5 Ways to Take Advantage of Virtual Events in 2022

May 24, 2021

Today, we will be exploring some ways to take advantage of virtual events. When it comes to planning an online event, the biggest concerns are technical difficulties. Almost 40% of event planners grapple with the fear of a technological problem that may affect participation. Attendee engagement and networking are the biggest virtual event disadvantages when comparing physical events. Despite this disadvantage, professional event planners still very much prefer virtual conferences. Virtual event advantages are much more beneficial, especially during COVID where attending an event in-person at a designated venue is practically impossible by law. The less talked about the importance of virtual events is the environmental benefits it offers. The development of event technology has made hosting virtual events seamlessly. The audience reach is wider if it is a hybrid event. As a result, money is saved and the environment is preserved because there is no need to provide refreshments that would most certainly lead to material wastes. Now, let us consider 5 virtual events advantages to capitalize at your next event!:

Creating a networking plan

According to research, about 85% of jobs are filled through networking. Virtual networking is beginning to reap more benefits especially during this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, it is unrealistic to feel one would completely miss out on networking opportunities because a conference is virtual. Many conferences are beginning to create room for networking by including virtual networking sessions in their event program. Even though you can choose to network from the comfort of your homes, and without awkwardly scheduling a meeting with a stranger, the onus is still on you to commit yourself to the networking activities set. When in your personal space, it is very easy for you to feel too comfortable and forgo the benefits the conference offers. The best approach, therefore, is to create a networking plan and abide by it strictly. Create a schedule and maximize the services the conference offers - this will make it easier for you to stick to your plan when you are seeking professional connections.

Using event ideas for your media goals

From attending a professional conference, you can learn valuable ideas on how to make your own event more interactive. Creative ideas like virtual workouts and real-time illustrations give incentives for people to engage online make learning easier. The business world right now is in a challenging position because every business is finding it hard to switch operations to virtual. This implies that small businesses have the opportunity to draw inspiration from larger companies to develop virtual contents that can be resold to other businesses, including the larger organizations.

Taking advantage of post-production materials

A major benefit of hosting an online event is that sessions can be recorded and shared in different forms. This gives participants the opportunity to make reference to prior sessions however and whenever they want. Conference organizers now provide their presentations for free or at a low cost at the end of the conference. An example is the Outreach Marketing Summit. The opportunity to make reference to materials at a later date to refresh the mind is valuable, you can even choose to use the presentations to hone your skills or provide critical insights to your team. Current global trends influence organizers to constantly seek ways to keep their audience engaged and willing to share their content.

Networking effectively

There is usually no luxury of time when it comes to in-person events. Attendees have to do a lot of moving around such as joining a session, grabbing their meals, registering for a spot etc. This can make attendees miss peer-to-peer networking opportunities, but in virtual events, there are options to do live chats and business-to-business matchmaking. Attendees can also easily find other participants of interest by looking up their names or contact details and connecting with them. You can also take advantage of virtual event communities to expand your business networks.

Making best use of attendee feedback

If you are an event organizer, attendee feedback is golden. It gives you room for improvement because you would know what you are doing right and what you are not. Not only that, but you may also get feedback on how to improve. Many organizers usually have that fear of an event not being successful, mainly because it is a first-time experience. The more experienced an event planner gets, the lesser the fear becomes. Participants’ feedback can help in drawing a road map for future success. It is also quite easy to get the attendee's opinions. You can set up surveys, live polls, push notifications, 5-star scale rating systems per session, and so on. With proper feedback, it is easier to plan and host a successful event in the future.


Wrapping up, the fear of an event failing due to technical issues is fast becoming a thing of the past. This is because communication technology companies are constantly coming up with new user-friendly, cutting-edge features with amazing benefits. You can join live events through your mobile devices or computer so far you have a stable internet connection. This would not have been possible a couple of years ago. The pandemic may have forced us to host online events, but it definitely comes with many advantages. There have been lots of changes not only in how events are being hosted but how business is being carried out generally. More changes should be expected. As the world is advancing technologically, we hope to connect with people with similar professional backgrounds physically. The complete switch to virtual will not be sudden, in-person interaction is almost inevitable. As a matter of fact, many companies are likely to switch to hybrid working models after the pandemic, Remo can help your small business expand with its virtual event advantages!

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