Best practices and techniques for Virtual Collaboration

June 22, 2021

Virtual collaboration in the workplace is one of the most necessary aspects of running a business. The quick and effort-free way of scheduling meetings over video conferencing platforms with anyone has resulted in companies having to find the best practices for virtual collaboration. However, virtual collaboration is different from physical collaboration. It can take some time and practice for employees to get used to it. Especially for those in the workforce for a number of years with minimal IT experience. Here are our best practices for virtual collaboration.

Have regular meetings

Regular meetings help to keep the company's work ethic up and are one of the best techniques for virtual collaboration. It helps to avoid confusion among co-workers. It is best to have regular meetings with your employees throughout the day to see how they are getting on and making sure they are sure of what they are doing. Meetings are also good to have your employees conduct regular meetings amongst themselves so they can keep in touch throughout the day thus improving collaboration.

Help workers build friendships

It is very hard for your workers to effectively collaborate online if they don’t know anything about each other’s personalities and strengths and weaknesses. It is best to encourage your employees to be friends with one another. This will not only increase virtual collaboration but it will increase your work productivity as the employees will begin to enjoy their job more.

Track deadlines and commitments

Monitor your employees’ deadlines! Your employees need to feel that their deadlines matter. Having an eagle's eye on employee deadlines incentivizes them to stay up-to-date with work, rather than applying pressure. Set out deadlines for certain tasks to be completed. Keep in contact with your employees to see how they are getting on and if they are going to meet the deadlines or need more time.

Keep in contact with messages

One of the best practices for virtual collaboration is keeping up with employees and co-workers. Use messaging apps like WhatsApp! or Slack to make sure you are in the loop. Your co-workers will find collaboration easier if they're in constant contact with each other. It helps clear any confusion over deadlines and will make them collaborate on the task at hand. And there you have it, our best tips and techniques for effective virtual collaboration. Virtual collaboration is so important to make any remote business work. For more about virtual collaboration techniques why not check out our blog post 10 Creative Ideas for Interactive Virtual Team Building!

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