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5 Activities that Encourage you to Make Virtual Connections!

Virtual Networking
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February 1, 2024

Table of Contents

Can you feel that virtual connection?

Some people find it hard to connect with others online. 15 years ago, it wasn’t possible to start a friendship online. Handshakes were always the first step in meeting someone. You could read their body language and facial expressions to get to know them. There are many challenges of virtual connection, but it’s 2021 and we need the internet to keep our friendships alive. But can you get the same experience virtually as you can in person? It all depends on how creative you are. Your online connection is similar to a physical connection. When you meet people in person if you just stand and talk things get boring very quickly. You need some fun activities to engage with your friends like getting a coffee, going to the cinema or grabbing a drink. The same principle applies online, we need to be creative. If the virtual world is a maze for you, we’re here to help. Your connections will be much more engaging with our top 5 virtual activities to connect.

Our Top 5 Virtual Activities:

A communal Spotify Playlist

As the saying goes “To heaven for the music but to hell for a good conversation”. Now, I hope that your conversations with friends are not hell but music is a great way to get things flowing Spotify is a user-friendly audio streaming software. You pay a fixed fee per month and can listen to music without any advertisements. You can create communal playlists that your friends can edit and share with each other. You can see who added which song too.At your next virtual meeting, your friends or colleagues can listen to the songs and discuss them. It’s just like chilling in the sitting room and enjoying some music together- just behind a camera.

Voice notes

For millennials listening to things is in fashion. Everything you can hear has become popular- voice notes, audiobooks and podcasts. With our busy lifestyles people love to multi-task and the fact that you can listen while you finish your coffee or make your bed appeals to people. Many of the technical issues we experience during video calls is not an issue when listening to voice notes. The audio is clearer because less internet is required without the camera. You can also easily relisten to the voice note if you miss out on something which results in a clear virtual connection.

Voicenotes are also more personal than written information because you can hear the tone and expressions. According to the evening herald, voice notes will help millennials maintain their relationships. Voicenotes may seem less professional than written text, but most virtual communication software has this function. For example, on LinkedIn, you can send a voice note to a potential client which has many benefits. It’s more convenient than organizing a virtual call but more personal than a written message.

Virtual Happy Hour

Alcohol is always a good idea to get the conversation going. With so many companies moved online, it can be difficult to get to know your colleagues outside of work. So select a theme and get together for a virtually connected drink. Here’s some fun happy hour ideas:

  • Cocktails or mocktails for those who don’t drink alcohol.
  • Drinks by country. For example, Guinness and Bulmers for Ireland.
  • Wine and cheese night, who doesn’t like brie?
  • Bottomless prosecco- be prepared for a killer hangover.

Virtual Cook-Along

Cooking walkthroughs are a great way for your colleagues or friends to virtually connect. They don’t take too much time out of your day as you would be cooking dinner anyway. A great plus is a warm home-cooked meal at the end and a new recipe you can use forever. You can add a theme to your cooking class. Make sure your email out an ingredient list before so everyone can be prepared. You can ask a guest to host your cook-along for the best tips. They offer cooking skills from migrants to help cook a meal from their home country. A delicious meal while connecting with your colleagues and also helping charity. Win, win, win!

Virtual Fitness Club

Fitness is all the rage now that people are working from home. Now that everyone has an apple watch or Fitbit it’s easy to virtually connect with your friends. Start a step or walking challenge and get everyone involved. Make sure you have a good prize for the winner and a punishment for the loser (did anyone say burpees?).You could even organize some virtual fitness classes. You don’t need any equipment to exercise at home- just two legs and some space to jump around.

What next?

Now that you know our top 5 creative ideas for virtual connections, you’re ready! Start networking with your friends and colleagues. Don't let social-distancing turn you into an introvert. Make a virtual connection using a virtual events platform like Remo! Remo is the perfect video conferencing software for all these activities. It is super interactive and easy to use. But don’t take my word for it, check out our free Plan to see for yourself.

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