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5 Unforgettable Icebreakers for Virtual Networking Events

Virtual Networking
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January 30, 2024

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Imagine this reality - you organized a spectacular virtual event brimming with innovative speakers and ground-breaking topics. Five thousand attendees are dialing in – what is next? Networking! We know that networking is at the heart of any event. The same goes for virtual events. Now all that’s left to do is to create inspiring online networking events. Have a look at the logistics behind virtual networking and inspire yourself with our unique and entertaining icebreakers.Handshakes, exchanging business cards, and the post-event soirees lead to meaningful connections. On top of that, face-to-face icebreakers such as the classic marshmallow experiment are great ways to break awkward silences that we all want to avoid. But, would the exact scenario be possible in the online event space? How can you help your guests network and connect at a deeper level in this digital environment? Well, we’d say it is possible! We’ve observed that online icebreakers are the key to eliminate the awkward silences you might have in your event.

We compiled five fun but easy-to-execute icebreaking events that will make your event stand out in the virtual space and leave your guests wanting more. Before we kickstart the fun, instruct attendees to meet in their designated rooms, form groups, and get acquainted with their teammates. Don’t forget to appoint a group leader!

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

What’s more interactive than making your guests take part in a virtual scavenger hunt? You can design a floor plan that allows you to hide items or have your guests bring in particular objects or wear certain accessories, and let the others hunt these down from a list in 30 minutes. Objects can be random or related to your industry. Each team should take a screenshot of their findings and post it to social media using your event hashtag. This way, you can create a buzz around your event and company!


Name That Emoji

There is no better way to get people excited than emojis and music. Each team has to guess the song based on the emojis listed. Take inspiration from the pictures below or create an original list to send your guests. Who knows – a karaoke session could break out. Get guests to perform duets or solos –this icebreaker could follow a few virtual cocktails to loosen your guests’ inhibitions.

Aliens have Landed

The classic description game is perfect for the virtual landscape. Each guest has 30 seconds to describe an object as if an alien has landed at your virtual conference. Create a list of everyday items to offer guests inspiration or let it entirely be up to them. This game helps guests with language barriers and provides a few laughs along the way.

Around the World

Guests have 30 minutes to find out where their other team members are based around the world. Each attendee presents three facts about the country they are in, and the others need to guess. Take Ireland, for example; the three hints could be; Guinness is our national treasure, it rains a lot, and folklore says that gold is found at the end of rainbows. This icebreaker is a casual yet personal way for everyone to get involved and perhaps set up some virtual and face-to-face meetings.

Speed Networking

Similar to speed dating, speed networking allows your guests to identify if they have anything in common. Pair guests for 3 minutes at a time and offer some conversation starters to kick off the event. Adapt the conversation to suit your occasion and prepare a deck to send to guests for inspiration. ‘Craziest travel story,’ ‘describe your pet in 3 words,’ and ‘Netflix favorites’ will surely get banter flowing. This icebreaker not only gets people talking but connects those with the same interests. Attendees - have your LinkedIn handles at the ready! Have a look at some virtual speed networking tips.Icebreakers aren’t solely for entertainment; they can lead to collaboration and new business ventures. Remo transforms virtual networking where your attendees can mingle over a virtual coffee. Go the extra mile and assign designated timeslots for icebreakers, get your guests excited about them with a brief email sequence, create some mystery, and let them network during your next virtual event. If you’re looking for more icebreaker inspiration, have a read here for more suggestions. Remo creates an intimate space for delegates to network. If personalizing your virtual event is something that you want to know more about, learn more here, or even better book a demo to chat with one of our team about your upcoming event.

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