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Hosting a Virtual Office Christmas Party? Here's 10 Festive Ideas for 2022

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January 25, 2024

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Silly season is here, but unfortunately so is COVID-19. Unfortunately, we won’t have the same office Christmas parties as previous years. However, don’t fret – you can still throw a stellar virtual office Christmas party that will end the year on a high. Gather employees around a virtual dancefloor for a virtual Christmas party. Needless to say, the benefits of holding a virtual Christmas party are endless. Additionally, parties boost morale and employees get a sense of belonging. Furthermore, it’s a special way to thank your employees for all their hard work through the pandemic. Have a look at more benefits here. Try our unique events to get the entire office rocking around the virtual Christmas tree.

1. Christmas-Themed Icebreakers

Kick-off your virtual office party with a Christmas-themed list of conversation starters. Icebreakers are a sure way to get employees to relax and reflect on some festive memories. We’ve put together a list of icebreakers to get the party started:

  • What is the best Christmas present you ever got?
  • When did you find out Santa wasn’t real?
  • What is your favorite festive dessert?
  • Did you ever re-gift a present?
  • Name your favorite Christmas song?

2. Virtual Secret Santa

A Secret Santa is the best way of getting into the Christmas spirit. Furthermore, exchanging gifts is a fun way to get the office together, while offering a giggle. Firstly, get the ball rolling and use an online gift exchange generator to draw names. Employees should mail gifts and open them together at the virtual Christmas party.

3. Would You Rather

Playing would you rather is an entertaining way to spice up your virtual Christmas party. It’s a brilliant icebreaker to get the laughs started. In fact, to make things easier, we’ve devised a Christmas-themed card that guarantees some great conversations.


4. Name That Christmas Song

Assign an MC to host this event and put together a playlist of the catchiest Christmas songs.  The MC will privately message employees the names of songs. Secondly, guests should then hum or whistle the song until someone guesses. Jingle Bell Rock, Let it Snow and We Wish you a Merry Christmas should be easy to work out. Finally, you might even discover some hidden talents.

5. Wine and Chocolate Tasting

Did you know that dark chocolate goes down best with a glass of Merlot? Of course, it’s because of the dark fruit elements in the class red. Nothing says Christmas celebrations more than wine and chocolate. Consider sending employees some wine samples along with their chocolate counterpart. To conclude, challenge employees to guess which goes with which. This event is bound to induce some merriment.

6. Christmas-Themed Bingo

Bingo is the class game to uplift everyone’s spirits. Introduce this simple, cost effective and engaging game to your virtual Christmas party. We’ve created an amusing Bingo card filled with Christmas-related tasks. Lastly, don’t forget to include spot prizes to keep everyone’s attention going.


7. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to revive energy levels after some vino. Include Christmas party-themed items such as cinnamon, wrapping paper, ornaments, and ribbon. To conclude, give a prize to whoever comes back first with everything on the list.

8. Christmas Stocking Class

Everyone loves to bring out their artsy side at Christmas– especially after a long week at work and of course after a few glasses of wine. Send employees materials and hire a local artist to show how to make the perfect Christmas stocking to hang above the fire.

9. Virtual Gingerbread House

No Christmas is complete without making a gingerbread house. Skip the boring part and send employees a package with the gingerbread pieces, icing and sweets to decorate. Moreover, offer prizes for the most aesthetic and colourful house.

10. Virtual Most Likely

Most likely is a great game to finish your virtual Christmas party. Secondly, it’s a sure way to end the party with a laugh. Additionally, people might be more honest after a few glasses of mulled wine. Here’s some examples to include:

  • Most likely to burn the turkey.
  • Most likely to start the sing-song.
  • Most likely to forget where they put their Christmas presents.
  • Most likely to make the best dessert.

The office Christmas party is something that every employee needs to celebrate the highs and lows of the year. Don’t forget to ask everyone to wear their best Christmas jumper and of course, take photos for social media.A stellar virtual Christmas party can create a great employer brand and attract the best talent. Find out how Remo can make your virtual Christmas party a sensation with a guided tour or check out a free trial.

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