Top 5 Features to have in a Virtual Conferencing Platform


With pandemic pestering over humanity, you might feel the nostalgia… “There is nothing like face-to-face!” Yet, realistically, the odds of traveling across the world for a conference remain low at this moment.

Thankfully, today’s virtual event platforms have been a lifesaver for all. Not only do they reduce the logistical expenses to almost zero, but the right technology can provide opportunities to network and build meaningful connections online.

Here is another good news! As you’ve seen, the demand for online events spiked at a drastic rate. So, virtual event platforms started racing to release features to stay relevant and competitive. Though, is more really merrier, or simply confusing?

Not-to-worry! Here we are to guide you to make an informed decision on your next purchase. So, let’s take a look at 5 must-have tech features to look for when choosing the best virtual event platform for your organization!

1. Customization & Branding

Let’s take a moment to think about in-person events…

By this point, you’ve probably invested a significant amount of time (and money) to set up your logistics right. Choose the right venue, bring in eye-appealing decorations, arrange all the essentials to honor your sponsors… As if that were not enough, you are expected to recreate a similar experience in the digital arena. We know, it is stressful!

What if I told you that you don’t have to compromise on quality or quantity when gatherings go online? Now, it is possible to find a platform that can mimic in-person events and create screenshot-worthy experiences for your guests — and for your beloved sponsors! You might be wondering, how?

Here, customization is golden, so is asking the right questions. 

Can you design your own branded and interactive event venue from scratch? Does the platform enable you to feature your sponsors? Can you have a private area for your speakers? Are your attendees able to create virtual business cards? Last but not least — do you want to visually astound your guests? If you answer YES to all, you might be looking into the right fit!

Still in the dark? Check out how Remo’s customers go above and beyond with their fully customizable floor plans!

2. Virtual Event Website

A well-designed virtual event landing page is the gateway to your event venue. This “home base” is where your guests and speakers get familiar with your brand. This is the first impression! Sounds important, doesn’t it? 

Now… There are innumerous marketing channels to notify your attendees. You’d have to find what works best for your organization. Whether this is through email or social media, your landing page should be informative and straightforward.

Without much effort, your guests and speakers should be able to find out who the event organizer is, how to register, when, and where to show up. Well… They ought to have a general understanding of your event’s content. Make sure your online event technology incorporates these!

3. Event Registration

Event registration is the numerical indication of how you did with all your marketing efforts. To lighten the burden, you can adopt a third-party registration platform such as HeySummit, Eventbrite, or Zapier. There, you can embed the link to your virtual event to offer an intuitive registration and payment experience.

Unless it’s an all-in-one platform, your next virtual event platform should integrate with (at least) one of the ticketing software. Seamless event registration will increase attendance, therefore create the perfect atmosphere for networking.

This way, your organization will attract more sponsors and get you to monetize your event even further. Two birds in one stone!

4. Monetization & Sponsors

Did someone say, money? Well… Even virtually, sponsors are going to be the backbones of your events. So, go hunting for a virtual conferencing tool that can feature and promote the biggest supporters of your gathering.

For example… While liberating your guests from Zoom fatigue, let them freely socialize in a networking area after the presentation. There, design flashy and interactive sponsor booths. You should also be able to create sponsored tables and mix-in promotional videos and content to increase engagement. 

The right virtual conferencing platform should also enable live Q&A sessions, in-event chat, recording, live streaming, and gamification. This way, your sponsors can actively engage with your attendees and vice versa.

5. Live Support & Online Community

Let’s be honest – technology is nowhere near being perfect. Besides, we rely on other developing technologies to run our businesses. This automatically makes us vulnerable to the smallest hiccups in their system.

When the moment of crisis comes along, advanced AI or automation won’t do any magic to your customer success operations, not just yet! That is, people will still want to talk to a real human. 

So… Find a virtual event platform that incorporates a live troubleshooting function at all times. Remo offers 24/7 chat support, a customer success team, and also partners with tech-savvy, creative agencies to offer premium in-event management or in-event technical support services per request. 

A good-to-have feature!

Nowadays, online communities offer a great deal of sense of belonging. Check out if the online event platform has a growing online community. Remember! These groups also form marketplaces for like-minded people to get together and explore different business ventures. Remo Revolution Community is an excellent example of this, it’s free and open to the public, don’t forget to join!

Above, we have curated a non-exhaustive list of must-have tech features in your next virtual conferencing tool. Of course, there might be business or industry-specific needs you are looking into! Best is to consult or join a demo session with the online conferencing platforms of your choosing. Oh, didn’t we already say? You can also start a free trial on Remo!

Always remember! Whether it is virtual, in-person, or hybrid, you are pioneering the future of gatherings! You are surviving a time full of uncertainties, so go ahead and give yourselves a big round of applause! See you on Remo! 

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