Creative Ways to Virtually Connect with Clients in 2022

May 20, 2021

Virtually connecting with clients is here to stay:

Building a good relationship with your customers is key for your business to succeed. Many companies are experts and know how to connect with clients virtually. They have been using emails, video conferences, and calls for years to build their relationships. But a lot of us were used to physical meetings and events to connect with clients. Of course, nowadays the pandemic has forced us to turn to virtual contact. You might argue that virtual contact doesn’t allow you to be as close with your clients as physical contact. But it looks like virtual connections are the future. In a busy world where time is money, virtual meetings are much easier to fit in the diary. So we need to use our imagination to come up with creative ways to engage with our clients.

Our Top Creative Ideas for Engaging with Clients:

Host a virtual coffee... Nothing gets the conversation going like a caffeine buzz!

A virtual coffee just sounds more enticing than a meeting. It creates a casual atmosphere where your clients will be more open to connecting. Try to be reactive with your virtual coffees by picking a theme. You could even send some nice treats out to your clients. Send some croissants or pastries to make your clients feel appreciated.

Be considerate

These days, people are under a lot of stress and pressure. The pandemic hasn’t been easy for everyone- even your clients. So be mindful to check in with them and see how they are doing. Take into consideration what part of the world they are living in before you organize the coffee. Not all countries were affected on the same level by the pandemic. Some countries have experienced massive death tolls and devastation. Also, check how your clients are doing financially, maybe they have lost their job since the pandemic started. Your clients will remember that you were considerate during the virtual call and appreciate that in the future! Host a competition Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to have a competition. This is a great way to engage with your clients virtually and also help you to gain new clients too. Select a nice prize and ensure everyone shares the competition to enter. Some competition ideas include:

  • A quiz about your company or its products
  • An idea competition where your clients create new products/ ideas
  • Your guests could create content such as a poster or a video to represent your brand

Showcase your product online

If your company normally engages with your clients physically, they will be used to seeing the product in person. To overcome this, you should create content that demonstrates your product. Try creating a virtual tour of your product or service. Videos are super engaging and will make your virtual connection more personal than photos. You could also go live on social media to show your clients your product. This is an “open house” where your clients can virtually see the product. Just like in real life, make sure you advertise the event so your clients know it’s happening.

Creative Content

If you are constantly sending your clients boring emails to advertise your new products they will become bored. You should try using engaging emailing and virtual events to interact with your customers. Try using polls on social media to see what engages your customers. When you send an email it’s always a nice touch to call your clients by their first name. The more personal the email the better.

What do you need to connect with clients virtually?

Now that you know our creative ideas for connecting with your colleagues you just need the right technology to help you. There are some key features that will help you to connect with your clients:

  • A good wifi connection: no one likes to hear crackling and see a blurred screen. A poor internet connection also looks unprofessional to your clients.
  • An engaging virtual events platform: For example, Remo has virtual tables which create a more relaxed environment for connecting with your clients. They also have customizable floor plans you can use to transport your meeting to a whole new venue.
  • Good body language: It goes without saying that you need to turn your camera on for your virtual meeting. If your client cannot see your body language and facial expressions they will feel distant from you. Use eye contact and gestures just like you would in person.

It's always important to connect with your clients virtually. Without virtual socialization, communicating with clients is near impossible in today's climate. Stay current with the times, and don't be afraid to communicate online with your customers and clientele! Start by choosing the perfect virtual events platform. Remo offers a 14-day free trial so be sure to try out the product!

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