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Best Event Giveaways

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Hoyin Cheung

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April 3, 2024

List of top 12 best event giveaways
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The perfect event giveaway is what you need if you want to create the right buzz with your target audience. Giveaways are freebies that boost your brand's recall and are excellent reminders about how engaging your event was, even long after the event has ended. This guide highlights top giveaways that will make your event, whatever the type, unforgettable for all your guests.

Since we know why event giveaways are so important, the question becomes – "what should we give away?".

Not to worry, this post will give you 12 fresh ideas for the best virtual event giveaways, from general to specific giveaway ideas. Let's dive in!


12 Best Event Giveaways in 2024

1. E-gift Cards

E-gift Cards

E-gift cards are a sure way to make your virtual event memorable. Thanks to its wide range of uses, an e-gift card appeals to a broad audience. Recipients can use e-gift cards to choose gifts they desire from their favorite stores online. This enables your target audience to add personal touches to the giveaway. Just, make sure you choose a retailer(s) that matches your attendees' interests.

E-gift cards are also easy to organize and distribute as they can be sent to attendees directly via email. The personalized shopping experience e-gift cards offer, plus the convenience, make them a highly effective and versatile choice for a great giveaway gift at your online event.

The flexibility in value and choice make e-gift cards an excellent, inclusive, and thoughtful giveaway option. This ensures every participant finds something they resonate with. It is also an excellent way of relieving some pressure off you when selecting an appropriate gift.

How to organize these: Visit specialized e-gift platforms or retailer sites to get additional information on getting e-gift cards. Some popular platforms include PaidfromSurveys, App Store, Swagbucks, Giveaway Monkey, etc.

2. Customized Digital Wallpapers

Customized Digital Wallpapers

Offering customized digital wallpapers to participants of your virtual event is another excellent option. Attendees can personalize their devices – laptops, smartphones, desktops, tablets, etc. – with bespoke designs. The personal touch that comes with customized digital wallpapers enhances user experience. This makes it a memorable takeaway from your virtual event.

You can create digital wallpapers involving themes that relate to your virtual event. You may also opt for designs that resonate with your target audience’s preferences. By offering a blend of personalization and creativity, your virtual event will be memorable for a long time. Not to mention, this offers an additional opportunity for some subtle branding or event sponsor highlights.

How to organize these: Consider consulting expert digital artists specializing in bespoke digital creations. Exploring graphic design platforms – such as 99Designs – is another excellent option to think about.

3. Online Course Subscriptions

Online Course Subscriptions

You can deepen your participants’ existing knowledge or empower them with new skills by offering online course subscriptions as a giveaway. This will have a more profound impact if the online course subscriptions are in the area of interest of your attendees. Bonus, if the course you giveaway is related to extending knowledge around the topic of your event!

Online course subscriptions is one of the most thoughtful options for virtual event giveaways. This giveaway encourages continuous development and learning by adding value to your attendees’ professional and personal lives. When recipients subscribe to an online course, they explore subjects they are passionate about, resulting in a transformative experience.

This personalized approach to learning engenders deeper engagement with the content. This makes your gift of education long-lasting and impactful.

How to organize these: Several platforms offer online course subscriptions, and they include Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera. You will find a wide range of online courses covering personal hobbies to personal development. These courses are suitable for a diverse target audience.

4. Online Game Codes

Online Game Codes

Another popular giveaway option is making online game codes available to your participants. These alphanumeric strings or combinations – often 12 to 25 characters long – grant access to several virtual gaming experiences as they unlock in-game content, new games, and premium features.

Online game codes cater to different gaming interests. You can distribute the codes digitally with zero additional expenses. This makes them an exciting and convenient choice for virtual event giveaways. It is also one of the guaranteed ways of boosting the overall attendee experience.

You can also use online game codes to build a community and foster networking opportunities among the participants. By engaging in multiplayer challenges or games, attendees can interact in an informal and fun setting, event after the event ends. This ensures connections made in your events extend way beyond the virtual event itself.

How to organize these: You may visit developer sites, gaming forums or platforms to explore how to access online game codes. You may even find such codes when you visit online gaming platforms like Xbox Live, Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, etc.

Remember, online games can be considered a niche giveaway, so be sure to find out if your attendees are interested in online games first.

5. eBook Downloads

eBook Downloads

Many event organizers consider eBook downloads an excellent giveaway option for their virtual events. Why? Two reasons – firstly, there's a diverse range of eBooks to choose from, from professional development to fiction, there'll be something for each attendee. Secondly, eBooks are extremely easy to source and give, making them an ideal, hassle-free choice.

EBooks are convenient, lightweight digital entities, it's like carrying an entire library in your pocket. This is why they are one of the perfect giveaways for learners and avid readers. There will always be something for everyone, irrespective of the topics.

How to organize these: You can access a diverse selection of eBooks, based on your audience’s preference on platforms such as Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Amazon Kindle, etc.

6. Premium App Vouchers

Premium App Vouchers

If your primary goal is to enhance the virtual event experience of your attendees, providing premium app vouchers will do the trick. Premium app vouchers are digital coupons or codes that distributors or app developers make available to users. They can be redeemed for numerous benefits within a specific application.

These benefits often include getting additional in-app coins/currency, unlocking premium features within the app, accessing special paid content for free (usually hidden behind a paywall), or extending subscription periods with zero additional costs. 

Offering premium app vouchers to your virtual event attendees is a thoughtful way of providing value far beyond the event. This has the potential of promoting continued engagement, including professional and personal development.

Attendees with access to premium app vouchers can either boost efficiency with apps they already use or explore new ones they might not have tried otherwise. The result of this development is the long-lasting impact associated with the positive experience of your virtual event.

How to organize these: Reach out to app developers or explore online marketplaces that sell bulk purchasing options of premium app vouchers for businesses. You may find additional information on platforms such as BuySell Vouchers, etc.

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7. Virtual Escape Room Passes

Virtual Escape Room Passes

Virtual escape room passes provide an immersive and interactive experience for users. Participants receive challenges to complete tasks or solve puzzles in a virtual environment. Since your event is also virtual, offering virtual escape room passes to your attendees will further enhance this experience.

Event attendees with virtual escape room passes enhance their problem-solving skills and learn teamwork. This engaging option also fosters a sense of camaraderie among attendees as they get entertained. There is no better way to break the ice among participants, encouraging communication and collaboration within a relaxed, fun setting.

How to organize these: You can get more information about virtual escape room experiences by exploring platforms specializing in online escape room games. This includes Challenge Escape Rooms, The Escape Game, Trapology Boston, Headout, and escape room forums.

8. Digital Artwork

Digital Artwork

You can captivate attendees of your virtual event by giving away digital artwork. Your audience will appreciate the pieces ranging from complex 3D renderings to digital illustrations. Digital artwork offers unique visual experiences, allowing for endless innovation and creativity. Many of these pieces reflect abstract concepts or contemporary themes that your virtual event participants may resonate with.

In today’s age, artists utilize technology without measures, pushing the boundaries of traditional art. They create fascinating pieces using digital tools and software, ranging from fantastically abstract to hyper-realistic. This versatility makes digital artwork an excellent giveaway.

How to organize these: If your target audience love art, offering pieces of modern creativity in several digital formats will be appreciated. For a deeper understanding of this art form, explore the following platforms: Architectural Digest, The Endless Co., MOCDA

9. Digital Music Playlists

Digital Music Playlists

Offering a personalized gift at a virtual event leaves attendees with a long-lasting impression. One of the best ways to do this is by giving away digital music playlists. You can curate music tracks that resonate with your attendees’ preferences or the virtual event’s theme. Each song on the playlist will remind attendees of the experience.

The best part – digital music playlists can be easy and fun to put together. All you have to do is select music that aligns with the atmosphere of your virtual event while appealing to your target audience. You need to consider artists, genres, the flow of the playlist, etc. in order to craft a memorable musical journey for your participants.

How to organize these: Visit platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify for more exploration on creating and sharing well-curated digital music playlists. These popular platforms offer several tools users can use for creating and sharing music playlists.

10. Music/iTunes Gift Cards

Music/iTunes Gift Cards

Nearly every attendee of your virtual event will appreciate an iTunes or music gift card. These delightful gifts never expire, meaning your attendees can use the cards whenever they want. Even Android users can take advantage since they are flexible. This eliminates the pressure to make immediate or hasty decisions as users can wait for releases they are passionate about.

Music lovers can access a broad range of content, including millions of albums, songs, and a massive library of music across different artists and genres with zero interruptions by ads. (The benefit of iTunes though is that it goes beyond just music – your virtual event audience can use these cards to buy or rent apps, music, movies, books, or even TV shows).

Music and iTunes gift cards are easy to purchase, send via email, and redeem. They are suitable and safe for all ages. You can obtain this versatile and delightful gift choice from major retailers online like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, or from the App Store or Apple’s official website

How to organize these: You can also purchase music and iTunes gift cards from platforms such as eGifter, GiftCards.com, or by taking advantage of promotional offers from numerous companies offering music or iTunes gift cards as incentives for participating in a survey or signing up for a service.

11. Podcast Subscriptions

Podcast Subscriptions

Giving away podcast subscriptions offers virtual event attendees an excellent gateway to a massive array of content. This ranges from entertainment to educational, often tailored to listeners’ personal interests. This is one of the valuable giveaways guaranteed to foster ongoing engagement long after you’ve ended your virtual event.

Since new podcast episodes will continually regale your target audience, they will stay connected to insights or themes you shared during your virtual event.

How to organize these: Consider exploring well-known podcast platforms such as Buzzsprout, Podcast Addict, Podbean, Pocket Casts, Castbox, etc. for ideas. There are a few podcast hosting services available, so you'll also be able to find one that matches your budget.

12. Virtual Museum Tours

Virtual Museum Tours

If your virtual event revolves around art or history, consider giving away virtual museum tours as more niche giveaway option. These tours will offer your participants immersive cultural experiences as they explore history, science, and art from around the world. Your attendees can access virtual museum tours from any location, making culture and art even more accessible.

Virtual museum tours are one of the best ways for enriching the experiences of your attendees via engaging and educational content. You can also tailor these tours to specific interests in order to enhance the appeal and relevance of the giveaway.

How to organize these: You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to organize a virtual museum tour giveaway. If you are tech-savvy or work with a cooperative museum, you may arrange for custom access codes that grant users free entry to the museum’s online tours. You may also contact some museums for passes or vouchers. Utilize museum sponsorships and partnerships as a few museums will throw in virtual tours as part of the arrangement.

There you have it! A list of the top 12 best event giveaway ideas. When selecting which one to go for remember to consider who your target audience is, what their interests are, and your budget.

Hoyin Cheung

Hoyin Cheung is the Founder & CEO of Remo, where he focuses on enhancing the authenticity of connections at virtual events. With a wealth of experience in event planning, he translates his insights into compelling content aimed at improving virtual interactions. His mission is to empower event professionals with practical tips to foster genuine connections in every virtual gathering.

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