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Use Case: Software Product Management

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January 26, 2024

Table of Contents

Hi Tijana, what do you do? Software Product Management - Consulting for Startups.

How did you get started with your business? I've always been in software and after many years of working with startups, freelancers, remote teams, I've set up my own consulting.

What tools do you use for your business? Slack, Jira, Standup bot, LinkedIn, Medium, Remo, Zoom, and Calendly.

What problem does Remo solve for you? Organizing events outside of the internal team, networking, making new connections.

Tell us about your business challenges *before* you started using Remo? I had to travel to offline events.

How did you try to solve your business challenges before you found Remo? Online forums and webinars.

What was your main concern before using Remo and what put your fears to rest? I thought that networking won't feel natural, but after mingling around the tables for 20mins I've felt really natural talking to people

How would you describe Remo? Easy, fun, efficient way to organize / join an event with a diverse audience, learn, make new connections, grow a community, raise awareness about a topic, get instant feedback.

What results have you had from using Remo? I made connections I've started collaborating with. Get great feedback on a topic important to me after organizing a panel.

What are the top 3 benefits you have experienced since using Remo? There is no need to use money, time, carbon footprint to organize / join events; diverse audience; great community!

Tijana Momirov Software engineer and product manager, 10 years working fully remotely while travelling the world. Consulting founders on how to start their startups, all in a remote, agile and super lean way by leveraging the gig economy.  A full-time nomad since 2010,  blogging and giving talks about nomadic lifestyle, managing remote teams, future of work, the gig economy, productized services. Advocating remote work for the benefits of the businesses, team members, as well as the environment by cutting down on the commutes, client meetings and conferences on-site. Organizing events for entrepreneurs, joining various communities.

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  • 3.2x attendee engagement

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    A Remo floor plan that boosts engagement and ROI

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