6 Tips on How to Maximize Your Next Association Virtual Networking Event


Why is association virtual networking important?

Events are vital to the survival and growth of an association. They help attract new members and engage current members in new activities. Now because of the pandemic, is the future of events lost? Of course not..

Even before the pandemic, many associations had moved to virtual events. But now many associations have no other choice but to move online. We need to follow the government guidelines and obey restrictions. Virtual event platforms offer an exciting alternative for association virtual networking. Of course, the vaccine offers hope but we have a long way to go yet. CEIR’s latest report shows how important networking is in organizing a virtual event. Virtual events are new for a lot of associations, but we are here to help you out. Here are our top 6 tips on how you can maximize association virtual networking at your next event.

1. Make a plan

Of course, no good event can happen without a plan but sometimes we forget about networking. Write out specifically how your association virtual networking will look. Some questions to address in your plan include:

  • How are my guests connected?
  • How can I engage the speaker with my audience?
  • What features does my virtual event platform offer?

Once you know what you’re dealing with the rest will follow. Also, ensure you set a budget aside for your networking features. Like any other part of an event, networking requires money.

2. Research your virtual event platform

You cannot have association virtual networking without an event platform. Of course, not all virtual event platforms are the same. Some key features to optimize your networking include:

  • Polling
  • Q&A features
  • Breakout rooms
  • Customizable floor plans
  • Gamification
  • Virtual lounge

Many virtual event platforms will offer a customizable package suited to your association. So make sure to ask for some of these features. If you’re not sure about which features you need, check out our article on tools for engaging hybrid events.

3. Prepare your guests

Don’t forget this might be your guest’s first time using a virtual event platform. Give tips on how to get the best association virtual networking experience. For example, using headphones might enhance the sound quality. You could even send your guests a list of FAQs and video tutorials on how to use the event platform. If your guests are sure how to use the platform, they will be more encouraged to take part in the event.

4. Moving around in the event

Allowing guests to move around in the event will avoid them being bored. A key aspect of association virtual networking is keeping your guests engaged. Your attendees might be stuck at a talk with a speaker of different interests. If you allow your guests to move, they are free to network with people who have common goals and ideas.

5. Follow up with your guests

Why not follow up with a thank you note and a post-event survey? Your association virtual networking doesn’t have to end once the event is over. This will help your guests to stay connected with your association. The feedback from the survey will also help you to improve your future events. Make sure your virtual event platform has a survey function to get the most feedback.

6. Have an interesting speaker

The better the speaker you have the more your guests will have to talk about. Select a guest that will help your association virtual networking. Your guests say a lot about your event pick someone who compliments your association. Research your audience to see what speaker will make them want to network. Don’t forget that it is a virtual event so your speaker can be from any part of the world!

What next?

Now that you know our Top 6 Association Virtual Networking Tips you’re ready! Networking events provide associations with exciting opportunities to connect with others. Don’t fall behind in the times or let COVID-19 stop you, you are ready. Start with our first tip and plan!

Don’t forget how important your events platform is for association virtual networking. With our customizable floor plans, Remo is the obvious choice for networking. If you’re still confused take a look at our tutorial videos to help you.

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