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Crowdcast vs. Remo – What's the difference?

Remo vs Competitors
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January 25, 2024

Table of Contents

“What is better Crowdcast or Remo?”Today's choices for online webinar tools are plenty. Finding the best among the dozens of solutions is a tedious task. In this post, we will be reviewing two leading webinar platforms: Remo and Crowdcast.Why is it so hard to choose a webinar tool?Finding reliable webinar software is both exhausting and expensive. Exhausting because it can take you hours on end or even days to review and test new software. And expensive, since this process requires an investment of your time.Before you start your search for webinar software, take a moment to understand the minimum features you need. For instance, are you looking to:- Host webinars for 10 people or 100?- Do you need webinar automation, attendee engagement tools, email support?Map this out! But, for now, let's get started with this comparison of Crowdcast vs Remo.

How should I Compare Webinar Software?

When in search of the best webinar software, here are a few points to consider:

  • Cost

Subject to the number of webinar attendees the cost of your webinar software will vary. In general, the more attendees you expect, the higher the price you pay. Remember even if you have 100 attendees signed up there is no guarantee of all 100 attendees joining a live session.

  • Ease of use

Webinar software must be easy to use, both for you the host and your attendees. If the learning curve for your attendees is too high, you can expect a high drop off rate.

  • Downloadable software

Do your attendees need to download software to join the webinar? Chances are your attendees are too busy to pay attention to your instructions. Think about the attendee experience and how you can simplify this as much as possible.

  • Features

What are the must-have features you need to pull off a successful webinar?

  • Integration

Is the webinar software easy to integrate with other tools? Does it support your current tech stack?

  •  Customer support

imagine having technical issues in the middle of your webinar. This soon becomes a nightmare situation all webinar hosts want to avoid. It is worth checking whether customer support is available during your live event or better still, 24/7.These are some of the most important features webinar hosts look at when comparing webinar software. Both Remo and Crowdcast offer a mix of the above features. Now we will be reviewing each, in turn, to help you understand which is the best webinar software for your next event.

Remo Conference Plan

It shouldn't take hours to set up your next webinar, summit or other kinds of online events. In fact, Remo gets you up and running in 15 seconds or less. There is no clunky software involved. No downloads or installations. Your attendees can join your event directly from their browser.

With the Remo Conference Plan you can create:

  • Online conferences
  • Online webinars
  • Online summits
  • Online workshops
  • Online networking and more!

There are four different plans under Remo Conference. The first one we will look at is the Standard Plan.

Standard Plan

Ideal for small businesses, new creators and professional networking groups. Use cases include webinars, workshops, online community building, and online networking.
This plan starts at $50 a month and gives you the option to host up to 25 attendees. This includes:

  • Countdown timer,
  • General announcements,
  • Broadcasting,
  • Virtual business card (connect on Linkedin and book meetings)
  • Youtube live integration
  • And standard support.

Premium Plan

Perfect for small to medium businesses, online communities, professional networking groups, and experienced creators. This plan grows with your business with premium support. Use cases for webinars, workshops, test mini online summits, online community building, and online networking.
You can host up to 50 attendees on the Premium Plan at $100 a month. You also get access to the features mentioned in the Standard Plan and:

  • 50 attendee limit
  • Custom event branding
  • Premium support.

Professional PlanGreat for medium to large businesses, online communities, professional networking groups, and growth-stage creators. This plan grows with your business with a premium level of support. Use cases include webinars, workshops, online summits, online community building, and online networking.The Professional Plan gives you all the features of the Premium Plan and Premium support. The attendee limit is also lifted to a maximum of 100 attendees and is expected to increase to 1000 in the future.Per EventThis plan is preferred by both enterprise and growth-stage creators who host one-off online summits. Use cases, in general, are online summits, corporate webinars and workshops. The Per Event package $6 per attendee. In this Plan, you can host more than 100 attendees per day.This also includes all the features mentioned in the Premium plan as well as Premium support.Free Features
One of the metrics online event hosts use to measure the success of their event is engagement. Traditional webinar software limits attendee engagement to a chat box during a live event. Remo on the other hand, not only offers the chatbox feature but a lot more. In fact, more features than any other webinar software platform. What are these features? Read on to find out more.
Online NetworkingConnect with peers, colleagues and friends at a table as if you were sitting in a cafe or bar. But instead, you are joining from the comfort of your own home or office. You have the option to switch tables whenever you want.

Speed NetworkingThe concept of speed networking relates to meeting as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. In general it's an offline experience, something that can only be done in person. That is until we developed a feature allowing you to add a speed networking timer. Similar to a real-life experience of networking but offline.

Virtual Business CardDo you find networking difficult to navigate? Are you tired of reading the introvert's guide to networking? You no longer need to hide. We make it easy for you to get started with networking.All you need to do is update your profile by:- Connecting your Linkedin- Adding a booking link

ChatboxIsn't it frustrating when wanting to private message another webinar attendee? But the webinar software only allows for group chat. It's time to change that.
At Remo, you can have 3 types of chats.1. Group chat for all attendees2. Table chat for your group3. 1:1 chat with only one person.

YouTube Live IntegrationGo live with your events with an in-built YouTube Live integration, directly from your browser. Save on time and go live faster.

No Downloads or InstallationsDo you remember the last time you downloaded and installed software? Did this slow your desktop down, did you have trouble navigating, did you just want to give up? We take the pain out of downloading and installing software. Create or join a Remo event live on your browser.


  • Opti-level communication, use the online chat, your video and mic asynchronously.
  • Fast and smooth webinars, easy to use and get started
  • No installation or download required.
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • See where other attendees are hanging out
  • Post announcements during networking
  • Add a countdown timer during networking
  • Less bandwidth than any other tools in this category
  • Slack integration
  • Forge a stronger connection with your attendees
  • Connect on Linkedin
  • Easy to engage your audience


  • No mobile app
  • You must use Google Chrome to enjoy the full Remo experience
  • No option to record live events without third party recording software (e.g. Loom)
  • No option to directly charge for events on Remo (but you can get around this by charging via eventbrite).
  • No Zapier integration (yet!).


Crowdcast is an online webinar platform for creators. You can create webinars, host live courses and an online summit without having to download any software. Videos are recorded and available on-demand. There are 5 pricing tiers starting from $29 to $195+.

Starter Plan

If you are getting started with live videos, the Starter Plan may be for you. This plan comes with 5 hours of webinar time and 50+ live attendees. Starting from $20 a month on the annual plan or $29 monthly.Other features include:● 5% transaction fee● 2-hour sessions● HD live video with recording● Multi-session event● RTMP Studio – Broadcast with OBS, Wirecast, Ecamm Live● Email support● Patreon integration● Stripe integration

Lite Plan

The Lite Plan is aimed at creators and small businesses looking to grow their business. You can increase the number of attendees to over 100 and go live for 10 hours a month. Pricing starts at $49 monthly or $34 a month on the annual plan.It comes with the Starter Plan features. Plus you also get:

  • Event and Session Analytics,
  • Zapier Integration,
  • Direct Integrations with ConvertKit & Drip
  • and Email, Chat & data export.

Pro Plan

Considered the preferred plan for professional creators and businesses. Features include the opportunity to host 250+ live attendees and 20 hours of recording time per month. The Pro Plan is available from $89 a month or $62 a month on the annual plan.You also get the Starter and Lite Plan features and:

  • 4 hours stream time
  • Multistream to 1 location
  • Live chat support
  • and Custom registration fields.

The Business Plan

The Business plan offers the capacity to support the needs of startups and companies. You can join from $195 on a monthly plan or $!39 a month for an annual plan. At $139/month, you get up to 1000+ live attendees for 40 hours per month. The features include all the benefits of the Starter, Lite and Pro Plan, plus:

  • 6 Hours live streaming
  • 2% Transaction fee
  • Multistream to 3 locations
  • Live chat and phone support.

If the above plans fall short, Crowdcast also offers an Enterprise and Custom Plan to meet your needs. More details available on request.

Crowdcast Complete Features

Crowdcast gets your next event up and running with a handful of steps. Everything, including registration, your event, and automatic recording, is accessible with one URL. You can also email your audience and accept payment on the registration page.


  • There is no software to download
  • Register, watch and replay all on one page with one URL
  • Built-in landing page
  • Q&A and voting
  • During live events, attendees can submit and vote for their favorite questions
  • HD streaming
  • HD streaming and resolution with no delays
  • Webinars can be embedded
  • Invite a co-host, guest, or attendee on screen, with a maximum of 4 people on a live screen at any given time
  • Share a presentation, demo a product, or allow an attendee to screen share
  • Get the flexibility you need for any event—from large and unlimited to private and paid
  • Charged for events or accept donations. Subject to a 5% transaction fee on the Starter, Lite and Pro Plan and 2% fee on the Business Plan
  • Advanced analytics and endless integrations with Zapier.
  • Broadcast to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and other platforms.


  • The collections of live streams are listed in chronological order. But there are no topics or groups allocated. This makes it tricky to look up events by subject matter.
  • There is a 5% transaction fee on the Starter, Lite and Pro Plan. But, the transaction fee only drops to 2% on the Business Plan. This is something you cannot avoid.
  • Crowdcast is a browser-based platform. Yet, you will face compatibility issues if you use Safari.
  • Microphone input is not available. The volume will have to be adjusted manually in your settings.
  • Imagine having to host a live online event and also having to moderate the comments section at the same time. With Crowdcast there is no option for a moderator to get admin access to moderate comments during a live event.
  • There is a limitation of 4 speakers live on-screen at any given time. Or 3 speakers and a screen share.
  • A design flaw with attendees' sign-in format. In the words of Crowdcast CEO, their platform "locks up" from time to time when lots of people try to sign in. As a result access to events are slim to none. Due to this technical issue, Crowdcast is considered a not so reliable option for online events.


Both Crowdcast and Remo are intuitive to use. The fundamental differences being:

  • Crowdcast charge a transaction fee of up to 5% on paid events
  • It's difficult for attendees to connect using Crowdcast
  • Crowdcast live events are limited by the hour subject to the plan you choose
  • Remo live events are not restricted by the hour
  • Remo does not charge for events
  • Remo superpowers attendee experience at scale with an in-built virtual business card
  • Remo offers free features that drive attendee engagement at no extra cost.

Crowdcast is more on the higher end with pricing with time restrictions on the number of hours you can go live. The more live events you do, the more you pay. It's important to note, the on-going transaction fee is something you cannot escape, regardless of the plan you choose.Remo pricing is flexible. Hosting more live events does not result in an increase in price, unlike Crowdcast. The free features of crafting networking opportunities make attendee engagement fun and easy for hosts. In short, Remo is a cost-effective tool for online events. No other platform offers the same features at a competitive price. The free features are unparalleled. Free attendee engagement and networking offered on all plans is something no other webinar software can compete with, either on price or features.If you don't mind paying commission and increasing your webinar plan each time you go over your allocated live webinar hours, with limited attendee engagement opportunities, then Crowdcast is for you.However, if you are looking for competitively priced webinar software, with free features to help you nurture and engage your attendees, no transaction fees or limitations on your number of live hours, Remo is for you. But don't take our word for it. Join an upcoming vent or join a live demo to get a genuine feel of what online engagement really means.Try Remo for FREE.

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  • Interactive & immersive presentation features

  • Fully branded event spaces

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    A Remo floor plan that boosts engagement and ROI

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