experiences, offers robust engagement and networking tools, and gives detailed analytics to track event success. Remo is highly recommended for its ability to deliver these features well, making it a top choice for hosting dynamic hybrid events.

How to host a hybrid event?

Hosting a hybrid event is not a piece of cake, but with the right hybrid event platform it can be easier. So, start by selecting a platform that supports both live and virtual interactions, like Remo. Plan your content to engage both types of audiences simultaneously. Market your hybrid event on your audience’s preferred channels. Ensure all technical aspects are tested in advance, while also securing your physical venue. Lastly, monitor the event’s performance in real-time to make adjustments as needed.

What features do hybrid event platforms usually offer?

A hybrid event platforms goal is to bridge the gap between in-person and remote attendees. To achieve this, hybrid event platforms typically provide live streaming, interactive tools like polls and Q&A, customizable virtual environments, authentic networking opportunities, and real-time analytics to gauge attendee engagement.

Why should I host a hybrid event?

Hosting a hybrid event allows you to reach both a global and local audience thereby increasing your potential for higher attendance. This means more networking opportunities, more prospects for sponsors, greater brand exposure, and higher overall returns on investment.

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