Hosting a Virtual Holiday Office Party? Here’s 10 Unique Themes & Ideas

Here are some themes and ideas if you are hosting a virtual holiday office party

With Christmas just weeks away, it’s time to decide on your theme and activity ideas for your virtual holiday office party! Are you struggling for inspiration? Don’t worry because we have loads of themes and ideas to make your event truly special!

After the crazy year we’ve had, you want to make your virtual holiday office party fun, memorable, as well as the perfect way to say goodbye to 2020…

1. Secret Santa

One of the most popular holiday party ideas is to get your attendees into the festive spirit at your virtual holiday office party is to host a Secret Santa gift exchange. You can make it truly special by theming it and asking your guests to give only handmade or personalized presents e.g. homemade jam, a hand-poured candle or something lovingly knitted! This is the perfect idea to start or finish your virtual holiday party.

2. Festive Movie Night

Christmas movies are always a hit – the cheesier, the better! You could ask your guests to submit their favorite Christmas movies in advance and then take a vote on the most popular ones to show at your virtual holiday party. Looking for some ideas? Some of our favorite Christmas movie ideas include The Holiday, any Home Alone, The Snowman, Elf, The Grinch, Love Actually and Miracle on 34th Street.

If you want some ideas to give your event the extra ‘wow factor’ and have a full-on movie theme you could have (or send) popcorn, fizzy drinks and even theme your party as a movie theater or drive in.

3. Spooky Christmas Movie Night

A unique twist on the movie night theme idea! If you know your colleagues prefer a good horror movie, why not have this as the theme for your virtual holiday office party instead? Here are some of our Christmas horror movie ideas: Krampus, Deadly Night, Black Christmas or Silent Night to help your colleagues get into a spooky Christmas mood. The choices don’t stop there, there are plenty more Christmas horror movie ideas where those came from!

4. ‘Carol-oke’

One of the most fun and unique theme ideas for your virtual holiday party is a Christmas karaoke – also known as a ‘carol-oke’. This one may be best placed towards the end of the night after a couple of drinks to get guests in a sing-song mood!

You could have your guests sing holiday-themed songs or let your guests choose their favorite songs. This can be done virtually and you could provide some at-home microphones and karaoke kits!

5. Gingerbread Bake Off

This is one of the best ideas for a virtual holiday office party! Send your guests a gingerbread making kit in the mail in advance, including the ingredients to bake some gingerbread people, as well as the toppings such as candies and frosting. You could either have guests bake their gingerbread in advance and just decorate them at your party, or have them make and bake their gingerbread there and then! Have everyone show off their creations at the end! If you wanted to go one step further – why not completely theme your whole party as a baking competition.

6. Winter Cocktail Party

A winter cocktail party is the best idea to get everyone in ‘high spirits’ for your virtual holiday office party. Before the event, you’ll need to send your guests the ingredients and a menu. You could hire a bartender for the evening and they will host and teach everyone how to make some tasty holiday drinks! You could theme your event around this idea and even play some drinking games

7. Festive Ornament Decorating

If your guests are up for an idea that’s a bit different, why not hold an ornament decorating activity at your virtual holiday party? Even those who don’t think of themselves as crafty will be able to make something festive for their home. You can buy plain ornaments to send to your guests and decorations such as sequins, paint, glitter and pom poms!

8. Holiday Themed Costume Party

This can be far more than just a jumper and a hat – you could have a complete holiday dress up theme! Then you can give prizes for the best costumes. You could even encourage guests to decorate their background to go with their chosen outfit theme. Some costume ideas include:

  • Santa hats / headgear e.g. reindeer antlers
  • Elf costume
  • Reindeer outfit
  • Santa / Mrs Claus costume
  • Grinch outfit

9. Gratitude and Kindness Event

The holidays are a time for giving but also a time for giving back, so a thoughtful theme or idea for your virtual holiday party is to have a gratitude / kindness element. A way of doing this is to play trivia, games or quizzes that raise money for charity. At the end of your virtual holiday party, your guests will feel like they’ve accomplished something amazing!

10. Share Holiday Traditions

If you have several team members from different cities and towns, why not ask them to share their favorite holiday traditions as part of your virtual office party? This is a great theme to bring people together and learn about the different ways people celebrate Christmas.

Ask each guest to capture the essence of how they celebrate the holidays – at home and in their hometown through photos and videos. Some examples would be tree lighting ceremonies, specific unique holiday foods or other celebrations that aren’t the ‘norm’. Invite each guest to then do a virtual tour during your party as a slideshow or video.

Looking for some more theme ideas for an online work holiday party? Check out our 10 festive ideas for your virtual office Christmas party

If you need more help and ideas about organizing your holiday party then use our complete virtual office holiday party checklist and 5 ways to organize engaging virtual holiday events.

If you’re hosting your party virtually, then why not try Remo? Sign up for a free trial today or have a guided tour.

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