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Become the Robin Hood of Moments! Take from the Quarantine and Give Back to the World!

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January 25, 2024

Table of Contents

You’ve been pickpocketed by COVID. And, you don’t even know it...

Have you noticed something missing in your life lately? I’m not talking about not being able to get together with people and connect like human beings. Of course, that’s missing. But amongst those gatherings, something much more important was stolen from you.There are special moments that happen within those gatherings, the meeting of eyes during a toast, the priceless look on your friend’s face as she realizes it’s a surprise party - for her, the spontaneous applause that erupts after an outstanding performance. Potential lifetime memories of connection and togetherness that would last into our old-age have been stolen from us by the coronavirus lockdown.But all hope is not lost. Just because the world has changed doesn't mean that we need to lose these special moments. We need to become conscious of what's happening in those moments to create them for ourselves and the people around us consciously. Those moments, defining moments, are the gems in our treasure troves of memories, AND they're a critical part of being human.We’re not the only ones who think so. Chip and Dan Heath, authors of the NYT bestseller, The Power of Moments, wrote a whole book about defining moments. What they didn’t talk about is how we can create them anywhere, anytime, even online.

But first…

What is a “Defining Moment”?

In simple terms, they are moments that you will recall five, ten, twenty years down the road, maybe even on your deathbed...Chip and Dan Heath’s The Power of Moments breaks down the components of defining moments. They refer to these moments as “E.P.I.C.” AKA moments of Elevation, Pride, Insight, and Connection.Here’s the breakdown...


  • Moments that differentiate a typical day from a special day


  • Moments that make us feel proud of ourselves


  • Moments that rewire our understanding of ourselves 


  • Moments that we share with others

Now, this might sound a little abstract to you, so...

Let's see these ideas applied in the real world!

Alright! Let's dive in and take a moment to imagine a university or college graduation ceremony.You rent your cap and gown, put on a luxurious suit or fancy dress. You may apply some cologne or perfume to spruce yourself up. You reserve tickets for your family. You walk to a courtyard or a center where hundreds of people witness the dean calling your name. Graduation day is elevated in comparison to a typical weekday.Graduation day recognizes the time and effort you sacrificed for the past four years. The restless nights spent studying for exams and writing research papers. For many, the first taste of living alone and learning how to become independent. As a college graduate, you feel pride for your dedication to accomplishing such a big challenge, not to mention your growth and independence as an adult.Listening to the university dean speak of future opportunities now possible with your new credentials, tuning into the inspiring words of renowned guest speakers – they all enhance your self-perception and provide insight and wisdom about who you can become.On this momentous day, you get to share this celebration with all the peers you’ve spent years collaborating with. Having the same feeling of accomplishment with your contemporaries gives you a sense of connection or a bond with your colleagues, friends, and classmates that will never be broken. Not to mention all your family members and friends who have supported your passion every step of the way.So, now that we have a more concrete understanding of an E.P.I.C. or defining moment, the next question becomes...

Can Defining Moments happen online?

Since so many of our interactions have moved online this year (2020), you might be asking, “have we lost the possibility to create defining moments?”The answer is a resounding NO!Here are some ways that defining moments can be brought to life online!You can create an elevated online event experience by making it feel extraordinary. The emails and videos you create to promote your event, the agenda that you painstakingly created can all signal to your guests (and yourself) that this is a unique, elevated moment. You can plan elevated moments in your events, with grand reveals of guest speakers, toasts where your people can raise their glasses together around the world, and even surprise experiences unveiled without a moment’s notice.Moments of pride don’t need you to share the same breathing space with your guests. Even virtually, just reminding people about the importance of the work they do and recognizing them for their persistence in the face of the pandemic will do it. Most people are very shy about acknowledging their own value and hard work, so a sincere recognition of a group’s dedication can ignite a sense of pride for guests even at an online event.Moments of insight are actually easier to create online! People aren’t coming to virtual events for the all you can eat buffet. Now that events are virtual, guest speakers are a much bigger part of what makes an event attractive. And those guest speakers know that their job is to help guests perceive themselves and the work they do in new ways. So in this new online world, moments of insight can come thick and fast.Moments of connection may seem like the most challenging part of the E.P.I.C. formula to bring online. But, with just a little creativity, people can share moments of connection virtually. Depending on the platform that you’re using, a moment of shared connection could be as simple as everyone coming to your virtual event in a checkered shirt.

Suppose you're using an interactive platform like Remo Conference. Empowering your guests with the ability to move from virtual table-to-table, floor-to-floor, and building-to-building ensures they’ll connect with interesting people who contribute to an exceptional experience.

Unique to the Remo platform, creative custom floor plans create an environment that creates the atmosphere, mood, and ambiance that fosters authentic connections that lead to meaningful relationships.It is these authentic connections that spark the flames to meaningful, lasting relationships.You know that E.P.I.C. is the secret formula for creating memorable moments. AND, those moments can be created online.Now, it's time for you to put the E.P.I.C. formula into action to create unforgettable moments and memories for you and your guests.

Even at online events, only your imagination and inspiration limit the possibilities for creating defining moments. The tools for creating E.P.I.C. moments are available today. All you have to do now is go for it! Don’t let the pandemic take control of your lifetime memories. You can now steal back those special moments you lost from quarantine and share them with the world!It’s one thing to read about E.P.I.C. moments. But it’s another world to experience it for yourself.

So if you’re ready to experience the leading-edge of E.P.I.C. moments playing out online, join us inside the bustling Remo Revolution Community. And we’ll introduce you to the magic of gathering online!

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