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7 Interactive Virtual Event Ideas to Try for your Next Online Event

Virtual Events
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January 25, 2024

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Some people argue that virtual events are boring. We have this sense that physical events are more intimate and lead to better connections. Some reasons why your guests might find your virtual event boring are:

  • There is little to no attendee engagement
  • Technical issues
  • Lack of interactive graphics
  • Lack of creativity

So if you’re thinking of running a virtual event you need to consider these issues. Just like a physical event you need to brainstorm ideas of how to make your virtual event interactive. Of course, virtual events are a new world to many of you so fear not. We’re here to help you out. Keep reading to find out our clever ideas to make your virtual event super interactive!

Our top interactive virtual event ideas:

Create an agenda

You’d be surprised by the number of virtual events that start and end with a face on the screen talking. It’s easy to see how people get zoom fatigue and just click off the event. That’s the thing about online events- it’s so easy to click the X and leave the event without feeling awkward for standing up and leaving. So let your audience know what is happening and when. Email an agenda before the event and remind people how it will run too. It is also worth noting that people have shorter attention spans online than in person so it’s better to have shorter events. A short screen break is important to allow your guests to rest their eyes and stretch their legs. Your guests will come back refreshed and be more interactive in your online event as a result!


You wouldn’t do a workout without stretching, right? So why would you start an event without a warm-up? Try some icebreaking activities so your guests feel comfortable around each other. Light-hearted games like this will get the crowd going. It’s a good idea to use breakout rooms for these games because it can be intimidating speaking in front of a virtual crowd. The more interactive the game the better idea for your virtual event. But don't over complicate things either, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Make sure to outline the games on your agenda so that your guests have the chance to look at the game before the event. Prizes are always a good way to encourage people to be interactive too!

Allow your guests to interview a famous speaker

Before your event, ask your guests to submit questions they want to ask your speaker. Guest could submit their questions on the event website or on social media. Then pick out the most popular questions and ask them to the speaker. This interactive idea will include your guests in the virtual event. You could even ask a guest in advance to ask the question to the speaker. This is a nice personal touch too.


Captions are a great idea to interact with your audience at your virtual event. LinkedIn talks about the success Instagram has had in engaging followers since they introduced captions. Words on the screen engage both your guests’ hearing and sight a the same time so it will hold their attention for longer. Also, this will make your event more culturally diverse as deaf or hear of hearing people will be able to join. Some virtual events platforms will have caption settings already built-in. Keep in mind that this might not be completely accurate but could be useful if you’re on a budget. There are also some low-cost caption services that you could try for your virtual event.

Use social media

Social media is the center of all interaction these days, so use this as an interactive virtual event idea. Give your guests a chance to communicate on socials before, after, or during the event. You can add apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter directly to your virtual events platform so your guests can stay on the event while they post. Get a hashtag going and post a lot of content about the event too. Use branded social media posts to get your sponsors on board too. The more shares the better!

Digital live scribing

Photos from physical events make the event more interactive after it’s over. People look back over the memories of photos and share them to show people how good the event was. Sure, with virtual events you can take screenshots of the screens and share them. But that’s not very interactive. A good idea is to get an artist to draw live pictures of what’s is happening at the event. The digital paintings will be a much more interactive idea to talk about your virtual event. They can use pictures to tell a story about your event- a good marketing strategy too!

Half-time entertainment

Ask a performer to come on in the middle of your event to entertain your guests. This will give your guests plenty to talk about and will create a good atmosphere too. The good thing about virtual events is the world’s your oyster so you can ask a guest from anywhere to perform. Try to pick a performer that aligns with your brand and will make your guests excited. Check out some inspiration for entertainment acts for your next virtual event.

Now put what you’ve learned to practice

You’ve heard all of our secret tricks. You’re ready to put all our interactive ideas to practice at your next virtual event. But first of all, you’ll need an interactive virtual events platform. Remo is the perfect virtual events platform to help you use these ideas. With our customizable floor plans, you can have your entertainment perform on a stage. Our breakout rooms and virtual round tables will be ideal for your warm-ups too. Take a look for yourself at no cost. We have a free 14-day trial so you can take a look at the product without any commitments. Check out our demos too for some interactive videos of how to use Remo for your next virtual event.

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