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Hybrid & Virtual Event Industry News Roundup: April 9-15

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January 30, 2024

Table of Contents

Here is your weekly roundup of news from the virtual and hybrid event industry from April 9-15!

Free Mental Health Toolkit released by Event Industry Associations

The Association of Event Venues, Association of Event Organisers, and the Event Supplier and Services Association have recently announced that their members ‘Heads Up’ have released their well-being tool kit, making it available to the public. This well-being toolkit is to help people or support them with their own mental health.Toolkit was released in February 2020. Initially only available only to the members of the three associations previously mentioned. However, due to the global pandemic and the strain it has had on the general public's mental health, ‘Heads Up’ has made the toolkit available to the entire public for free.The entire story can be found here!

B2B marketers are putting their faith in sponsored virtual events in 2021

B2B marketers are throwing their weight behind virtual events and summits in 2021. They are planning to sponsor six or more events this year.

  • Sponsored virtual events are now the second most popular lead generation tactic for B2B marketers
  • 73% of B2B marketing professionals cite virtual events as highly effective
  • 79% of marketers plan to sponsor six or more virtual events in 2021

Virtual events are the second most popular lead generation tactic for B2B marketersThe survey asked which sales and marketing channels are the most popular for lead generation. Email marketing automation is a core part of the marketing strategy for the survey respondents, with over 61% of B2B marketers using this in their demand generation campaigns.You can find the full article here!

Powering up next-generation events with Brandfuel

David Ball, the founder of Brandfuel, a creative agency specializing in the sustainable design, planning, and delivery of virtual events discussed the change over the last 12 months and the resulting new efficiency. Ball also acknowledged how to balance the live and virtual equation, the impact of talent leaving the live events world, and helping freelancers to get ‘match fit’ again through the company’s Plus One program.You can find the full article here!

Positive Impact empowers the Ambassador community to support global event sustainability

Positive Impact Events is empowering its community to raise funds that will support the creation of a science-based carbon target and reduction framework. A requirement to ensure future generations can still attend events.Centered around Earth Day (22nd April), the Ambassadors will be asking fellow event professionals, marketing their sustainability initiatives, to do so in a way that will make a difference for the future of the event sector.For the full story, click here!

Epson research suggests a ‘roaring 20s’ theme to take over events, post-pandemic

Research commissioned by Epson suggests that the most popular post-pandemic party theme will center around the roaring 20s. The US in the 1920s saw economic prosperity and a rise of American culture. An era predicated primarily from the end of World War 1 and the Spanish Flu in the 1910s!For the full story and research, click here!

Virtual experiences customized for your audience

Beehive is a virtual environment created by the event professionals of Live Union. Beehive provides a clear understanding of what audiences really value when meeting virtually.No two events are the same. That's why Beehive is in the market. A virtual environment designed to be highly customizable, allowing organizers to precisely tailor the virtual experience.Choose to brand one of the platform’s existing environments or design an entirely bespoke destination that brings your business to life.You can find the full article, here!

Edinburgh Festival turns hybrid for 2021

The Edinburgh Festival has announced that its event will take place physically with much lower attendance and shorter shows. However, the festival has announced that they will be turning the event hybrid by showcasing the event through a Livestream. This is a great way of promoting how hybrid events will become the new normal in the post-pandemic world!You can find the full story here! And there you have it, your weekly roundup of virtual and hybrid event industry news. An eventful week filled with great ideas and plans for the future of hybrid events. For more blog posts about hybrid events, check out our blog post about Hosting a Hybrid Event For Your Association? Here are 5 Things To Consider.

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