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10 Ways to Make your Online Event More Interactive

Virtual Events
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January 25, 2024

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In the last year, we have seen virtual events grow so much. But why should we bother making our online events more interactive? Have you ever felt that feeling of ‘zoom fatigue’? We’ve all been there, sitting in our beds, camera off, so bored and counting down the minutes until the event ends. If we come up with some interactive online event ideas, we will enjoy the event much more. If your guests have a good time at the event, they will be more inclined to come back again. Your event ticket sales will increase and your events will be more successful. Online events are new to a lot of us and it’s not that easy to come up with interactive ideas. But don’t worry we’re here with the inside scoop. We have the top 10 ways to make your online event go from zero to hero.

Make a plan

It sounds simple but sometimes we need to go back to basics. Sit down with your team and brainstorm some interactive ideas to make your online event as fun as possible. Your team will have different online event experiences to share and the more ideas the better. Think of some dos and don’t for virtual events and you will find inspiration. Ask yourself how you make physical events interactive and how you can apply this to the virtual world.

Select an interactive virtual events platform

Not all virtual event platforms have the same features. You need to pick one that will help you reach your online event to be as interactive as possible. Make sure the events platform allows your guests to change tables so they can move around. Some interactive features include polling, gamification, and Q and A function.

Cameras on

Nobody wants to log on to an event and see a bunch of blank screens talking. It’s always nice to put a face to the name, so do that by turning your camera on.Of course, you can’t force your guests to turn their cameras on. Sometimes there are technical difficulties or your virtual event platform may not be able to host that many screens. But in general, your virtual event will be more interactive with cameras.

Learn how to use your virtual event platform

If you want to make your virtual event interactive it is a good idea to be comfortable with your virtual event platform. Most event platforms have a list of FAQs or tutorials on how to use the different features. Learn how to use each feature so you can make use of it in the event. Don’t forget to check out the product support too so you can contact them if you have a problem.

Content is key

Make sure you provide plenty of content to keep your guests busy during the event. Interesting content is one of the best interactive ideas for your online event. Encourage your sponsors to run extra activities along with your own talks. For example, live demos, virtual sweepstakes, and breakout rooms. Pick speakers that will keep your guests interested. Remember that online events are new for a lot of us. It is a good idea to run training for your speakers so that they are comfortable with your virtual events platform too. Encourage them to ask questions and use the interactive features.

Be diverse

If you have speakers from the same background, race, ethnicity, or gender your event will be very one-dimensional. Diversity is always a good idea but especially when it comes to online events. Your virtual event will attract people from all over the world. You don’t have any geographical barriers so anyone from the world can log on. You should reflect the diversity of your audience in your speakers by having a good mixture. Adding subtitles to your virtual event is also a good idea to make it more diverse. That way Non-English speakers will understand it better and deaf people can interact too.

Create guest profiles

Guests’ profiles are a great idea for you to create interaction between your guests. You can hover over guests at the online event to see some background information on them. Guests can click on links to other guests' social media profiles to learn more about them too. That way guests can see if they have similar interests to each other and connect. Such a great idea to create a powerful networking experience at your virtual event.

Offer technical support

If your guests are having technical difficulty during the event they won’t be able to interact. Not all virtual event platforms work in the same way. Some guests might not be familiar with your platform and could be confused when they try to speak. It is a good idea to offer full-time event support for your online event. Check out the product support that comes with your virtual events platform before you make a commitment to it.

Have fun!

If you take yourself too seriously, so will your guests. It is a good idea to be light-hearted and have fun so that your members interact with you. Make sure the people presenting the event are engaging and encourage people to turn on their mics to speak. Some nice games or icebreakers at the start of the event could get the guests ready. Don’t be afraid to think of ideas outside the box to make your virtual event more interactive.

Collect feedback

You can never improve on your event if you don’t ask for feedback. A post-event survey is a good idea for interacting with your guests after the event. Guests might have questions about the event or your business. Following up with guests is a nice touch to make sure they feel appreciated.

So, what now?

Interactive online event ideas can be difficult to think of. But now that you have our top ideas, you’re ready! Go out there and host your first online event. The first thing you need is a virtual events platform. Check out our Free Plan at Remo or join us for a virtual tour- you won’t regret it!

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