Best Hybrid Event Tools That will Improve your Online Experience in 2022

May 11, 2021

Hybrid events are all the range in 2022. Now that we have seen the world opening back up with the vaccine rollout physical events are possible. But we’ve started to like virtual events, they have many benefits. They give us great flexibility to attend an event without having to waste time traveling. They’re also great for the environment and attract a large audience. But some people argue that these events are boring. We’ve all experienced ‘zoom fatigue’ at some stage. All we want to do is turn off our camera and make a coffee while we wait for this boring speech to be over. So, how do we avoid boring our guests online? We need to use some engaging hybrid event tools of course. And no, we’re not talking about hammers and screwdrivers here. So what are hybrid event tools you may ask…They are different features you can use on your virtual events platform to engage your audience. Your hybrid event tools are like salt and pepper to add some spice to your event. And we’re here to let you in on our top 7 tools for your next hybrid event.

Our Top 7 Hybrid Event Tools

Miro Whiteboard

Miro whiteboard is one of the best tools to engage your audience at your next hybrid event. It has many engaging features that you can use to present your information in a clear way:

  • Sticky notes
  • Templates of flow charts
  • Highlighters
  • Copy and paste and image
  • White text on your whiteboard
  • Upload images

The highlight of this whiteboard is that you can edit your pictures and diagrams that you have added to the board. That way you can add your own information to the images during your presentation.

Live Chat Support

It’s really important that the guests at your event don’t experience any technical issues. A live support chat is a great tool to ensure everyone can enjoy your hybrid event. The live chat will instantly offer support to your guests, showing them that their participation matters to you. It could be your audience's first time using your virtual events platform so they might need help to use some of the tools. Offering support is the best way to ensure that your guests engage with your speakers.

A Holo Pod

A Holo Pod is a virtual person attending your event. The hologram launched by ARHT media is a cool way of having a guest from anywhere in the world at your virtual event. This tool will make it look like the guest is physically at your hybrid event. The hologram will move and talk like the guest speaker would in real life. This is much more engaging than just looking at your guests’ faces behind a screen. You can really have anyone from the world at your event.


Glisser is one of the useful hybrid event tools for engaging with your attendees. You can create customizable polls, question and answers, and gamification. It gives the audience a chat to give their input during the event in a creative way.  Glisser’s interactive features will help your audience to engage in your event in a meaningful way.

Customizable Floor Plans

One of the main reasons why we experience ‘zoom fatigue’ is because we’re looking at a plain screen with boxes on it. Sure- we might see people’s faces if they turn their cameras on but we haven't left the house. Customizable floor plans can transform your event and bring it to a whole new location. It seems like your event is happening at a beach or a bar. This tool will increase your hybrid event engagement because people feel like they have left their house. Remo is a virtual events platform that offers some cool customizable floor plans for your hybrid event.


This is one of the best hybrid event tools when talking about Twitter. You can search tweets and hashtags on your online event without having to screen share. We have all seen incidents where screen sharing has gone wrong! So avoid your emails popping up at your online event and use Twitterfall to see social media at your event.


ViewStub is a great tool to analyze your hybrid event. You can use it to see how more popular your event became when you made it hybrid. It will track your ticketing event by event to help you to analyze what speakers work well with your audience. They also provide an exit survey for your guests when your event is finished. That way you can analyze your attendees’ feedback to improve future events.

So what are you waiting for?

Now that you know about our Top 7 Hybrid Event tools, go and start organizing your hybrid event! Are you ready to host your first virtual event? Why not check out our Free Plan at Remo or join us for a virtual tour- you have nothing to lose!

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