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5 Business Goals Driven through Virtual and Hybrid Events

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January 25, 2024

Table of Contents

Virtual Events in a Dark Time

With the global pandemic, together with developments in technology, there’s been a significant increase in virtual and hybrid events.  Companies have used virtual and hybrid events to drive business goals and stay afloat throughout the pandemic. Virtual events are simply events hosted exclusively online. A hybrid event on the other hand is a physical event that allows an online audience to participate at the same time, from different locations. Attendees on online platforms like Remo partake in the same experience and content. Post-pandemic however, there is a high chance things will remain the same because event planners are fast embracing the “new normal.” They plan a lot more virtual and hybrid events than just physical events. People are also adapting to virtual and hybrid events and seem to love them because they are more engaging.  Now you may be wondering, “Will physical events be completely replaced?” Well, virtual and hybrid events are certainly the future but physical events will never go extinct. Human interaction is almost inevitable in business. There’s no doubt in-person events have their own advantages. However, adding a virtual aspect helps your event become more robust and engaging.  Now, let’s consider 5 business goals driven through virtual and hybrid events:

#1 - Increase Customer Base:

If your goal is to increase your customer base, virtual and hybrid events can help you make that happen. With modern media communication devices and the internet, you can reach many potential customers. Social media allows you to amplify the reach of your event and since you are adding value with your event, customers will be eager to promote your business. It is an easy way to expand your client base.  

#2 - Create Awareness:

If you are launching a new product or service, hosting a virtual or hybrid event is a good way to create massive awareness.  Organize a virtual or hybrid event to make announcements about your company or promote new products or services! You can generate leads that can be closed directly in the future. You can stream your event online to a worldwide audience, setting up for conversion down the road. Virtual and hybrid events give you a higher chance of having a bigger reach compared to hosting your event in a physical location.  

#3 - Improve Customer Service:

You can organize virtual and hybrid events for several reasons. An additional benefit is having advanced technology tools that can provide data for analysis. The feedback you get from your event can be used to improve your company’s customer service in the future. Polls, surveys, reviews, social mentions, audience insights, impressions, etc can help you know how well your company is faring with current and potential customers. Then, you’ll be able to strategize effectively and channel efforts to areas that need improvements the most, thus enabling you to efficiently use your resources.  

#4 - Reduce Costs:

Townhall meetings, annual general meetings, sales kick-offs, company-wide events, training, symposiums, and more can be very expensive to organize. A lot of logistics and costs are involved. Imagine having to rent a hall or print and post tonnes of invitations. Imagine having to postpone your annual general meeting because you’re unable to get a quorum. Virtual events eliminate these challenges, you don’t need to spend too much and people can participate in your event from anywhere in the world by just connecting to the internet. Hosting virtual and hybrid events is easier and more convenient and helps you reduce costs.  

#5 - Maximize Profit:

Considering how much you can save by hosting a virtual event. You can maximize profit as well if your event is a paid one. You can increase revenue by creating a sponsors package and promoting sponsors via your event’s website, newsletters, emails, social media, and other channels. Furthermore, you may also feature a sponsor as a keynote speaker or feature them in sponsored breakout sessions. Remo has made sponsorships super easy with additional features like interactive voting, polls, and Q&As which allow sponsors to provide information about their brand or attract potential customers by offering prizes.


In closing, physical events may never go out of date. But the benefits of virtual and hybrid events lie in the potential of setting your business goals more effectively. Adding a virtual component to your events is an effective digital strategy that gives real value in the long run. With how the world is evolving politically and technologically,  circumstances may make going virtual inevitable. Having a digital plan in place for your business is a good idea. Virtual and hybrid events can truly transform and drive business goals. Go virtual with full confidence, get the best virtual meeting experience with Remo and you can trust to have an engaging and informative experience that participants will not forget in a hurry.

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