The Perfect Virtual Happy Hour Platform for Your Remote Team

Team building and employee engagement is a whole new challenge when your team work remotely, here's how Remo can help you create the perfect virtual happy hour!

Here’s how Remo can help you create the best possible experience:

Remo makes it simple to create a delightful, immersive virtual space that empowers people to communicate, connect, and collaborate with anyone just like you would in real life.

A video conferencing platform made for your virtual happy hour 

What's missing from in-person happy hours? Natural networking! Being able to walk around and enter a discussion, then go to another table and chit chat with a team member, join a drinking game here, have fun and joke around with whoever you feel like meeting. You may think that this is now impossible to do with a video call, but that's not the case with Remo. 

Remo enable you to walk around the virtual space, have video chat, play games, and freely roam around the social event to discuss with your teammates mates from around the world, as if you were both in the same building. 

Virtual networking happy hour
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Best Virtual Happy Hour Functionalities

Particularly if your team was in-person before the pandemic and social distancing, going from a simple get together to a virtual event is quite different. You may have tried Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, or even Facetime, but these are not made for team building activities. You need a tool that includes all the features made specifically for virtual happy hour games, like Remo.

Here are some features that will surely help you make the most out of your virtual happy hour, improve your virtual team building, holiday party, halloween party, or game night.

happy hour video meetings

Video meetings

The very first and most important feature of any virtual happy hour is to be able to have video calls. After all, if we can't see each other, where's where's the fun? 

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happy hour screen sharing

Screen sharing

Another very important functionality is screen sharing. Your team members should be able to show what they are working on or what they have questions about, in real time.

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happy hour meeting rooms

Meeting rooms

Sometimes you want a private conference call, a more general remote team collaboration meeting, one-on-one discussions, or meeting participants during a larger event. All of it is possible if you have virtual meeting rooms available.

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virtual happy hour whiteboards


You can use Remo as a collaboration tool, and all work together on the same miro whiteboard, that you can then keep, much like the whiteboard in your real-life conference room.

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virtual happy hour chat

Private and general chat

You can send a message to the whole group, just your table, or a single person, which makes a lot of games quite a lot easier. You can plan a different game in every table, have different tables debate different topics, or simply have everyone send their trivia answers to the same person in private. 

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virtual happy hour networking

Natural networking and discussions

The one thing you can't do in your regular boring zoom happy hour is discussing with your colleagues as you please, you need some networking capabilities. Remo enables you to walk around, and join any discussions naturally just as you would in real life.

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virtual happy hour floorplan

Custom floor plans

To engage your virtual team, make sure the environment where they meet is fun and custom to their needs. Have a fun halloween themed floor plan, a new happy hour theme every time, or for your holiday party. The choice is yours.

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Virtual Happy Hour Activities

Need some virtual happy hour ideas? Here are a couple fun activities and games you could do in your next virtual happy hour. 

Trivia game

Ask trivia questions and give a little prize to the winner! Try it on Remo.


Ask everyone a fun and easy question like, what's your favorite TV show on Netflix? Or what's the best type of cheese? Just to get them talking. Try it on Remo.

Charades or Pictionary

Simply act out (or draw) a word or phrase without speaking, and your teammates have to guess what it is. Try it on Remo.

Mixology party

Invite a mixologist who can show you how to create amazing cocktails from margaritas to long island iced tea (or even mocktails if you prefer not to include adult beverages).You can even send boxes with all the necessary ingredients beforehand. Try it on Remo.

Scavenger hunt

Tell your team that they all have 2 minutes to look in their houses for a specific object and eliminate anyone who didn't complete the hunt until only one person is left. Try it on Remo.

Virtual escape room

A virtual event in on itself, hide clues in virtual rooms, and let your team guess how to solve the intrigue. Try it on Remo.

Virtual book club

You have some book worms in the company? Let them have a virtual book club where they can share book recommendations, opinions, and more. Try it on Remo.

Virtual board games night

A lot of boardgames now have online versions, so why not create a virtual board games night and play together? Try it on Remo.

Never have I ever

Of course, it's a corporate social hour, not a house party, so try and find some questions in advance that are safe for work! Try it on Remo.

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You can try Remo for one-time events, subscribe monthly or save big by choosing a yearly plan, the choice is yours! 

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