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How can associations provide value in a post-pandemic world?

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January 25, 2024

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We all know that the events of 2020 have changed the world we live in drastically. Almost everything has moved online, shopping, work, and events. It isn't easy to imagine what a post-pandemic world will look like. How can your association provide value to members in a post-pandemic world? Since the physical world's shift to the virtual, associations have seen a lot of benefits to hosting events on an online platform such as Remo. The shift back to the physical world won't happen overnight, and restrictions will be lifted at a slow pace. Your association still need to provide value to their members, but how do they do that?

Reward your Loyal Members

Your association can provide value to its members by merely showing gratitude towards them for sticking by them during the pandemic. Showing gratitude can be done in several ways by;

  • Your association can offer free events
  • Sending a thank you card
  • Sending gift cards such as Amazon

Showing gratitude lets your members know that you appreciate everything they have done for the association during the lockdown. Your association can also provide value to members by incorporating the best of both worlds. Yes, when the pandemic is over, many people will want to attend physical events where possible. By combining the virtual and the physical together, you offer your members more ways to attend events and meetings if their locations prohibit them. While organizing the physical event, you can get the association to livestream the event across the globe, so no matter where your members are, they can attend. The association could also plan and host workshops offering members how to relax back into a non-pandemic world. Many people are anxious about the reopening of the world; after all, we've been in lockdown for the majority of a year. Your members have adapted to living life in their own homes. Providing virtual workshops so your members can learn how to live and socialize in a post-pandemic can and will increase your event or meeting attendance rate once the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Plan a Post-Pandemic Hybrid Event?

Let's face it the post-pandemic world is going to be difficult for everyone to transition into. Your association should keep your members in mind and make sure they know you are thinking of them. Doing this can ensure a steady membership with the association. Your association could also plan an event about transitioning into the post-pandemic world. Consider this as the first hybrid event to transition your members from virtual to in-person again! Discuss with your members and hold meetings about an exit strategy.

  • Is the association going to continue virtual events where possible?
  • Ask members what they suggest
  • Organize dates for the first physical meeting or event
  • Keep your members informed on all future decisions on how the association will transition into the post-pandemic world.

The most important thing to do in the post-pandemic world is to make sure you offer your members help during the transition. The more they hear from your association, the more likely they will interact more with you in the post-pandemic world.
For ideas on virtual events to host while we are still in lockdown, read our blog post 10 Fun and Engaging Virtual Events For Associations in 2021

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