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How to Host a Virtual Wedding: Step by step guide

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January 25, 2024

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The coronavirus pandemic disrupted our wedding planning over the last two years. With social distancing still being an issue having a virtual wedding is a great option. Even without the pandemic, a virtual wedding has many benefits. You can send virtual wedding invitations to people from all over the world without them having to pay for flights. It can be difficult to find time off work for a wedding overseas, so virtual weddings are flexible for everyone. You just need to make sure you have wifi connection and you’re good to go.

What is a virtual wedding?


A virtual wedding is exactly how it sounds, a union of two people that happens online. The wedding could be a hybrid event with a live wedding being recorded, or the event can happen only online. After the wedding, you can save the livestream so you can look back on your special day.  

A lot of us have hosted our virtual weddings or events on zoom during the pandemic. The problem with zoom weddings is that they’re not that interactive. The screen is boring and we’re used to looking at it every day so it’s not special for your wedding day. Remo has more interactive features you can use to bring your wedding ideas to life.

An example of a Remo wedding floor plan

Keep reading for our wedding party step by step plan.


How do you do a virtual wedding?


1. Sign up to Remo

First of all, whether you want a small wedding or a huge global event, you’ll need to create an account with Remo. You can sign up for free to try out the product first or simply get a one-time event plan.  


2. Create an event

You can create an event for your online wedding in just 7 minutes on Remo. Select a date and time for your event and when everyone needs to rsvp. It’s a good idea to create a wedding website and share a link to the event on the website. You can share key details of the event on the website like the guest list, the dress code, and how to use the virtual events platform. You should also share technical support contact details on the website in case there are internet connection issues. 


3. Customize your floor plan

The customizable floor plans on Remo are a unique feature that will bring your wedding to a whole new location. This feature sets Remo apart from other virtual event platforms. We have all experienced ‘zoom fatigue’ from looking at boring video calls at work.

Customizable floor plans will add a personal element to your wedding to make the day more special. Plus, your wedding photos will have a beautiful background. Be sure to avoid some common mistakes when you make your floor plan.

4. Use interactive features

Remo has many interactive features you should try to use at your wedding ceremony. Features like polling, Q&As, breakout rooms, and round tables will make your wedding party more fun. Our round tables are perfect to have a casual chat with your loved ones after the ceremony. We have different floors so you can move around freely to catch up with the newlyweds after they say I do. 


5. Record your event

A video of the wedding will be a perfect keepsake. The Livestream is useful so all your family members can tune in but the recording will be nice to look back on. You can also post video clips from the recording on social media to show your followers your amazing wedding dress. You can even hire a videographer to record the event to get all the angles. 

Remo enables you to record all your presentations and easily download them after the event.

Our Top Virtual Wedding games

Of course, the games you play online will be different from a traditional wedding. Here are some game ideas you can try with your virtual guests on the big day.


1. Virtual Mr. and Mrs. Most likely to

Have your beautiful couple stand back to back on the screen. You can then use Remo’s chat function to post questions. Ask a member of the bridal shower like the maid of honor or best man to ask the question. Then the bride and groom point at the person they think is the right answer to the question. Here are some question ideas that will make your wedding guests laugh:

  • Who’s more likely to end up in jail?
  • Who can down a drink the fastest?
  • Who is more likely to start an argument?
  • Who was the first to make a move?

You can even use Remo’s polling function to get the wedding guests involved with a vote.


2. Talent contest

We all love a good sing-off after a couple of drinks. At your virtual celebration invite your virtual guests to show off their talents by competing against each other. Dancing, singing, or stand-up comedy are some activity ideas for your contest. Organize your contestants before on your wedding website so everyone is ready to show their talent.


3. Virtual first dance

The first dance is a right of passage for any couple. Invite everyone to join in on their camera to welcome the newlyweds. You can livestream your dance on Facebook live or some social media. That way everyone can see the beautiful moment as it happens.


4. Virtual speeches

Everyone loves a good wedding speech to look back on how the couple met. You can have these speeches online with a twist. Remo allows you to upload videos and powerpoints to your virtual marriage celebration. That way you can share the couple’s memories with more than words.


I’m ready for my virtual wedding ceremony


Now you have all our top tips for hosting your virtual ceremony. So, the first thing you need to do is log onto Remo to organize the big day. Once you have your physical wedding venue organized, set up cameras for your live stream.

If you’re still not sure, take a look at our product page. Or even better yet, get a guided tour of the tool.

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