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Making your decision

While both platforms are robust in their offerings, choosing the one that fits your event needs best depends on a couple of  very important criteria:
Networking: If you event has a very strong networking element to it, Remo’s intuitive, in-person like networking features are ideal for helping your attendees make authentic connections through natural conversations. Your attendees can choose who they want to talk to and can have both small group conversations as well as one-to-one discussions.
Immersive Environments: For events that need that extra *oomph* of customization,  Remo’s floorplan are unrivalled. You can Immerse your audience in visually stunning environments  that match your brand or meeting themes– from luxury lounges to poolside venues and even offices with koi ponds – make your space your own
Cost: Remo subscription plans start at just $15 per month and offer ultimate flexibility in terms of billing frequency. On the other hand, Hopin pricing starts at $200 per month.