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5 FUN Faculty Party Ideas to Try Right Now

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January 25, 2024

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Why should my faculty have a virtual party?

The holidays are coming and we’ve got a lot to celebrate. You know what they say, your school years are the best in your life and of course, that’s all about parties. With the rise in covid cases and a lot of us studying remotely, how can we celebrate together?

In 2021 virtual events skyrocketed and blessed us with the gift of connection. Of course, a lot of the world has returned to in-person events and that’s great. But with the rise in covid cases and many of us traveling home for the new year, virtual events are a safer option. You might be fed up with looking at a screen but that’s where we come in.

We’ve put together our top 5 fun faculty party ideas you can try out. These ideas will spice up your virtual event and connect your classmates at a time where we all feel a little isolated.

Our Top 5 Faculty Party Ideas

1. Virtual Oscars

A Virtual Oscars is a good faculty party idea to have fun with your classmates. Give a virtual oscar to each faculty for a stand-out performance of a certain talent. You can have many different categories like in the real Oscars. Here are some category ideas:

  • Best singer
  • Funniest joke
  • Craziest dancer
  • Most creative artist

Be sure to ask everyone to dress for the occasion and post out some Champagne to raise a glass to the winner. Everyone can pose for a picture and you can post the Oscar winner on social media. Special events like this  will keep your colleagues motivated and connected with each other even if you are working remotely.

2. Themed Food Night

We’ve all heard the saying a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and we think this applies to everyone! If you send out some tasty recipe ideas for your faculty party everyone will be super excited.

You could make your event themed and coordinate your food around this. Here are some of our themed food ideas:

  • Themed around a country: ask everyone to dress up in a country’s colors and send food from this country.
  • Sustainability: ask a local producer to provide food for the event. Your virtual party can then support the local economy.
  • Make it yourself: send out ingredients to your colleagues and ask them to make it themselves. They can send pictures and you can vote for the chef of the group.

The more creative your idea the more fun your faculty will have at your party!

3. Virtual Drinks

It is always a good idea to make a toast to your faculty at a party! Even more exciting- select a theme for your drinks. Make sure to select the theme in advance and send out a shopping list. Here are some fun ideas for your drinks party:

  • Cocktails or mocktails for those who don’t drink alcohol.
  • Drinks by country. For example, Guinness and Bulmers for Ireland.
  • Wine and cheese night, who doesn’t like brie?
  • Bottomless prosecco – be prepared for a killer hangover.

4. Virtual Gift Exchange Party

Nothing beats the feeling of giving or receiving a thoughtful gift, so try hosting a gift party for your faculty. You can use a gift exchange generator to email all your colleagues a name. Once you receive a name you can upload gift ideas for what you’d like. You can then post your gift to your person before the virtual event. Of course, this is all in the name of fun so you can always try to use some funny gift exchange ideas. Make sure you take some pictures and post your gift online.

5. Virtual Table Quiz

A table quiz is a good party idea to test your faculty’s knowledge. Split your group up into breakout rooms and pick a theme for each round. Of course no one likes a cheat, so try to think of questions you can’t find on google.

Try to be creative and pick a theme for your quiz to make the party more exciting. Here are some virtual quiz theme ideas:

  • Picture rounds
  • Lyric rounds
  • Disney pursuit
  • Around the world
  • Guess the celebrity

It’s also a good idea to have entertainment to break up the quiz! Try asking the talented members of the group to sing a song or perform an act at half time.

How do I host my virtual faculty party?

Now that your faculty has all our ideas, you’re ready to host your own virtual party. The first thing you’ll need is an interactive virtual events platform. Try checking out Remo. We have many interactive features such as breakout rooms, polling, and round tables. You take a look at our different plans, some of which are completely free.

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