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The Best Engagement Virtual Event Tools and Technologies Available

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January 16, 2024

Table of Contents

In the dynamic world of virtual events, layering the right virtual event tools on top of your event platform can make all the difference in captivating your audience. From interactive polls, like Slido, that spark lively discussions to gamification adding a playful twist, these add-on tools are game-changers in elevating virtual event technology. 

This section explores various advanced virtual event tools designed to complement your platform, each aiming to boost interaction and transform your event into a standout digital adventure. Discover how integrating these innovative technologies with your virtual event platform can revolutionize attendee engagement and keep them hooked from start to finish.

Virtual Event Tools: Live Polls & Surveys

Example Tools: 

Usage: These online event tools enable real-time polls and surveys during virtual events. They're ideal for gathering instant feedback, conducting engaging quizzes, or understanding audience opinions. Integrating these virtual event tools into your sessions keeps your audience actively involved and provides valuable insights on the fly. Integrating any of these options into your event is very useful if your chosen event platform does not have its own polls or survey features (or they lack some of the expected functionality).

Virtual Event Tools: Online Games

Example Tools:

Usage: Online games are perfect for adding a fun element to your event. They can break the monotony, encourage interaction, and offer a shared entertainment experience. Games like Codenames and are great for light-hearted, engaging group activities. There are a multitude of options available out there though – check out our favorite online games here

Virtual Event Tools: Interactive Workshop Software

Example Tools: 

Usage: These virtual event tools offer collaborative online whiteboards for interactive workshops and brainstorming sessions. Attendees can jointly work on projects, share ideas, and engage in creative group activities, making workshops more dynamic and participatory.

Remo Tip: A lot of event platforms will have partnerships or integrations with certain whiteboard providers. For example, Remo offers Miro whiteboards within the product itself. So, check whether your desired events platform does before you invest in a third party tool!

Virtual Event Tools: Gamification Software

Example Tools: 

Usage: Incorporating gamification elements like quizzes, leaderboards, and challenges are fantastic ways to energize your event. However, most online event platforms do not have these elements in-built. So, if your event platform does not, it can be useful to consider investing in a virtual event technology like this. These software options make learning and participation much more fun, whilst encouraging active engagement and friendly competition among attendees.

Virtual Event Tools: Social Media Embeds or Integrations

Example Tools:

Usage: Utilize these virtual event tools to display live social media feeds, encourage the use of event-specific hashtags, and facilitate interactions around your event. Integrating social media enhances the event’s reach and engagement, connecting the virtual experience with broader online conversations.

Each of these virtual event tools serves as a unique enhancement to your chosen event platform, significantly boosting engagement and interaction. By strategically combining these innovative virtual event technologies with your online event platform, you're not just organizing an event; you're crafting an immersive and unforgettable virtual experience. This synergy of tools and platform can elevate your event, leaving a lasting positive impression on your attendees.

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