5 Tips to Maximize Sponsorship Opportunities For Your Hybrid Event

hybrid event sponsorship

The move to virtual and hybrid events changed how we create a digital experience forever. You want your guests to take in your content just like they would at a live event. You can engage your guests with some creative hybrid event sponsorships.

What is a hybrid event sponsorship?

A hybrid event sponsorship is when a partner pays a hybrid event in exchange for promotion. Also, a hybrid event sponsorship offers more opportunities as they can advertise both physically and virtually.

Interested in hosting a hybrid event but don’t know where to start? We’ve devised a hybrid event budget that covers all you need to host a spectacular hybrid event. Now that you’ve sorted your budget, it’s time to make some money. What better way to boost finances than unique hybrid event sponsorships?

What’s the first step in reaching out to sponsor? Perfect your pitch

Firstly, taking the time to personalize your pitch will benefit you in the long run. The more customised the pitch is, the easier the process will be. When preparing your outreach campaign, don’t forget these hybrid event sponsorships elements:

  • A clear and comprehensive description of the event. 
  • The reasons why the sponsor should get involved. Mention examples of the visibility the sponsor can expect at the event. Don’t forget to include attendee demographics.
  • Engaging sponsorship packages and any other details that may are relevant. You could include a bonus content package in your sponsorship plan. To add, a ‘Bronze Content Package’ could include a basic content plan. For example, 1 guest post article on our blog, 1 social media post and 1 Instagram story.

Creative Hybrid Event Sponsorships

In the hybrid event space, you want to stand out. Imaginative hybrid event partnerships add value and experience to your hybrid event. At the same time, it increases visibility for your sponsor which will keep them for several years. We’ve outlined some ideas on how to offer extraordinary event sponsorship partnerships.

1. Host a sponsored virtual happy hour

The mission of any event is to connect people to one other. A virtual happy hour provides a unique way to make these connections outside. While also adding fun to your hybrid event sponsorships. Hybrid event platforms like Remo allow you to host virtual cocktail hours.

A great way to get guests talking on social media is to mail a virtual happy hour gift box. Include everything they need to have a good time – don’t forget your sponsor’s logo. Guests that register by a specific date will receive a sponsor branded box. Be sure to ask registered guests if they would like a non-alcoholic branded box.

Check out these awesome tips on how to host a virtual happy hour for your hybrid event sponsorships.

2.  Monetize your event app

An imaginative way to mix virtual and physical event sponsorship is with a mobile event app. Some unique in-app sponsorship ideas include:

  • Logo placement
  • Push notification
  • Product brochures
  • Sponsored posts
  • Banner ads
  • Sponsored session

Mobile event apps are not just for traditional conferences. Hybrid event sponsorships can use them to communicate, to advertise, and to connect. Event planners can gain valuable insights into audience engagement! How you may ask? They can use the data and metrics to measure the success of the hybrid event.

3. Create a sponsorship opportunity for a hybrid floor plan

What sponsor doesn’t want to be visible for all to see? Customized floor plans are an excellent way to increase revenue. Partners will see the value of this as this visibility will drive traffic to their booths. When creating the physical floor plan, use creative graphics and stick them to the floor. What’s more, you can put personalized placemats on each round table. The good news about this is that you can customize your venue and your virtual floor plan with Remo. Mixing traditional and virtual advertising is the trick for successful hybrid event sponsorships.

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4. Connect all your guests with sponsored wi-fi

What is one opportunity that almost all guests interact with? The wi-fi of course! Sponsored wi-fi provides a great opportunity for event planes to market wi-fi sponsorships. You can give your sponsorship super brand recognition that has a small cost and it’s simple. Moreover, you can set the network name of the Wi-Fi to whatever your sponsor requests, as well as the password. To advertise this to your online audience, you can include a banner with a message from the sponsor.

5. Add fun to hybrid event sponsorships with branded games

You want to keep engaged with your hybrid event. So, why not give them something interactive while promoting sponsors at the same time? You can boost audience engagement by adding some spice and dice into the mix. Dedicate some time between sessions to hold branded quizzes, challenges, or scavenger hunts. These games allow your virtual and physical guests to take a break while you promote a sponsor. If they wish, sponsors can design the game and offer prizes. What’s more, all participants can win by receiving a discount code from sponsors. And to top it all off, like all the hybrid event sponsorships, this idea works both in-person and online.

Sponsorship is a must for virtual, traditional and hybrid events. It is an awesome way to generate revenue while creating entertainment for guests. So, it is good for sponsors because they generate new leads, increase brand awareness and a good ROI. 

While designing hybrid event sponsorships, you encourage people to invest in your mission. Treat the process of a discovery journey. Prepare to engage in lengthy discussions and negotiations. But, sponsors value the time you give them.

Finding loyal sponsors is a long-term goal. The strategy and preparation are as important as the execution. A sponsor is someone who is investing in your purpose – they are a partner, not a money-maker. The best way to gain those partnerships is through exceptional hybrid event sponsorships.

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