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How to Build Stronger Virtual Social Connections in 2022

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January 30, 2024

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Nowadays, thanks to the global pandemic virtual connections are more important than ever. Of course, virtual social connections were always a part of daily life thanks to growing technology. But during the pandemic, we were robbed of our opportunities to communicate physically. Virtual connections have become an obligation as opposed to an option. But now with the rollout of the vaccine and many countries easing restrictions face to face communication is possible again. We’ve all become used to online life though, some of us even prefer it. Virtual social connections have many benefits:

  • You can communicate with people who live in different countries
  • We save time commuting to and from meeting
  • There are many new virtual platforms that offer intimate social connection

As humans, we are always striving to improve. So, how do we build a stronger virtual connection socially? We are here with some powerful ideas of how to build your relationships online.  

Turn your camera on

It might sound basic, but it’s the first step. Your calls are automatically more intimate if the person at the other end of the screen can see your face. It might seem daunting at first but as virtual communication is growing, showing your face on camera is just like speaking in person.   It might be off-putting to see your own face as you speak- it’s like looking in a mirror. According to Slate, turning your camera off can help ease ‘zoom fatigue’. It is not natural to see yourself as you speak so hiding your camera will make the conversation more like real life. Using video will build your virtual social connections and lead to a more personal meeting.  

Use customizable floor plans

We all miss the feeling of leaving the house when we go to a social hour or meeting. But can we get that feeling back at a virtual meeting? Of course! A customizable floor plan will change the way your virtual event looks on screen. They can take your digital audience to a whole new location, for example, a beach. The customizable floor plans will make your audience feel like they are somewhere new, which will reduce the feeling of boredom a lot of us get with virtual meetings  Your digital audience will feel like they are in a new place and that will make them more open to talking. As well as that, the new floor plan will be another point for your audience to discuss leading to better virtual social connection.  

Use empathy

According to the organizational psychologist, Adam Grant, many of us forget there’s a person behind the screen. Even though we’re seeing more people than ever, we’re all feeling lonely during the pandemic, why is that? Maybe it’s because our virtual social connections lack emotion. We tend to ask generic questions like, “how are you?” without actually showing we care. In Adam Grant’s opinion, we should ask more meaningful questions like “what did you do at the weekend?” to show a genuine interest in the person at the other end of the screen. It’s worth remembering that not everyone has been affected to the same level during the pandemic. Some countries saw the devastating loss of life while others were barely touched. Make sure to check in with your colleagues and see how they have been personally affected.  

Use your tools

Virtual event platforms have grown so much in the last year. They no longer consist of a microphone and camera- there’s so much more! Some virtual event platform features you can use to make a powerful virtual social connection include:

  • The virtual whiteboard (we like to use Miro...  integrated into every Remo table on every floorplan!)  Miro!
  • Screen Sharing
  • Polling
  • Q and A feature

Try and encourage collaboration as much as possible by showing your colleague these features. Short video clips and images are great for getting the conversation going too!  

Now, what next?

Now that your know our top tips for building powerful virtual social connections put these skills to practice. Be consistent with your colleagues and reach out regularly. Some of the social skills we use for physical contact apply online too. When all else fails, remember to treat others how you would like to be treated.   If you’re looking to build meaningful relationships with your colleagues you need the perfect virtual events platform. Remo provides an intimate events platform for you to build a relationship with your colleagues. Book a free demo today to see how it works for yourself.  

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