Who We Are

The people behind Remo are passionate about improving the culture and well-being of remote teams.

Ho Yin Cheung
Founder, HK
Remo team Jemin
Jemin Patel,
Software Developer, India
Keith Chan
Product Manager, HK
Liz Coffman
Content Marketing Manager, U.S.
Russell Wong
Chief Technology Officer, HK
remo team Saravanan
Saravanan Shanmugam,
Software Developer, India

“No one was addressing the needs of remote teams on a human level. 

Remo helps remote employees meet their basic, fundamental needs as a person to stay engaged, happy and productive.”

-Liz Coffman, Head of Content Marketing at Remo

Why did we create Remo?

As a fully remote company with employees spread across the world, we know the challenges that face remote workers, managers and teams.

During our journey as a fully remote startup, we discovered a missing link, a vital piece of the puzzle that no one else was addressing: Company Culture.

Sure, there are plenty of Saas companies out there offering productivity and organizational tools. But none were addressing the needs of these remote teams on a human level.

So, we decided to step up and fill that void, which is how the idea of Remo came to be. During our journey developing this idea, we discovered a way to emulate the convenience, function and connection of real-world office space, while maintaining the flexibility of remote work.

What we ended up discovering was that we had unlocked an entirely new realm of possibilities for remote companies. We had created a natural space dedicated to improving company culture and empowering remote employees, only to discover that it simultaneously  improved productivity, communication and efficiency.

“The result was incredible. Remo was able to take the isolation out of remote work for our users. When remote employees were given the chance to connect and bond with one another in a fun, stress-free environment, the result was a huge spike in employee satisfaction and productivity.”

Ho Yin Cheung, Founder of Remo

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What is Remo?

A virtual happy hour and “watercooler” space

Remo is an app designed to function as a “happy hour” space for remote teams. Visually, it is a top-down view, 2-D office map comprised of interactive “rooms.” The app uses video, audio and chat to allow employees within the space to interact naturally in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

In short, Remo is all about real, human connection.

real-time communication
Interact with coworkers instantly just by “walking into” the same room

Interactive “rooms” for games, team building activities and more

Each room within the Remo space can be customized to the needs of the user. For example, let’s say you’ve set up a company-wide virtual happy hour. Employees can decide how they wish to interact with each other, be it by playing online games together, having a weekly book club meeting, having a work-related meeting or simply having casual conversation.

Each room can be designated for one of those specific purposes. This way, your entire company can log into Remo at the same time and engage in only the activities they wish to.

Each employee has their own avatar, which they can move from room to room just by clicking on a space. As soon as you enter a room, you will be able to see, hear and interact with whoever is already in that space in real-time.

“When I started working remotely, I really missed the “watercoolers” and after work happy hours I used to share with my team. Remo gives me a chance to have that social, personal connection with my coworkers, without ever having to leave my home office!””

Keith Chan, Product Manager of Remo

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Why Remo?

Strong company culture

Life is fun! Work should be too. To have a strong company culture means to have clear and defined values, ethics, expectations, and personality. Remote-based or not, the foundation of any successful company is a strong, well-defined company culture where every individual can contribute and thrive.

For businesses with physical locations, acheiving this is a lot easier to do.

For example, on-site gyms help companies build values around health and overall well-being. In-office work parties and get togethers help build bonds and camaraderie between employees.

Remote employees don’t have the ability to simply walk over to a coworker’s desk and chat casually, or even eat lunch together in the same room.

Remo is designed specifically to allow remote workers the same social perks as in-office employees. They can share virtual lunches, meet after work for a virtual “happy hour,” or just chat. But don’t just take our word for it! Try Remo out today to see how it can improve your remote company culture, strengthen remote teams and improve productivity, all while maintaining the flexibility of remote work.

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Is Remo for me?

To find out if Remo is the right tool for you and your company, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you work remotely?
  2. Do you wish you had more of a bond with your remote coworkers?
  3. Do you wish it was easier to manage your remote team?
  4. Does your company have strong, instilled values, culture and identity?
  5. Do you feel personally connected and bonded with your remote coworkers?
  6. Do you or your teammates struggle with communication, misunderstand assignments frequently, or get confused on tasks often?
  7. As a remote worker, do you wish you had a better work-life balance? i.e., do you miss being social and interacting with people face to face?
  8. Do you often feel lonely, unmotivated, apathetic or isolated as a remote worker?
  9. As a remote employee, do you feel like you aren’t being heard, or your needs aren’t being met?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need Remo! Seriously, Remo is a ridiculously easy way to tackle every single one of these issues incredibly fast. Try it out and see for yourself!

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