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Best Event Planning Companies in NYC

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Hoyin Cheung

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March 19, 2024

List of the top 10 best event planning companies in NYC
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Is organizing an event not your cup of tea? Don't worry, you are not alone. Most people don’t want the pressure of preparing an event from start to finish. With all the decisions, it's easy to get overwhelmed, particularly if you don't have the specific event knowledge or planning skills. So, what do you do? – entrust your event to the best event planning company. An event planning company will help you take care of all the fine details and logistics involved with bringing your event vision to life.

To help you get started, we've carefully selected 10 of the best event planning companies in NYC, known for their reliability, creativity, and deep local insights. Why stress over the details when experts can plan your dream event? Find your ideal event planning partner here.


Top 10 Best Event Planning Companies in 2024

1. Destination Event Services

An event managed by Destination Event Services

Destination Event Services is focused on creativity, because of its timelessness. This approach has proven very effective in helping them provide the creative and memorable events this event planning company is known for. For them, adding the client's image in the event is table-stakes. Destination Event Services takes it further by combining innovative strategies with the latest technology for standout visual effects at their events. 

Destination Event Services is known for its customized events, adding local flavors and experiences that reflect the city's character. Some services they offer for event planning and destination management include venue selection, accommodation, activities, conference needs, transportation, and event production.

2. Eventique NYC

LeVian Conference managed by Eventique NYC

If you are looking for an event planner that optimizes events for live and streaming audiences, Eventique is the best option for you. Their thoughtful and artistic approach to every event provides memorable experiences that encourage shareable moments, emotions and conversations. 

Eventique virtual event services include full technical support, at-home recording support, presentation guidance, social media assets, custom still and motion graphics, and virtual show management. 

One of their distinguishing factors is their use of storytelling at their planned events. Most of their founding leaders belong to the entertainment and event production industry. Their diverse team comprises individuals with media, theater, and brand marketing backgrounds.

3. EW Group

NYU Commencement managed by EW Group

For school graduations or commencements, the best event planning company you can trust is EW Group. If you partner with EW Group you will have the freedom to focus on your mission, constituents, clients, fundraisers, and sponsors, without having to worry about all the planning. Not to mention, you can have a lot more fun with much less stress. 

The company was launched in 1999 as an event management, marketing, and consulting agency. The team is composed of passionate individuals dedicated to providing the best event service. 

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, the EW Group has partnered with the world's leading universities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations. 

4. Hollywood POP Gallery

An event managed by Hollywood POP Gallery

Hollywood POP Gallery is an event planning company in New York owned and managed by a mother-and-daughter team. They have been in the industry for 31 years! 

Celebrities and personalities like Diana Ross, Bette Midler, Goldman Sachs, The Trump Family, Merrill Lynch, and others are some of their big clients. 

The popularity of Hollywood POP Gallery continues not only in New York but in other places as well. The unique thing about their event services is that they incorporate POP in the theme, which blends well regardless of the occasion. 

Hollywood POP Gallery received several awards, including the Luxlife Hospitality Award for best event planning and destination company in 2023. Some of their services include corporate and social events, weddings, and even kids events through Hollywood POP Kids.

5. Hudson & Nine

Human Society award dinner event managed by Hudson & Nine

Hudson & Nine is an event planning company that specializes in event styling, experiential design, and brand building. It is known to produce meaningful and unforgettable experiences that are artfully crafted and engaging. 

Their team continues to push beyond their capabilities to develop inspiring programming, innovative events, and hyper-related content. The best thing about Hudson & Nine is that they follow a unique process – Imagine, Engineer, and Activate. 

Their services include corporate events, social celebrations, non-profit events, virtual events, weddings, and interior design. 

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6. Kraft Events

An event managed by Kraft Events

Jennifer Kraft and her Kraft Events Planning Company has been in the industry for 20 years. Her team offers a unique blend of creativity, exceptional personal service, and meticulous organization. 

Kraft Events offers services not only in New York City but also in New Jersey, Westchester County, and Palm Beach, Florida. By working with Kraft Events, you will have exclusive access to exquisite venues,and their complete management services, from budget planning through to design.

Jennifer and her team ensure that every event is passionately crafted and transforms visions into reality, while exceeding the client's expectations along the way.

7. Kyle Michelle Weddings and Events

A wedding managed by Kyle Michelle Weddings and Events

Kyle Michelle Weddings and Events makes sure your event is what you have been dreaming of. Whether it's fancy or formal, you can be sure that everything you had in mind will be there. Planning a wedding or any event is easy for sisters Kristin Kyle and Meghan Michelle because of their unique background in fashion design.

The sisters work together to provide one-of-a-kind events. They put their talents into action for the planning and execution of your event. Kristin and Meghan work with their clients on a deeper level, getting to know their clients' desires and vision to help them better plan and execute the idea to maximum satisfaction.

8. Strategic Event Design

Halloween party managed by Strategic Event Design

Knowing the customer's goal is what Strategic Event Design focuses on when planning an event. Some of the well-known companies and brands they have worked with include Hallmark Channel, National Geographic, and ABC Studios just to name a few. 

The event industry today combines live and virtual events. While some planning companies choose to focus exclusively on one or the other, Strategic Event Design handles both. They take the time to educate and apply the latest processes to provide the best and most outstanding service for their clients.

Strategic Event Design is Pandemic Compliance certified thus they safely execute their in-person events and meetings. The company focuses on sustainability – most of their clients love the idea of integrating green initiatives in their event to minimize waste and their carbon footprint.

9. The Party New York

A corporate event managed by The Party New York

The heart and brain of The Party New York is Lacy Karl. For more than 11 years The Party New York has been focused on providing unforgettable events for its clients. 

Lacy got the idea of starting up the event planning business when she was still in the fashion industry. She always spent her free time thinking of ideas for the next event she was hosting. 

Some of the services The Party New York offers include weddings, corporate events, non-profit events, and social events like birthday parties and shower parties. 

The company offers full-service event planning covering all the strategic planning to design.

10. Tyger Production

4WEB product launch managed by Tyger Production

Tyger Productions is popular in the event design and production industry. This New York City event planning company is founded by Ty Kuppig. The company serves private, corporate, and non-profit clients. 

As proof of their good service, many of their clients keep returning. Their innovative design and concept are impressive. They can stage a press reception for as small as 20 guests to a big event with 1000 attendees. 

Tyger Production's main priority is not just to fulfill their clients' requests but to exceed their expectations. Some of the services they offer include experiential design and conceptualization, specialty décor and custom fabrication, venue selection and coordination, light design, sound production, and a lot more.

Hoyin Cheung

Hoyin Cheung is the Founder & CEO of Remo, where he focuses on enhancing the authenticity of connections at virtual events. With a wealth of experience in event planning, he translates his insights into compelling content aimed at improving virtual interactions. His mission is to empower event professionals with practical tips to foster genuine connections in every virtual gathering.

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