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7 Virtual Baby Shower Games & Ideas For a Perfect Virtual Party

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January 26, 2024

Table of Contents

7 Virtual Baby Shower Games & Ideas For a Perfect Virtual Party

With social distancing, online baby showers are now a must, but it doesn't have to be a boring Zoom meeting, in fact, it shouldn't be!

Here is a step by step guide on how to throw your virtual baby shower, and 7 virtual games that would make any in-person traditional baby showers look irrelevant. 


How do you throw a virtual baby shower that's really fun?

To have a fun baby shower, there are a couple things to keep in mind: make sure you use the right virtual platform (that enables organic conversations and discussions), get original party games, arrange nice playlists and baby shower gifts. But where to start?

Here is a step by step guide to help you plan your party:

1. Choose the right online platform

You can't have an online party without an online tool to host it. There are multiple video conference platforms out there that can help you achieve your party goals, it all depends on what you need. Here are some tools you could use:


Remo is perfect for fun baby shower games, presentations and if you want your baby shower guests to interact naturally and organically during the event.

In-person baby showers are fun because you can really connect with your loved ones, have fun together and discuss all matters of caring for a new baby, tips, and experiences. If you do a Zoom baby shower, well, discussions might not be as fun.

But don't worry, there's an easy solution; using Remo instead! 

Your baby shower could be this cute! Start by getting your free Remo plan.


With Remo your guests can discuss either in smaller groups, even in private conversations with the new mom, and then get together for the fun games you planned. It's just like real-life. There's even a whiteboard feature that's perfect for games that would usually include writing or drawing like Pictionary or guessing games. 


Great for presentations or slideshow type of events without natural conversations.

Zoom can work great for your baby shower if what you want is more of a presentation, and not much organic discussions. Unless you have a very small group that can discuss all together, Zoom makes natural discussions a little harder. We've all been in a Zoom where only one person talks and everyone else can't place a word.

It's a quite popular tool that most people are used to by now and feel comfortable with, much like Google Hangouts & Skype.

2. Send your baby shower invitations

Much like an in-person event, you can send cute invitations by mail, with the time and date of the event, but since it’s an online event, you really don’t have to! You can very simply send invitations via email. If you’re using Remo it’s as easy as adding your friends and family addresses in the invitation tab:

Or, you could just as simply send an email to everyone with the event link.


3. Plan the baby registry

Make a list of baby shower gifts the new mom will need. This can then be sent by email, either with the invitation or later on. Plan this part quite in advance if you plan on sending gifts by regular mail to the parents to be. 

If you’re in a rush, or if your loved ones are scattered across the globe, ask attendees to send online gift cards (like amazon gift cards) and just send a list of the preferred stores you would like to shop your baby items in.  


4. Plan food and beverages

Send a goody bag (party favors) in advance so it arrives to guests at the start of the baby shower. It can be filled with items for the games, thank you gifts, food and more. Better yet, use a service like Hoppier to coordinate simultaneous food and beverage delivery without having to do all the planning, packaging, and posting work.


5. Plan fun activities:

You can plan a ton of different activities to do during the event, here are 2 great examples: 

  • A virtual Photo Booth: In Remo it’s super easy to insert a virtual photo booth in your event! Images can be displayed as they are taken, and it’s a lot of fun (and memories for years to come).
  • A virtual Gender Reveal - send a cupcake or an item ahead that everyone can open at one time for the reveal….create a poll that your guests can vote on (boy or girl) and when it’s time you can do an on camera balloon pop or party popper with streamers. Use a screen recorder to capture everyone’s reactions! End the reveal with a virtual toast to the mom-to-be!

6. Plan baby shower games

Last but not least, plan your games! Depending on the games you decide to play, you may need printables, bingo cards, or whiteboard set up, so make sure you are ready a couple days in advance at least.  

What games do you play at a virtual baby shower?

There are numerous games you can play, from baby trivia, guess who's that celebrity baby, scavenger hunts, baby bingo and more. 

Here are some baby shower game ideas to get you started:

1. Virtual scavenger hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt is a good way to get your guests moving. Simply create a list of baby items and guests will have to get up and find these items in their homes as fast as possible. You can eliminate people who could not find the items after 2 minutes in each round, until you are left with just one winner. 

A good way to put that in place easily is to set a timer up in Remo, so everyone knows the time that’s left to find the item! (no more; “I thought I had 30 seconds left, unfair!”)

2. Charades

Create a list of baby-related words or parenting themed words for your guests to act out, while others try to guess the answer. You can do this in presentation mode, and bring people to the stage to act them out.

If you have a large audience and want to spice things up, you could even do this per table and end up the game with a final round between all the winners from each table!

3. Trivia questions

You can use tools like aha slides or simply create a slideshow to ask your guests some trivia questions either about baby items, the expecting parents, or baby related themes.

Why not plan some fun prizes for whoever gets the most correct answers. 

4. Nursery rhymes trivia games

You can play a playlist of popular songs or nursery rhymes and make your guests name that tune.

5. Baby name guessing game

Guess the name of the new baby, or a celebrity baby. Or play a game of who's who with your own baby photos.

6. Baby bingo

Create bingo cards with baby-related words and share one with each of your guests.

7. The price is right for baby items

Let your guests guess how much baby items cost. Be prepared to impress them by the cost of baby related items nowadays. 

How many games should you play at a virtual baby shower?

If you want your guests to have a good time and not get "zoomed-out" you should plan maybe 2 or 3 baby shower activities, top.

Let's start! 

Now, you should be all set to plan your virtual baby shower.

Get ready with the perfect virtual event tool by using Remo for free!


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