The Complete Virtual Office Holiday Party Checklist

This complete checklist is all you need to throw the best virtual office holiday party. This list includes how to set a budget, the logistics, entertainment, themes and activities.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Globally, companies are preparing for the end of the year but are also winding down for Christmas. Employees that like to work hard, like to play even harder. So, you need to leave employees merry and joyous with a stellar virtual office holiday party.

So, now you might be thinking about how to throw a virtual office holiday party? It’s time to kick start the office festivities! We’ve assembled the ultimate virtual holiday party checklist that covers your celebrations.

Set a Budget for the Virtual Holiday Party

First things first, assign a budget. Let’s start with the good news. Virtual holiday parties cost a fraction of a traditional holiday party.  The main overheads are gifts, food, drink, entertainment and the virtual conferencing platform. You can use the money that’s saved on leasing a venue for gifts or on spectacular entertainment. Needless to say, a virtual office holiday party could be the way forward for the next few years.

The Logistics behind the Virtual Holiday Party

Next thing to sort out is the logistics behind the office holiday party. Now that you have the budget assigned, it’s time to set a date. Choose a date after everyone completes the last order of business.   The Friday before the office unwinds for the holidays is the perfect day. Next up is selecting a reliable virtual events platform. Have a look at the benefits of using Remo as a virtual events platform.

Decide on Virtual Office Holiday Party Activities

The making or breaking of the virtual office party is the activities that you put on the agenda. Don’t forget to include holiday activities such as virtual secret Santa. To make things easier, we’ve composed a list of the best virtual Christmas party ideas. Top of our list is ‘Christmas-themed bingo’ and ‘Name that Christmas song’.

Select the Virtual Holiday Theme

Every great party has a well thought out theme. Have a look at these outstanding themes that are sure to rock your employees’ world. Why not go one step further and mail out employees party favours and accessories for the party.

  • Winter Wonderland
  • Funky Festive Jumpers
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • A Christmas Masquerade ball
  • Santa’s Workshop
  • Ugly Pyjamas
  • Blue Christmas
  • The Grinch Steals Christmas

Get the Music Perfected

Buddy the Elf got it right when he said that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Don’t forget that music is still important when it comes to a virtual party.  Share a playlist in advance so employees can stream background music at home. Check out the most popular Christmas songs that you need for your virtual office party.


There are endless benefits of organising live entertainment for the virtual holiday party. Namely, assigning different acts in different breakout rooms is the greatest advantage.  By hiring a variety of artists, you are bound to keep everyone entertained. As we have already mentioned, the money saved on renting a venue can be spent on out of this world entertainment. Hire a variety of acts such as musicians, magicians and comedians. Why not think outside the box with interactive workshops, cooking demos and crafts.

Send out the Virtual Office Holiday Party Invite

Spread Christmas cheer started by sending out an e-invite to employees. Don’t forget to include the date, time, agenda and how employees can access the party. Choose a creative design to get employees excited for their first of many virtual office parties.

Send Employees a Gift Box

What better way to show employees how thankful you are than an exclusive gift box prepared with love. Why not keep with the virtual theme by sending a digital giftbox jam-packed with vouchers, discount codes and food/drinks vouchers. Or on the other hand, keep things traditional. Mail employees a gift box with holiday-themed treats – wine, cheese and chocolate are all-time favourites.

A spectacular virtual office holiday party shows employees how much you value them and the work that they have done throughout the year. Find out how Remo can make your virtual Christmas party one to remember with a guided tour or check out a free trial.

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