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8 Membership Engagement Ideas for Associations During Virtual Events

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January 25, 2024

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It’s 2021 and virtual events are here to stay! But how can we make sure that our members stay engaged during our virtual events? We have the inside scoop. Here are 8 membership engagement ideas that will change the way your members will interact with one another at your next virtual association event.

1. Make a plan

Virtual events might be completely new for your association. Of course, no good event can happen without a clear goal. Sit down and brainstorm some membership engagement ideas with your team. Some questions you need to answer include:

  • How do you plan to attract your members to the event?
  • How will your members be able to engage during the event?
  • What content will make your members excited to engage?

2. Celebrity guest

An interesting celebrity guest is a sure way of getting your members excited for the next event! As your event will happen online you can invite a celebrity from anywhere to talk. Make sure you pick a celebrity that will really get your members to engage in the virtual event. A good idea for member engagement is to have your guests vote for a guest. Maybe put up a poll a few weeks in advance of the event and get your members to suggest a celebrity. They could vote for who they like most. This will also be a great idea for marketing your event.

3. Customizable floor plan

When we use virtual events platforms, we all miss the experience of leaving the house. Customizable floor plans make the event seem like your event is in a new location. The customizable floor plans can bring you to your dream destination at the click of a button. By bringing your members to a whole new venue, they will feel like they are out of the house. The fresh location will make them engage more. Membership engagement ideas like this will make your event stand out from the crowd.

4. Engaging features

Your virtual events platform can make or break your event. It’s good for membership engagement to pick a virtual event platform with many features. Not all virtual event platforms will allow the same level of interaction. Some features that will encourage member engagement include:

  • Polling
  • Virtual tables
  • Gamification
  • A virtual lobby

5. Offer technical support

If your guests are having technical difficulty during the event, they won’t be able to engage. Not all virtual event platforms work in the same way. Some guests might not be familiar with your platform and could be confused when they try to engage. The best practice for engaging membership is to provide full-time event support. Check out the product support that comes with your virtual events platform before you buy it.

6. Content is key

Make sure you provide plenty of content to keep your guests busy during the event. Interesting content is one of the best ideas to keep your guests engaged. Encourage your sponsors to run extra activities along with your own talks. For example, live demos, virtual sweepstakes, and breakout rooms.

7. Have fun

If you take yourself too seriously so will your guests. It is a good idea for your association to be light-hearted so that your members can engage. Make sure the people presenting the event engage with your members and help them to share ideas. Some nice game or ice breakers at the start of the event could get the audience ready. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to make your event stand out. Check out our article on more fun ideas your association can use for your next event.

8. Post-event survey

You can never improve on your event if you don’t collect feedback. A post-event survey is also a best practice for engaging with your members even after the event. Guests might have questions about the event or your association. Following up with guests is a nice touch to make sure they feel valued.

Now what to do next?

Now that you’ve heard all our top idea on how to engage your members at virtual events, it’s time. Start organizing your first virtual event! Of course, the first thing you will need is a virtual events platform. Remo is a perfect option for your next association virtual event. With our interactive features, your members will be super engaged! Try it out for yourself with our free trial or take a look at our tutorial videos.

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