8 Creative Sponsorship Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event


Creating sensational virtual events is more crucial now than ever, with COVID-19 putting a damper on live events globally. Sponsorships provide the main income for events, and the same goes for virtual events. Moreover, virtual event sponsorships play a massive role in creating revenue.

Needless to say, innovative virtual event sponsorship ideas help to engage your audience and create added value to your brand. 

There are many ways to monetize a virtual event through leveraging sponsorship opportunities. Some of these include traditional sponsorship opportunities, while others call for some imagination.

To inspire you, we’ve put together a list of virtual sponsorship ideas to scale your online event.

Benefits of Virtual Event Sponsorships

Before jumping into the ideas, we’ve identified the benefits of virtual sponsorships. When reaching out, it’s vital to communicate the value of your event and how it supports the sponsor’s goals.

Brand Awareness

Virtual events allow sponsors to increase brand awareness to a targeted audience.

Audience Insights

Sponsors can gain valuable data from audience insights. Most notably, from metrics such as registration numbers, attendee information and agenda insights.

Audience Engagement 

Sponsoring certain events on the virtual agenda is a great way to spread the word about your product or service. Sponsored sessions, sponsored booths, and sponsored Q&As are great ways to connect with guests.

Of course, the overall goal of an event is to build meaningful connections. Therefore, sponsors are eager to reach and network with attendees.

1. Website Advertising

Allocate dedicated space on your website to share the virtual sponsor’s mission and products. This sponsorship deal is a guaranteed way to reach the sponsor’s target audience attending your virtual event.

2. Through Emails

Branding communications via email is a successful way to get virtual sponsor visibility. Sending targeted emails to attendees with virtual sponsor’s promotions is a great way to showcase relevant sponsors.

3. Social Media Shoutouts

Social media is the quickest, yet the simplest way to connect sponsors with guests. Virtual event sponsorships with social media is a fantastic way of reaching audiences. Additionally, Instagram and Twitter stories are popular ways to spread the word.

4. Digital Gift Bags

Digital gift bags are a unique way to get a variety of sponsors involved. Attendees can open their virtual bags via a link where they can receive gifts from sponsors. It might be a good idea to launch the virtual gift bag in the middle of the event to get guests’ energy levels up.

5. Sponsored Games

Want to captivate your audience AND promote your sponsors at the same time? Adding a fun virtual event sponsorship between sessions is a great way to shake up your event. Quizzes, challenges, or even a scavenger hunt allows your guests to mingle. Furthermore, sponsors should provide prizes to reach out to engage with participants.

6. Sponsored Lunch

As the saying goes, ‘Food is the way to the heart’. Sponsoring guests lunch with an Uber Eats voucher is a sure way to get attendees attention. Virtual events can be hectic and sponsoring a lunch will make your company the talk of the event. 

7. Sponsored Entertainment

Entertainment is essential to any event. Why not get sponsors involved? Sponsors can arrange a musical act, a comedy show or a live cooking show. Providing entertainment for guests is a great way to create brand awareness. Undoubtedly, attendees will never forget a showstopping performance.

8. Sponsored Giveaway

End your event with a sponsored giveaway. Enter guests into a draw hosted by an MC and raffle prizes donated by sponsors. Nothing spreads the worth of brand quicker than free cool prizes. 

Now we have an idea of the types of value sponsors can get from virtual events. Let’s take a look at how to turn your physical event into a virtual event to attract eminent virtual sponsors.

Virtual event sponsorships are powerful for brand identity, connecting sponsors and guests. Find out how Remo can help your virtual event happen through a guided tour or check out a free trial.  

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