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10 Creative Ideas for Interactive Virtual Team Building

Team Building
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January 25, 2024

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Engaging virtual teams in an online format to strengthen ties within the group is known as virtual team building. Before we get into the appropriate activities for remote teams, it is vital to note that there are numerous advantages to working remotely. The great news is that virtual team building ideas or activities are simple to put together and don't require a team gathering if you have the correct tools. They can also replace the water cooler or coffee chatter between co-workers in a traditional office. 

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Here are 10 ideas for virtual team building in 2022: 

1. An icebreaker quiz game to get to know one another

Players must first answer icebreaker questions before guessing each other's responses in quizzes that are created automatically. Admins can schedule examinations to be sent out through email at specific times throughout the week. "Was it Ann or John who said the book that had the largest impact on their thinking was Sapiens?" is an example of a quiz question, or "Was it Jane or Phillip who stated Iceland was their dream vacation destination? "It's a terrific method for teams to get to know one another on a profound level (even if they don't share an office), thanks to badges, levels, and a weekly scoreboard. In addition, QuizBreaker is used by remote teams all across the world to enhance engagement and morale, notably at Google and The New York Times.

2. Share your bucket list with others

Each person's bucket list of course reveals a lot about them. What better approach to get to know your coworkers than to have them share their bucket lists? Each week, assign one member the responsibility of presenting their bucket list ideas with the group. You can control the length of these lists and whether or not items that have already been completed should be included. After that, everyone listening can spend a few minutes discussing the bucket list, whether it's comparing similarities or simply asking entertaining questions! By discussing bucket lists with others, you might learn a lot about their personalities and how similar you are. Who knows, a co-worker could be able to help you cross a few items off your to-do list!

3. Building a storyline

Isn't it true that everyone enjoys a good story? One of the oldest and most enjoyable team development activities is creating a storyline.

Step by step, here's how it works:

  • On a video chat, get the entire group to virtually "form a circle" and begin the process as follows: The story begins with one whole sentence and one incomplete sentence from the first person. For instance, "Mark's automobile broke down on his first day at his fantastic new job." He felt helpless at first, but then he..."
  • The following person completes the preceding line and adds another sentence that was left unfinished.
  • Each remote employee participates in this manner until everyone has gotten a chance. By the end of the game, you should have a complete plot framework!
  • Not only does creating a tale challenge teams to use their imaginations, but it also encourages them to listen to one another and develop teamwork.

What's the best part?

In a remote team, these collaborative and listening abilities are the foundation for clear and successful communication!

4. Tell and show

‘Tell and show’ is something most of us remember from elementary school. Did you realize, though, that it may also be a fantastic team-building activity for virtual teams? In essence, each team member is given one minute to demonstrate and discuss something they own, or even something creative! This might be anything from your favorite straws to a tug-of-war trophy to a passion project. After each turn, set aside some time for a team discussion (be sure you select a time limit for these, or they'll drag on forever!)By sharing these personal belongings, you have a greater understanding of each person, which will aid in the development of strong team relationships and trust.

5. A vacation to remember

This is another quick activity that can help your team improve their listening abilities. Each participant is must find a mate. The next phase is for each couple to phone their partner and tell them about their ideal vacation - if they had limitless time and money. After everyone has finished, everyone on the team gets on the phone and tries to explain their partner's fantasy vacation as perfect as possible! Because you're discussing your partner's vacation, you're compelled to focus, listen carefully, and may even see how similar your interests are.

6. Two truths and a lie

A typical icebreaker activity is to tell two truths and one lie. Each team member makes three assertions about themselves, two of which are true and one of which is false. The group can then take turns identifying what is true and what is a lie. The speaker discloses their deception after everyone has guessed. Add some healthy competition to the game with a points system recorded virtually or by the admin with a paper and a pen. The person who makes the correct guesses wins!

7. Lunch and learn for online team building

Getting your remote employees together at a video conference and inviting an expert to lead the session is one of the most basic and successful methods to start with online team building. This specialist is available to talk on issues such as productivity, motivation, problem-solving, delegating, and, of course, remote working. This type of virtual team-building session can take up to 60 minutes, and you can plan it over lunchtime to encourage your team members to eat while they are there. After all, if you have the funds, you can cover the cost of lunch for your team members.

8. Picture of your life

The basics of this remote virtual team-building game are straightforward: ask your scattered co-workers to photograph something significant from their personal lives. It may be a family image, a vacation photo, a snapshot of daily life, or a pair of new shoes they recently purchased. This image should depict one of their hobbies or passions. During an online meeting, have everyone involved post the photo. Each person will take a turn, and you'll talk about their selections. This is a terrific technique to persuade individuals to disclose critical information without making them feel uncomfortable.

9. Words with Friends

The traditional word game is well-known and widespread throughout the world. "Words with Friends" is the name of the app version. You may organize team matches by putting your coworkers in groups and forcing them to collaborate. Of course, everyone should keep in touch, but it won't be difficult. It may be as straightforward as playing a game at the end of the day. This virtual team development activity for distant teams provides each participant with tiles containing letters that must be joined to form words. The most scored team will be the winner.

10. Online dance party

One of the most straightforward team-building exercises for virtual teams is dancing. Organize your virtual dance as a stand-alone event or as a short session during a team call. When all team members join a call, it's a good idea to have music playing. Any energetic song will serve to energize and engage the audience at the start of the meeting. Final thoughts, you’ll rapidly realize the obvious benefits of running popular online team-building icebreaker games and activities for your remote workers. All of the above activities will assist you and your organization in increasing team members' trust in one another, boosting the efficiency of your team, improving team members' cooperation, and increasing the speed of communication. These are worth the time and effort in setting up a virtual team-building event. The purpose of team builders is to assist teams in eliciting creativity and imagination, relaxing, and allowing colleagues to begin to trust one another. A team with healthy competition and trust will certainly be more productive. Online icebreakers and activities for team development can also help team members who may not speak much to be able to connect. These activities are especially beneficial for teams that know each other but require a boost in enthusiasm. No matter what your goal for your team is, Remo is there to make them come true. We hope these virtual team building ideas help bond and bring your team members closer to one another. For more virtual team building ideas, check out this article that breaks down our suggested virtual happy hour ideas!

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