10 Fun and Engaging Virtual Events For Associations in 2021

virtual events for associations

Virtual events have become the new norm now more than ever. It can be quite hard to transition from physical to virtual events. But we can’t deny how events are the key to growth for an association. They can create a fantastic opportunity to engage members in new activities! That is why we are here to give you 10 virtual events for associations!

1. Virtual Mixology Class

virtual events for associations

2020 taught us that you can do almost anything online, even virtual mixology classes!  Why not teach your guests how to create their favorite cocktails from the comfort of their own homes? It’s a great virtual event idea if you are looking to have some fun whilst also teaching your members a useful skill. Even non-drinkers can get involved by making their non-alcoholic beverages. 

Before the event send your guests an ingredient and equipment list for the cocktails. You can even hire a mixologist to teach the class on the night! It is a great way to have some fun and be social over a few home-made cocktails!

2. Virtual Costume Party

Forget formal wear! Why not have some fun with a virtual costume party? There are endless themes for an online costume party. How about having movie icons, or a famous Television show characters-themed party.

You can even center the theme around a particular time of year such as St. Patrick’s Day or Easter. Who said you can only dress up for Halloween? 

3. Virtual Cook-along

virtual events for associations

Everyone loves the idea of a home-cooked meal but not everyone has the skills to do so. Why not teach your guests to cook a one, two or even three-course meal by hiring a professional chef to teach them.

At the end of the cook-along, your guests can even sit down and enjoy their creations together in a communal setting. The only thing you need to provide for the guests is a full ingredients list of the menu before the event.

4. Virtual Wine Tasting

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting down in front of the fire after a long week and enjoying a glass of wine. Well, why not take this idea a step further and host a virtual wine tasting.

Before you prepare your wine list have your guests send in their top 5 wines. Then select the most popular for the virtual tasting. Add some candles and background music to set the scene and let your guests enjoy a relaxing night.

You can even hire a professional to discuss the history and educate your members on each specific wine. Everyone is different and this is no less a lie when it comes to people’s taste in wine.

5. Virtual Casino Night

virtual events for associations

A casino night… sounds a little too much fun, possibly illegal depending on where you reside. Nonetheless, a fantastic theme to encourage your members to donate money to a charitable cause, whilst also having your members let loose over a couple of drinks. Charities and fundraisers are great virtual events for associations!

Set up a virtual blackjack table or even get a game of poker going. You could set the scene in a top-class casino adding some mood lighting and music. Your members will love the chance to win big at your virtual casino night! 

6. Virtual Game Night

Let’s be honest, we all love a little game. Whether that be a pub quiz or just a game of Among Us on our phones, there is fun to be had for everyone by hosting your own virtual game night.

Trivia night, virtual chess night, even Pictionary night are excellent virtual events for associations. Game night is the perfect virtual event idea to get the competitive juices flowing.

For trivia, prepare questions beforehand by creating an easy Google slide. Prepare an answer sheet on a Google Doc so each guest can easily submit answers. You can add any theme you like for each round, but be broad so there’s something for everyone.

For online games, make sure your members have the right applications and devices to participate and keep track of score!

7. Virtual Karaoke Night

Let loose and sing the night away with some karaoke? Get your guests together over a couple of drinks and watch them have a blast as they sing all their favorite songs. You can even have prizes for the best performers on the night either judged by the audience or the event organizers.

Is there anything more fun than watching someone belt out a stunning classic? Maybe someone freestyling lyric off the top of their head? All you need to do is prepare a songbook and provide your guests with some at-home karaoke kits. Let your guests sing their hearts out or flip the script.

8. Online Auctions

Auctions, both with an auctioneer or silent, are terrific virtual events for associations. Most auctions feature items from local businesses and some even take a cut of the revenue and donate for charity.

However, you will need a full list of items up for auction before the event. You can get donations from local businesses or members of your association.

You can also apply an interesting theme for the silent auction. Have guests dress up in formal attire and have some piano music set the ambiance. It’s a fantastic way of getting your guests to interact with one another and also place bids on the items up for grabs. The items available can range from an Amazon gift card or even a holiday for two!

9. Virtual Yoga Class

There are so many benefits to yoga! It’s been scientifically proven to relieve stress and anxiety whilst also improving your quality of life. It’s such a simple yet effective idea to host a virtual yoga class as all you need is some room to exercise at home and an instructor to teach the class.

So, get your guests on their yoga mats and watch them recreate some classic yoga poses from the comforts of their own home. This is a great virtual event for associations as members can take away a new life skill and escape!

10. Virtual Painting Class

Get your guests to find their inner Bob Ross by hosting a painting demo for them to paint along to an on-screen instructor. You don’t need to be a skilful painter to enjoy this event.

Even beginners can have some fun as they try to recreate a step by step on-screen painting. Have painting kits sent to your guests’ homes and even have prizes for the best recreations of the paintings.

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