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Best Event Marketing Companies in the US

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Hoyin Cheung

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March 15, 2024

List of best event marketing companies US
Table of Contents

Events are a powerful way for a business to connect with its audience, showcase the brand, and drive more conversions. If done right, event marketing can help solidify a brand’s reputation and generate more leads.  

Considering the significance, businesses increasingly hire event marketing companies to effectively publicize a brand, and their products with online or in-person engagement with customers.

If you are new to event marketing, don’t fret! This post has got you covered. We discuss the best event marketing companies in the US that can help manage the intricate details and logistics of your business events and keep you competitive in highly digitalized marketplaces.


Top 10 Best Event Marketing Companies in the US for 2024 and Buyer's Guide

1. Amplify

PlayStation’s stand at Games Week managed by Amplify

If you want to generate buzz for your great event idea, Amplify could be an ideal option to accomplish your objective. 

Their in-house team of event marketing experts and digital specialists help establish brands as an industry leader.  Based in California, the company follows a tailor-made marketing strategy comprising narrative design and storytelling to ensure rapid conversion of prospects to business customers.  

What sets the agency apart is its established association with trusted vendors, high-end tools and technologies, and creative planning. All these features greatly help an event run smoothly and efficiently while improving the business’ bottom line.

2. Elevate My Brand

A Zendesk corporate event managed by Elevate My Brand

Elevate My Brand is a California-based full-service event marketing company that assists businesses to create a strong digital footprint in a competitive landscape. 

From event planning to production and marketing, the company offers comprehensive strategies and solutions to provide the best digital and in-person brand experience to audiences.  Some of these include:

  • Digital event marketing and publicity
  • Building corporate partnerships
  • Décor services
  • Catering services
  • Ticket sales and donation

Whether you want to raise funds for your not-for-profit business, start a new business, or boost your product promotion campaign, Elevate My Brand is a good option to drive business success.    

3. Evolve Activation

An exhibit from Hæ/Hi  managed by Evolve Activation

Evolve Activation, a globally recognized event management firm in California, helps simplify the process of planning and execution of successful events.  

From grand corporate affairs to smaller intimate gatherings, their event management strategies strive to provide unique, vibrant, and authentic experiences to business and event participants.

Their vast experience handling multiple events, transformative experiences, consistent professional performance, and outstanding client support distinguishes them from their competitors.  

Here is the complete range of creative and strategic event marketing services they offer: 

  • Tradeshows & Conferences
  • Retail Events
  • Field Marketing
  • PR Events
  • Product Launches
  • Off-road and stadium activations
  • Sponsorship Activations
  • Sampling

If you are looking for an independent full-service experiential agency that specializes in working at all stages of the event planning process across a range of industries, then consider Evolve Activation.

4. Groove Jones

A product demo managed by Groove Jones

Founded in 2015, Groove Jones is one of the oldest and highly recognized XR studios that brings a wonderful blend of experience and culture. It has received over 200 industry awards for offering exceptional services in the areas of Augmented and Virtual reality. 

Groove Jones specializes in developing engaging, informative, and entertaining experiences for business customers through various services such as:

  • Strategic Consulting, Planning, and Development
  • Augmented, Virtual, and Extended Reality
  • Creative Design
  • Motion Capture
  • Fan engagement experiences and interactive installations
  • Editorial and post-production video series

It has a full-fledged team of thoughtful and proficient engineers who leverage proven technologies and processes to build advanced and creative solutions for digitally connected businesses and customers.   

5. GX Live Marketing

INTEL Experience Day Panamá managed by GX Live Marketing

Based in Panama, GX live marketing is dedicated to creating and delivering meaningful brand experiences that drive lasting impact.  

This full-service brand experience agency holds considerable experience in designing media-worthy experiences at shows, exhibitions, fairs, conferences, and much more.    

For over 10 years, the company has been offering expert assistance in an array of experiential marketing solutions such as:

  • Live brand and employee experiences
  • Product Sampling
  • Brand activations
  • Integrated marketing
  • Digital transformation
  • Sponsorship marketing
  • Campaign and strategy design
  • Comprehensive campaign management
  • Top-tier brand analytics, ambassadors, and results computation

With a competent team, world-class lab, and combined capabilities, GX live marketing truly transforms the way brands influence and deliver value to their audience.  

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6. Hire Influence

An event managed by Hire Influence

Want to intensify your brand’s stories at scale? Hire Influence could be the best bet for you. What makes it superior is the diverse, innovative, and impactful experiences it creates that brings your business imagination to life. 

The NY-based agency offers comprehensive and speed-to-market tech solutions that help businesses establish market longevity and foster long-term customer relations. Some of the services are as follows:

  • Strategy conceptualization, and planning
  • Creative talent sourcing and placement
  • Content Auditing
  • On-site brand promos and events including photo shoots, travel experiences, festive promotions, tradeshow popups, grand opening events, product demos, and more.  
  • Continuous content optimization and IGC activations

7. JR Global Events

An event managed by JR Global Events

JR Global Events is a Philadelphia-based company that has over 20 years of experience in offering best-in-class event management and marketing services. Some of their areas of expertise include:

  • Exhibit Management
  • Strategic Meetings and Events
  • Onsite Event Specialists
  • Cultivated Gifting
  • Site Sourcing and Contracting
  • Incentives Rewards and Recognition

The company offers time-tested and tactical approaches to accomplish a range of online marketing events including tradeshows, conferences, webinars, etc. that create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact.

What sets them apart is the use of experiential marketing methods, hands-on activities, and interactive elements that help encourage attendee participation, create better engagement, and foster connection with them. 

8. MKG Events

A social event managed by MKG Events

MKG is a popular creative agency known to help leading brands create spectacular and jaw-dropping brand actions that include –

  • Live experiences
  • Social impact actions
  • Virtual events
  • Employee engagements

The NY-based experiential agency follows a creative, and innovative approach of storytelling and thoughtful objective-driven engagement to connect brands to the audience.  From product launches to corporate meetings and webinars, MKG has massive experience and expertise in organizing immersive social events of all sizes. 

The marketing firm focuses on humanizing the brand and creating a meaningful interaction between you and your audience. The result is increased client retention and a larger base of brand loyalists. So, if you are looking for an event marketing firm that offers big brand experiences, MKG could be worth considering. 

9. Next/Now

NBA Store design by Next/Now

Founded in 2011 in Chicago, Next Now is an award-winning company recognized for its impressive multimedia and digital exhibition design tech solutions worldwide. It offers innovative and process-driven event marketing solutions designed with the intent to meaningfully reshape the world.  The company has considerable experience helping world-class brands in core event management areas such as

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Brand Marketing
  • Digital Marketing 

The use of motion and gesture interactivity, cutting-edge technology, natural user interfaces, and advanced display concepts are some of the features that make it superior to the rest. 

So, if you are looking for a creative experiential company that specializes in creating next-generation digital and physical experiences, Next/Now could be ideal for you.

10. RMNG

Food event managed by RMNG

With 10+ years of experience in experiential marketing and activations, RMNG is a top-notch agency that creates impressive event campaigns that directly involve and connect your brand with the community. They specialize in mobile marketing tours and activation and hold ample experience working with credit unions and companies operating in the food and beverage, and hospitality industry.  

The event marketing firm has received numerous awards including the American Advertising Award for generating immersive and authentic brand experiences for customers.

From conception to fulfillment, expert experiential strategists at RMNG develop impeccable and engaging campaigns that help improve credibility and develop positive associations with your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What essential services does an event management company provide?

Almost all event management companies offer the following seven services to their customers:

  • Event planning
  • Venue sourcing
  • Catering
  • Technology Integration
  • Logistics Management
  • Budget Management
  • Event marketing
  1. How are event management services classified?

Understanding the different types of event management services is fundamental when choosing one. Different event management services specialize in different areas of business operation. 

Based on your specific event needs, you can decide the best one from the following:

  • Corporate event management company
  • Sports event management company
  • Cultural event management company
  • Sporting event management company
  • Social event management company
  1. What are the key considerations when deciding on an event management firm?

Selection of an event management agency is crucial as it can make or break your brand’s reputation. With dozens of companies out there in the market, finding the right one that meets your business objectives can be quite daunting.  

Here are a few questions you can ask a prospective event marketing firm to find the most efficient one yielding desirable results.   

  • How long have you been in the business?
  • What areas do you specialize in?
  • What are some of the top clients you have worked with?
  • Can you show me your work samples to better decide how well your services meet my experiences?  
  • Do you have a strong network of vendors and how do they add value to your event marketing service? 
  • What communication and coordination strategies do you employ for smooth event execution? 
  • How much do you charge for different types of services?

Hoyin Cheung

Hoyin Cheung is the Founder & CEO of Remo, where he focuses on enhancing the authenticity of connections at virtual events. With a wealth of experience in event planning, he translates his insights into compelling content aimed at improving virtual interactions. His mission is to empower event professionals with practical tips to foster genuine connections in every virtual gathering.

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