The Perfect Virtual Onboarding Tool for Your Remote Employees

Create a virtual onboarding process your new hires will love.

Here’s how Remo can help you create the best possible experience:

Remo makes it simple to create a delightful, immersive virtual space that empowers people to communicate, connect, and collaborate with anyone just like you would in real life.

More than a video call, a real onboarding experience

Wouldn't it be great to have a virtual environment available where you can do frequent check-ins with your new employees on their first days, introduce them to their new team members, present company values, and more, just like you would normally with an in-person onboarding? Remo does all that and more!

Virtual Onboarding
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Best Employee Onboarding Functionalities

The employee experience is crucial, particularly in the first weeks. Providing them a comfortable and natural work environment during their virtual onboarding program can make a huge difference in getting them started fast, and improving employee engagement.

Virtual Onboarding meetings

Video conferencing:

You can create presentation for the whole team, or let your remote workers discuss in real-time from day one. If your remote onboarding includes presentations (like webinars or training sessions) to any number of people at a time, Remo's presentation mode is perfect for you.

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Virtual Onboarding floor plans

Custom floor plans:

Our floor plans can be customized to exactly what you want, from your real-life office space to a spaceship or a coffee shop. Bye bye Zoom fatigue, hello remote employee retention!

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Virtual Onboarding whiteboards


Our integration with the Miro app enables you to create whiteboards during your meetings and collaborate on any workflows or project together easily. Perfect for workshops, team building and training.

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Poll and Q&A:

When your remote employees start a new job, there's a lot going on, they need to install their tool and apps, and they may have some questions, so make sure to use a virtual environment that allows them to have frequent touchpoints so that they can ask you anything. With our Q&A feature they can ask their questions in real time during the presentation too!

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Virtual Onboarding networking

Natural networking and discussions:

Forget laggy and impersonal slack calls, Remo enables you to walk around, and join any discussions naturally just as you would in real life. Which is perfect for your new remote employees to talk together and meet their new teammates. They'll feel like part of the team right away.

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Virtual Onboarding remo

Easy Implementing:

Onboard new employees in seconds. With Remo all you have to do is create your virtual environment once, and then you can do your virtual onboardings easily each and every time. All that's left is for you to send them some swag and congratulate them on Linkedin!

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Virtual onboarding ideas

With remote work comes a whole new set of difficulties. whether you went fully remote during the pandemic, or have always been, your team members engagement and cohesion is most likely a lot more difficult than with in-person onboardings.

What if you could improve your company culture, communication skills, and boost morale with one amazing tool?

With Remo you can plan numerous virtual onboarding events, conference calls, or use the tool as a virtual office to do your virtual meetings. Forget about boring personality tests and create fun virtual team building activities your remote team members will love.

Your new hire's first day will surely be unforgettable with these virtual team building activities you can easily do on Remo:

- Virtual happy hour video conference

- Virtual coffee break video call

- Virtual Trivia game

- Virtual Scavenger hunt

- Virtual game show

- Virtual escape room

- Book club

- Friendly competition

- Holiday party

- Karaoke

- Virtual murder mystery

- Virtual pictionary

- Improv night

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Key features you’ll love:

You can try Remo for one-time events, subscribe monthly or save big by choosing a yearly plan, the choice is yours! 

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