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Attendees & Events
Attendees move freelyYesYesYes
LinkedIn bio cardYesYesYes
Meeting link integrationYesYesYes
Countdown timerYesYesYes
Total screens shares444
White boarding at tablesNoYesYes
Event capacity50200800
Max attendees per table466
Max time per event1 hr 15 mins2 hr 30 minsUnlimited
Concurrent events1 event3 eventsUnlimited
Pre-event supportFirst 1 eventsFirst 2 eventsFirst 3 events
Event Attendee SupportBasic – 10 x 5 Weekdays HKTBasic – 10 x 5 Weekdays HKTPremium – 10 x 5 Weekdays HKT
Speakers & Presentation
Presentation modeYesYesYes
Share youtube videoYesYesYes
Invite attendees to stageYesYesYes
Attendees raise handYesYesYes
Attendee Q&A VotingYesYesYes
Attendee private chatsYesYesYes
HD Presentation recordingYesYesYes
White boarding in presentationNoYesYes
Recording storage20 GB30 GB50 GB
Speakers / event310Unlimited
Maps and Sponsors
Change map colorsYesYesYes
Exit page custom linkNoNoYes
Max floors per event128
Maps available23All
Sponsor banner slots1320
Event landing pageYesYesYes
Event social sharingYesYesYes
Email remindersYesYesYes
Youtube LiveYesYesYes
Book like a bossYesYesYes
Acuity SchedulingYesYesYes
Event management
Attendee list exportYesYesYes
Chat exportYesYesYes
Q&A exportYesYesYes
Team members03Unlimited
Custom branding
White labelingNoNoYes
Custom subdomainNoNoYes
Device Compatibility
No install requiredYesYesYes
MacOS: Chrome, SafariYesYesYes
Windows: Chrome, MS EdgeYesYesYes
Mobile web: iOS SafariYesYesYes
Mobile web: Android ChromeYesYesYes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Presentation mode (previously known as Broadcast mode)

  • Can each floor have its own presenter?
    No. We currently don’t support each floor having its own presenter. The presentation once started will be the same across all the floors. The presentation will be shared across on each floor.
  • Can I use presentation mode at the beginning?
    Yes, you can. The presentation can be at the beginning, middle or at the end of the event. It is completely up to the organisers to decide the agenda and flow of the event.
  • Can I record the sessions?
    Currently, we record the presentations that happen during the event. These would be available to you after the event. The conversations happening on the tables are not recorded.
  • Why can’t I turn on my mic and cam during the presentation?
    During the presentation, only the speakers can turn on their mic and cam. This ensures the panel/ presentation goes on undisturbed. If the host wants they can give permission to any of the participants to turn on their mic and cam.

Map and Tables

  • Can I go to the map and network when a presentation is going on?
    It is not possible to network while the presentation is going on. The mic and cam are disabled for everyone but the speakers. You can only chat with other participants during the presentation.
  • What is the purpose of the big couch rooms on the corners?
    The couch rooms are extra seating spaces for people to hang out and also to have sponsor companies have their people sit there.
  • How many people can fit on each table?
    The number of people per table depends on the pricing plan. It can be 4, 6 or 8.
  • Can I change the name on the tables?
    Yes, you can change the table names by right-clicking on the table and adding the new name of the table in the pop-up box that appears.
  • Will table names change if I go back into the event?
    The table names will not change if you go back into the event. They will stay the same for the entire event.
  • How many people can fit on the floor?
    The number of people on the floor depends on the plan. Every floor will have 19 tables and each table can accommodate 4,6 or 8 people.
  • Can I listen in to a conversation on a table?
    Only the people on the table can listen to the conversation on that table. In order to listen to the conversation on the table, you would have to join the table.

Event Registration

  • Can I put a video on the landing page?
    Yes, you can share a video on the landing page. You can add the video while creating the event or later from the admin panel by editing the event.
  • Can I edit the email of the reminder emails?
    At the moment you are unable to edit the content of the reminder emails.
  • Do you take accept payments for paid tickets?
    Right now we do not accept paid tickets, but feel free to use other ticketing services with Remo!


  • Can I have sponsor logos on the map?
    Yes, you can have sponsor logos on the map. You can have a maximum of 4 or 6 sponsorship slots available on the map depending on the choice of plan.
  • What are the sponsor banners?
    Sponsor banners are images on the map that users can click to show a popup. The popup can show another image or youtube video. Check out this doc here for more details.


  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes, we have an amazing affiliate program. We pay up to 35% of subscription amount for 24 months. Please sign up here.