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Best Event Insurance Companies

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Hoyin Cheung

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June 11, 2024

List of top 10 best event insurance companies
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If you are looking for the best event insurance company, it probably means you need help with protecting your investment in an event against accidents, property damage, cancellations, or other unforeseen circumstances.

The truth is there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for picking the best event insurance organization out there. However, you don’t need to sweat the small stuff because we have done all the hard work for you.

In this post, you will discover the top event insurance companies to help you make an informed decision.


Top 10 Best Event Insurance Companies in 2024

1. Eventsured


Eventsured has an online quote tool that allows you to acquire liability coverage for over 500 types of events within minutes. You will obtain your certificate of insurance via email instantly. This company also issues a general liability policy until the day before your event.

Eventsured’s coverage is available in all 50 states and offers zero deductibles for all claims. You can buy as much as $3 million in liability insurance coverage. Event cancellation insurance is also available. If you need detailed pricing regarding the number of attendees you are planning to have, you can enter your event details into the company's quoting system.

But one caveat is that you must pay for host liquor liability coverage included in each policy premium, irrespective of alcohol consumption. The company does not underwrite policies.



RVNA offers excellent coverage for all events, irrespective of size. The company customizes production policies with over a dozen types of coverage. Policies are affordable, starting from $50 while hosting liquor liability. You can buy cancellation coverage alone or together with other coverage.

This insurance company gets you online quotes instantly, especially when you need cost details of the number of attendees. You can cancel your policy 48 hours before the event and receive refunds in full. RVNA’s policy even includes coverage for terrorism, which is quite rare in this industry.

However, you can only make policy changes via the online policy management system. You will need to pay a $2,500 deductible for property damage claims, which is relatively high compared to other event insurance companies.

3. Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Aggregate liability limits of $3 million is the standard event insurance from this organization. This is several times more than what other event insurance companies offer. But, with Philadelphia Insurance Companies, you can purchase a policy online, provided you do this more than 24 hours before your event.

If you own high-value assets, you can obtain additional protection when you extend event policies using umbrella coverage. This requires a prolonged underwriting process, but there is no limit to the number of those attending the event.

Philadelphia Insurance Companies is an excellent option for large events. But since $3 million is the minimum liability limit for private gatherings, this can be too expensive, depending on your budget. The company offers event cancellation as an additional coverage option. Contact the company for detailed pricing, including the number of attendees.

4. WedSafe


WedSafe offers the best customized coverage for anyone planning their marriage ceremony. Nationwide underwriting policies, and all coverage starts from $500,000 in general liability insurance. This company grants cancellation and liability coverage for both tropical destination weddings and backyard ceremonies.

Coverage by WedSafe is available in all 50 states, including several Caribbean destinations, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. But you must be a resident of the United States, irrespective of where your nuptials are held.

WedSafe has flexible policies that accommodate eleventh-hour modifications since wedding plans can change swiftly. You can purchase cancellation coverage 15 days before the date of the event. But you need to provide a valid reason in case you want to call off the wedding. No solid information is available on the company’s website regarding the number of attendees, so we would recommend contacting them for more information if you are interested.

5. Markel


Markel allows you to get no less than a 15% discount when you purchase event cancellation and liability coverage. The event insurance company offers as much as $2 million in liability coverage, which is pricier than its competitors. But, you can buy a policy online at least 24 hours before your event. The company also grants access to free information resources.

You can obtain liability limits from Markel starting from $500,000 for just $75. This helps you save money since you won’t be overpaying for coverage. Bundling an event cancellation policy and event liability policy saves you an additional 15%. Note, you will need to request for a quote to find pricing and options based on your expected number of attendees.

6. United States Liability Insurance Group (USLI)

United States Liability Insurance Group (USLI)

USLI covers company retreats, conventions, and other corporate events, especially those that other companies baulk at. This company’s event insurance plans can be customized to fit your needs, with coverage available through to 20,000 guests.

Insurance from USLI is not ideal for smaller events, even though it offers several types of additional coverage, including cancellation coverage. But, policies do include liquor liability, general liability, and medical payments. There are also flexible terms for multi- or single-day events.

However, you must purchase USLI policies through an agent, which could prove tiresome if you are not a corporate host.

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7. Thimble


Thimble offers flexible insurance policies for several types of on-demand or short-term business activities, including events. If you need coverage for a specific project or a particular period, this is the event insurance company to work with. You can request a quote from Thimble directly for specific pricing details that include the number of attendees.

This company’s insurance, which you can purchase online, covers several risks linked with organizing or hosting events, such as property damage, cancellations, liability for injuries, etc. You can access your certificate of insurance immediately post purchase.

Thimble is ideal for those who work occasionally as event planners. It's important to note that this company insures the event planners, not the actual event. Moreover, it does not offer event cancellation insurance in its policies. This means zero coverage on expenses or financial losses.

8. Travelers


Travelers is an event insurance company with top-notch customer care services, available 24/7. You can buy event insurance via an insurance specialist in your area, or online within minutes. The policies this company offers center on a core coverage plan starting from $160 to as much as $250,000 in coverage.

This core coverage plan bundles coverage for photography, cancellation, lost deposits, damage or theft of items like jewelry, gifts, etc. Travelers offers customer support via email, web chat, and phone. But there is no specific pricing detail for event insurance as per the number of attendees on the company’s site.

However, this event insurance company covers only limited event types. This is also not the company to work with if you’re looking for standalone liability policies. Its services are not available in Hawaii, Alaska, or Louisiana.

9. Allianz Event Insurance

Allianz Event Insurance

This global insurance organization operates in several insurance sub-verticals covering travel to life insurance. Allianz considers travel insurance as an event type, but doesn’t offer a collection of claims if you cancel for any reason. No specific pricing detail for event insurance based on the number of attendees is available on its official website.

Allianz offers two unique types of protection: event registration protector and event ticket protector. The latter covers big-ticket events namely the World Series or the Super Bowl, since people pay lots of money for tickets. Event registration protector reimburses you if you fail to engage in a particular event, up to $10,000.

10. The Hartford

The Hartford

The Hartford offers several insurance products for businesses and individuals. You can get business insurance, insurance for your automobiles, and homeowner insurance. This established insurance organization has extensive coverage options, but only caters to small and medium-sized businesses with customized insurance solutions.

However, the Hartford’s exclusions or policy limitations may not be ideal for your specific needs. From reviews, customer service may not be top-notch, especially evident when processing claims or in response times. You may also be ineligible for some discounts or products, and this can limit accessibility for you or your business.

The Hartford offers comprehensive coverage, but its premiums are not always the most competitive, especially if you desire the most basic coverage options. But you can enjoy its event cancellation coverage since it is part of the company’s special event insurance policies. The company doesn’t provide specific cost details for event insurance according to the number of attendees on their official site.

Things to Look for in Event Insurance Companies

When looking to purchase event insurance, here are 3 factors most event hosts look for:

1. Coverage

Every individual looking to buy insurance for an event searches for extensive coverage that aligns with their specific needs. It's important to really evaluate what is covered within the insurance policy - e.g. property damage, cancellations, weather issues, liability, etc. - including any exclusions. The primary goal is to find a policy that covers potential risks associated with the particular event type you are planning to host.

2. Value and Cost

Another critical factor to consider is the price of the event insurance policy. Look for affordable options that provide excellent value for money. Specifically, you should try to compare deductibles, premiums, and coverage range just to evaluate all options and get a fair deal perfect for your event budget.

3. Reputation/Customer Service

No individual wants to do business with an insurance provider who has a questionable reputation or lackluster customer service. That is why we encourage you to read reviews and research ratings to gauge the insurance provider's responsiveness, reliability, and support quality from past users. A quick tip – look for an insurance companie with a frank claims process and superb customer assistance.

Hoyin Cheung

Hoyin Cheung is the Founder & CEO of Remo, where he focuses on enhancing the authenticity of connections at virtual events. With a wealth of experience in event planning, he translates his insights into compelling content aimed at improving virtual interactions. His mission is to empower event professionals with practical tips to foster genuine connections in every virtual gathering.

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