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5 Ways to Organize Engaging Virtual Holiday Events

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January 25, 2024

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With Christmas and Thanksgiving just around the corner, you may wonder how to organize fun, engaging, interactive virtual holiday events and virtual end-of-year celebration parties.You want it to ‘feel’ like it’s a holiday event or party for occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or an end of year celebration for your guests. It needs to be an experience to remember and really mimic a real-life gathering. Thankfully, we’ve come to your rescue; the holidays aren’t canceled after all!Here are our top virtual holiday event examples and ideas, which can all be achieved by using Remo’s video conferencing software:

1. Theme your virtual holiday events

For it to feel like a proper holiday party or end-of-year event, you need to customize your space and make it feel festive or relevant to the occasion, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving! Well, we’ve got you covered. If you want to create your very own Winter Wonderland, or you want Santa to make an appearance, you can make that happen…!Move over, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, you want to design and customize your own venue and theme! Take a look at some of these virtual events design ideas taken to the next level.From the event image to the custom floor plan, we can help you shape how your guests feel and interact with each other as part of a unique virtual experience. Hurrah – this is the critical first step to creating an engaging virtual holiday event!

2. Virtual wine tasting

An online wine tasting experience is a great way to get your guests into the holiday party mood and encourage team building too! You could offer this as part of a larger event or let it be the star of the show. Many vineyards and suppliers are offering this type of experience, and, with Remo, you can make it as engaging and interactive as possible.

3. An online festival

People are really missing live music events right now, so why not host an online festival to make up for this? It’s totally possible! Take a look at this incredible virtual festival example.At a festival, guests need the freedom to move around and talk to different people, and you also want the ability to integrate the element of surprise. Thankfully, Remo has you covered!

4. Cocktail making party online

Who doesn’t love a cocktail (or a mocktail!), especially at this time of year? Cocktail making is a highly trendy experience as it’s fun, engaging, and a great way to interact. It would make a great virtual event ice breaker (pun intended!) or team-building exercise. What better way is there to get your guests into the festive spirit (pun also intended!)?

5. Virtual movie night

If you’re looking for something more relaxing and lower key for your virtual holiday event, you could host a themed online movie night for your guests. You could ask your guests for a list of their favorite movies, take a vote on the most popular and theme your event as a movie theater or a drive-in. What better way to celebrate Christmas than by watching all the classics such as Home Alone and Elf, but in good company?!Some little extras to give your virtual events the ‘wow’ factor…

Let the food do the talking!

Think you can’t provide food at your virtual holiday event? Think again! How about giving UberEats vouchers to your guests, and they can pick their favorite food and drink. It will provide a great talking point as people love to discuss food, and they will be comparing what they ordered!

Send a gift or a card

It doesn’t have to be anything big, but sending your guests a gift or a card with a thoughtful message will make them feel special and appreciated. If it’s Christmas you’re celebrating, you could organize a Secret Santa and get people to open their gifts at your virtual holiday event to create some fun!For more advice on how to ‘make or break’ your virtual event, we’ve created a blog on this very topic!So, there you have it, plenty of examples and ideas on how to host an engaging virtual holiday event for occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or end of year celebrations!If this all sounds too good to be true, don’t take our word for it! Find out more about Remo by having a guided tour or by signing up for a free trial!

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