Want to Improve Your Virtual Event Experience? Here are 7 Tips to Follow

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Virtual events exploded due to COVID-19, but they’re proving to be a hit regardless. That’s why an impressive virtual event experience is essential for any event host. Anyone can host an online event thanks to innovative virtual events platform software. New to hosting online events? Check out how to turn your physical event to a virtual event.

As we enter 2021, there are a lot of unanswered questions for where the events industry stands. Going forward, we have seen the endless benefits of virtual events. So, a combination of virtual and hybrid events are the main trend for the events industry. Therefore, creating an unforgettable virtual event experience is crucial for success. Have a look at why attendees are attracted to virtual events.

Virtual and traditional events, of course, share a lot of the same features. On one hand, traditional events can be more stressful with on-site logistics to look after. So, virtual events have other factors to consider, for example, creating virtual sponsorships. Sponsorships are key aspects of creating a stellar virtual event experience.

Creating an immersive digital event is a complex task. We say it’s possible with this simple virtual events checklist. Now you have the basics covered, you can take it one step further. We’ve devised some unique tips to create an unforgettable virtual event.

Top virtual event experience tips

Select the perfect video conferencing platform

First things first, let’s get the basics covered. The platform you select will be the making of your guest’ virtual event experience. If you want to boost attendee participation you should choose an interactive platform. Check out our advice on what features to look for in a virtual events platform.

Host engaging activities for guests

According to research by Markletic, audience engagement is a challenge for virtual events. No event is complete without some entertainment – and the same goes for virtual events. As the industry transitions from live events, virtual event experience is a priority. One way to grab your guests’ attention? Arrange unique virtual networking events that will increase engagement and interaction.

Include an interactive virtual workshop

Based on your business expertise, organize an interactive workshop for your attendees. A virtual workshop should be interactive with opportunities for your guests to interact. With virtual workshops, it can be challenging to build relationships. To enhance the virtual event experience, you can incorporate some simple tips:

  • Practice the workshop beforehand.
  • Communicate often throughout the workshop.
  • Arrange small groups at virtual tables.
  • Assign a facilitator for each group to ensure clarity and order.
  • Ask questions to see if guests understand.

Invite special guests for a unique virtual event experience

Get attendees excited to show up by booking industry experts. Go one step further by arranging special guests and industry celebrities. Why not interview an industry influencer followed by a Q&A with attendees? A Q&A not only grabs attention but increases attendee engagement. Booking celebrities for virtual events is simple – as you don’t have to worry about location or travel costs.

Be inclusive

Incorporating diversity and inclusion is essential in enhancing guest’ virtual event experience. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. When booking speakers, find leaders of varied genders, races, and backgrounds. Add subtitles to presentations and hire an ASL translator for any live discussions. The more diverse your event is, the higher ticket sales are.

Include fun merchandise

Personal add-ons increase brand awareness and drive ticket sales. Why not deliver gift boxes to guests’ doors. Consider adding a box of vouchers, snacks and branded gifts to your guests. With a gift box, you are giving guests some of the traditional event experience at home. Gifts boost the virtual event experience, and they also help guests feel valued.

Price tickets right

Needless to say, online events often have fewer costs than live events. But, that doesn’t mean you should undervalue the experience you’re offering. Setting the right price is the first stage in attracting guests. Pricing tickets right is crucial in creating a positive virtual event experience. Virtual events ticket prices vary between tiers. Tickets start with free tickets for students and job seekers. Then, there are early birds for those who want to save a few pennies and plan in advance. After that, there are regular tickets for the average guest. To end there are last-minute prices for those latecomers.

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