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5 Essentials to have at a Virtual Fundraising Event

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January 25, 2024

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Virtual fundraising events continue to deliver large sums of money to organizations especially small non-profits as the need for social distance continues to grow. If you use the appropriate strategy, you can put on a fun and meaningful online event that is personalized to your target audience. Several non-profits have done so in recent months. A successful virtual fundraiser relies on easy-to-use technology for both you and your donors. Not every type of virtual fundraiser is suitable for you. You'll need to choose one that matches your knowledge and ability to generate the funding you need. You'll also need one that arouses people's interest and gets them excited. It's a little mystifying, especially if you're watching the multitude of virtual fundraisers going on right now. You alone are capable of determining what is best for you.  Here are 5 Must-Haves for a virtual fundraising event:

Virtual Auctions

Auctions, both live and silent, have long been a popular way for organizations to raise funds. You can now rapidly and effortlessly transition your live auctions to the virtual world with a user-friendly virtual auction application and mobile bidding tools. To begin with, you'll need to choose a platform like Remo on which to host your event. It would help if you planned your auction from beginning to end and actively market it to generate excitement. Once the bidding window has opened, bidders can explore and bid on open items. Live stream during your event for the best results and a stronger connection with your audience. Your virtual audience and guests will be able to watch your live video directly in the mobile bidding app or web interface using the best tools.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is an integral part of the virtual fundraising toolset, and it's one of Salsa's top recommendations for online fundraising. Today, 43% of millennials donate through peer-to-peer networks, and non-governmental organizations are capitalizing on this enthusiasm by force-multiplying it into significant fundraising increases. Walk-a-thons, team activities, DIY initiatives, and any other project centered around a pre-defined event are ideal for peer-to-peer events. Peer-to-peer fundraising is an excellent approach to tap into the networks of your supporters to generate donations for your cause.P2P systems need a bit more effort to set up, but they may pay off greatly. Look for a simple platform to use and includes coaching tips to assist teams and individuals in swiftly creating their pages and overcoming their phobia of fundraising. Successful teams will be promoted and others will be inspired to get involved with good peer-to-peer fundraising software. On the technical side, your program should allow for the development of custom dashboards to measure critical parameters such as the number of teams and individual fundraisers, total funds received average donation size, and so on. Contacts should be able to be synchronized back to your CRM for further segmentation and marketing. Various programs provide these services separately, which might be a simple way for smaller NGOs to get started with virtual fundraising in one area. Salsa, for example, combines all of these elements into a single platform, providing you a complete picture of your contributors and keeping them engaged throughout the year. Your organization's virtual fundraising development strategy should include a non-profit CRM, online donation forms, virtual events, and peer-to-peer fundraising.


Crowdfunding is a means of leveraging the power of the internet and online communities for businesses. You have one primary campaign page that your contributors, volunteers, and other advocates share with their relatives and friends on the internet with these campaigns. You can funnel all prospects and avoid the need to chase each one individually by creating a single, complete fundraising website. With a crowdfunding platform, you can get started quickly, allowing you to spend more time publicizing your event and soliciting funds. However, you should not pick an internet fundraising platform at random. Without a doubt, the location you choose for your campaign should meet the goals of your organization. Once you've identified a platform you can trust like Remo, you can relax and concentrate on crafting an engaging page with compelling images and fascinating stories about your cause.

Virtual Gala

Organizations have been hosting galas for a long time. You may now move your galas online, thanks to technological advancements! Ideally, it would help if you considered leveraging peer-to-peer marketing, streaming video, and organizing a virtual auction. When it comes to the virtual gala's auction, you have the option of presenting goods one at a time and doing live bidding or presenting everything at once and giving participants a few hours to put their bids. This is feasible through virtual auction software and mobile bidding capabilities that allow attendees to bid on things instantly. Although it may seem challenging to equal the enthusiasm of an in-person gala, many virtual galas exceed expectations. All you have and need to do is to be creative and adapt your message to your target audience! Even under challenging circumstances, you'll discover innovative ways to engage your audience and gather support for your cause.

Video Live Streaming

There are several options for online video engagement as a result of many people's social distancing. Because some individuals work from home and may get seasonal depression, they may be interested in communicating with others online. Connect with your funders by live-streaming an event if you're doing work on the ground. You might even transform your scheduled fundraising event into a virtual live-stream event, allowing everyone to join in on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and other platforms. This enables you to connect and ask questions in the same manner that you would want at an event. In conclusion, accept the concept of a virtual event and make it the best it can be for your organization. If this is your 1st time hosting a virtual fundraiser, consider it a jumping-off point. And remember that there is no such word as a failure. Don't compare the outcomes to those of an in-person event; a virtual event is entirely another breed of the fundraiser. There are several opportunities to have a good time, engage fans, and earn money! Like many organizations, it is very important to hit the ground running and pull something off no matter the challenges. It is the end that justifies the means. Make your virtual fundraising event a hit with donors, and strive towards reaching your fundraising goal. Busy donors, lower costs, and a higher return on investment are all good reasons to host a virtual fundraising event.

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