The Recipe for Epic Virtual Events in 2021

At the beginning of 2021, we’re at a turning point…

Maybe you can feel it. 

The approaches, frameworks, and “blueprints” that used to work to connect people through virtual events are failing businesses and communities. Faded and stale, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that those virtual event tools have become boring!

Webinars and video conferencing don’t create the buzz or get the results they used to, and their lifespan is ticking down.

And if you’ve ever searched online for how to make your virtual events better, you probably found yourself swimming in SEO content designed to make you click, but that never actually shares the insights of HOW to do it.

And I’m going to go out on a limb here and share a crazy idea with you…

Even if you could find that information that you needed online, it’s probably already outdated. Why do I say that? I’m going to make an outrageous claim here…because I believe…

the information age is OVER!

You see, we’re going through a redefinition of what a competitive advantage is both in business and socially. And it may be difficult to see because we’re in the thick of it. But for several years now, we’ve been moving into…

The age of Collaboration!

Of course, the change isn’t complete; it may still take several more years. But what I’m talking about is that information isn’t the advantage that it once was. Nowadays, all of us have access to more information than any Queen or Emperor has ever had access to throughout history…but we are drowning in it – in the worst ways possible.

From having stacks of unread books we’ve been meaning to read, to needing to effortfully search for files on our computers, to not knowing what information to trust when we face the tsunami of helpful articles online. We need to make a change to how we approach work. 

And that change is collaboration.

There’s a reason review sites are so popular; they’re part of the collaborative effort to filter which information is worth your precious time. They are the early indicators of the age of collaboration.

You also see an explosion of apps that bring groups of people together across the world to reach fitness goals or to work together simultaneously on a document or project. All signs of the change.

And it’s more powerful than you might imagine…Collaboration super-charges the evolution of ideas. With several minds on the job of exploring an idea, blindspots are quickly uncovered. And a random collision of collaborating minds can create completely unimagined possibilities!

But there’s another force amplifying the power of collaboration right now…

And that is chaos. The world is currently erupting in chaos. Socially, politically, economically, even technologically! And there are a special type of people out there, who are using the energy and urgency of that chaos to fuel unheard-of innovation and creativity in their businesses and in their virtual events. 

These virtual events pioneers find ways to bring people together online and connect them in ways that the world has never seen before. And frankly needs more than ever.

So in the spirit of adapting to the changes happening around us and with excitement for the possibilities before us, we’re hosting a series of what we believe will be ground-breaking events.

And the very first event is coming very soon, it’s called…

The “Power Of Gathering Online” Summit

This first summit will be a gathering of Thought-Leaders and Practical Innovators leading the charge for creating virtual events with impact. And the goal is to inspire the next generation of virtual event creators and pioneers to make a much needed positive contribution to the world.

But this won’t happen through plain-old information sharing or some boring pitch-fest poorly disguised as useful content.

No way!

This event is a first-hand collaborative experience of the variety of ways that virtual event sessions can become magical, run by the thought-leaders and practical innovators who are on the cutting edge of the field today.

However, this event won’t be for everyone…

Some people are stuck in gloomy perspectives and aren’t ready to collaborate on new possibilities and directions for the coming year.

But if you’re one of the far-sighted people in this world who can see opportunity where others only see gloom…. And, if you’re excited for the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other like minds and open up new possibilities for your virtual events; then we invite you to join us and be a valuable part of the great collaboration that is going drive virtual events forward again in 2021.

Come ready and excited to leave your old ideas behind, as we head into the future, and bring your best and brightest collaborative energy to add to the excitement and energy that’s already building!

You can register for free when you click the following link and fill in your registration details.

Get your free pass here:

We’re very excited to have you at “The Power Of Gathering” Summit and to support you into a collaborative and invigorating 2021!

On behalf of the entire Summit Production Team at Remo, we can’t wait to connect and collaborate with you there.

George Huang
Head of Customer Experience at Remo

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