• Can Remo support multiple workshops running at the same time?

    Yes, under the director and producer plans, you can hold simultaneous events or workshops at the same time.

  • What is included in “custom event branding” ? What is not included?

    Custom logo in the event landing page
    Custom logo in the event dashboard
    Set up a custom domain

    Not included:
    Remo login page will still show Remo’s branding
    Remo emails sent to attendees, speakers, and event managers will still have Remo branding (but you can turn off invitation emails and event reminder emails)
    “Need help?” icon for technical support will still show Remo branding

    Please read our article here for detailed instructions

  • Can I put a video on the landing page?

    No. However,  you can share a video on the event welcome message section. You can add the video while creating the event or later from the Event Settings by editing the event.

  • Can I edit the email of the reminder emails?

    At the moment you are unable to edit the content of the reminder or invitation emails. However, you can turn off Remo emails for guests and send them from your own email provider.

  • Can I send a customized automated event confirmation email?

    At the moment the emails that go out to guests cannot be customized. If you want to send out personalized emails to the guests you can deactivate Remo emails and would have to use a separate email service. Make sure you include the event joining URL link for the guests in the external emails!

  • Can you make profiles in advance for guests? So that when they arrive they have their profiles waiting for them?

    It’s up to each and every guest who registers for a Remo event to fill in their own user profile.

    However, if you would like to fill this in for them on their behalf, you would need to manually register (with name, email, and password) and fill in the user profile for each of your guests. If you are doing this, you will also need to send each of your guests their credentials (email and password) to login on the day of your event with their already created (by you!) profile.

  • Is there a way to filter search for a specific guest when you’re at a networking event?

    You can search for a specific guest through the chat function. You are able to search for a guest’s name (but not their company), and are not able to filter for a particular segment for guests.

  • As event organisers, how can we manage the registration process of guests/participants?

    If you are hosting a private event, we encourage you to use a separate event registration and management system to collect guest registration details and then import the list of guests into our Remo event backend. If the event is a public event, guests can register directly on the Remo event landing page. If the event is a private event, you will need to add the emails of your guests into the Guest List before the event

  • How can users move between simultaneous events?

    For users to move between simultaneous events, all they need are the links to all the events that are being held. They can move from one event to another using the links.

    As a host, you can use the sponsor banners to provide a “bridge” between simultaneous events, or create a landing page and provide that to guests to choose which event to attend. You can see a quick tutorial video on how to create bridges between events here, and you can read the instructions here.

  • How can I share resources and documents with guests at the event?

    There are 4 ways in which you can share documents and resources during an event.

    • Chat Function: You can copy and paste URL links, upload attachments or images within our chat function to any private chat conversation or public/table chat group.
    • Whiteboard: You can upload documents, media, links and videos to the whiteboards within the floor plan. Each table will have their own whiteboard to view.
    • Sponsor Banner Ads: You can add resources as links to the sponsor banner areas within the floor plan.
    • Announcements Function: You can blast out any key information you’d like to highlight to your entire event through the announcements function! Just type your message or URL link into the text box.
  • Do you have resources to brief first time Remo users (guests?)

    Yes, we do! We have a quick and snappy 3-minute video showing guests how to use Remo within the event here.

    We also have a pre-event checklist which we encourage you to send to all your attendees before the event here.

    You may also check out this event guide for guests.

  • How are people arranged when they enter an event?

    Depending on the number of estimated guests that is set in the event backend by the event host, guests will be arranged randomly and evenly throughout the Remo floors when they first enter the event. Once they are in the Remo room, they will be allowed to move freely and jump from table to table.

  • Can I export or delete the Event Chat as an Event Host?

    Yes! You can now export or delete the General Chat as an Event Host (Account Owner, Event Manager, or Event Assistant). Please follow our instructions here.


  • How many people can fit on the floor?

    The number of people that can fit on the floor will depend on both your Remo plan and the number of seats on your floor plan.

    Each floor can fill up to 80% of the number of seats with guests, up to a maximum of 104 guests per floor.

  • Can the event host shuffle/move people around on the floor for networking?

    Yes! With the ‘Shuffle Guests’ feature, as an Event Host you can shuffle your guests around with a few clicks of the button. You can check out this article for more information on how to use this.

  • Can you label different floors?

    No, currently floors cannot be labeled differently, but table names on each floor can be uniquely named.

  • How do I build a custom floor plan?

    Please click here for our detailed instructions on how to design and upload a custom floor plan. At present, any Remo paid subscribers can upload a custom floor plan. If you do not have someone on your team who can create a custom floorplan, we have preferred Remo partners who we can refer to you, feel free to email ashwin@remo.co


    Please click here for our detailed instructions on how to design and upload a custom floor plan. At present, any Remo paid subscribers can upload a custom floor plan. If you do not have someone on your team who can create a custom floorplan, you can find a list of designers you can contact in the Remo Marketplace here.

  • How can I see who is on which floor?

    At the moment, we do not have a function to show where guests are located within the event. However, you can private message guests within the chat function in order to communicate where to meet or to ask where they are located if you’d like to meet up with them within the Remo building!


  • How many people can fit on each table?

    The number of people per table depends on the plan. It can be 4, 6, or 8. You can check our pricing page here.

  • Can the event host pre-assign people to tables?

    No, we currently cannot pre-assign people to tables. Guests will be placed on tables according to a pre-set algorithm when they first enter a Remo event. However, you can structure your event through changing table names, or send out event wide text announcements, which will give guests guidance on where to sit.

    You can check out this article for more ideas as well!

  • Can I change table names?

    Yes, you can change the table names by right-clicking on the table and adding the new name of the table in the pop-up box that appears -or- selecting the pencil icon in the lower right corner of the table. Only event hosts (account owners and team members) have the ability to change table names within the event.

  • Will table names change if I go back into the event?

    The table names will not change if you go back into the event. They will stay the same for the entire event.

  • Can I change the number of seats?

    For all plans, you can design and upload a custom floor plan, where you can design tables of a different number of seats. However, there are seat limitations depending on which Remo plan you choose. Please see the updated plans and their features here.


    Check out the guidelines for creating a custom floor plan here.

  • Can I change the number of tables?

    Yes, you can change the number of tables when re-designing and uploading your own custom floor plan, but it must be 4 people to a table max for a host plan, 6 people to a table max for the director plan, or 8 people to a table max under a producer or boutique plan.

    Check out the guidelines for creating a custom floor plan here.

  • Can the event host or guests lock tables so that nobody else comes in?

    No, currently event hosts cannot lock tables to prevent others from joining in. However, you can design and upload a custom floor plan where you can have tables of less than 6 people to allow private conversations to happen. 

    Check out the guidelines for creating a custom floor plan here.

  • Can I listen in to a conversation on a table?

    Only the people on the table can listen to the conversation on that table. In order to listen to the conversation on the table, you would have to join that table.

  • Can I record table discussions?

    No, we currently do not have the function to record table discussions, we can only record presentations in presentation mode!

  • Can a host enter a table that is full?

    Yes, Remo has a feature which allows account owners and team members (event managers or event assistants) to enter a full table. Just double click the table you want to join and you’ll be placed on top of the star icon.

Presentation mode

  • What is the difference between a speaker, a guest and an event host?

    A speaker will have the permission to broadcast in presentation mode, and have access to join the stage area in conversation mode. A speaker can be invited during event setup in the Remo dashboard. 

    A guest will not be able to broadcast in presentation mode, and will not have access to join the stage in conversation mode, unless the event host invites them to join.

    An event host will have full admin rights and access to the event. An event host can remove or block people from the event, remove or add people to the stage, broadcast announcements, use the timer function, record presentations and change table names to name just a few of the possibilities.


    For a full list of all the features available to types of users, check out this article

  • How many speakers can be on stage at once?

    The number of speakers presenting on stage at once will depend on which plan you subscribe to:

    Host: 6 speakers on stage
    Director: 8 speakers on stage
    Producer: 10 speakers on stage

  • Can each floor have its own presenter?
    No. We currently don’t support each floor having its own presenter. The presentation, once started, will be the same across all the floors. The presentation will be shared across on each floor.
  • Can I use presentation mode at the beginning?
    Yes, you can. The presentation can be at the beginning, middle or at the end of the event. It is completely up to the organisers to decide the agenda and flow of the event. All you need to do is press the ‘Present’ button on your bottom menu toolbar!
  • What happens when the timer ends?

    The timer bar at the top of the browser will change colour and turn from green to red, and all guests within the event will be able to see the timer bar.

  • Can I record the sessions?

    Currently, you can record the presentations that happen during your event in presentation mode. These would be available to you after the event. The conversations happening on individual tables however, are not recorded.

  • Why can’t I turn on my mic and cam during the presentation?

    During the presentation, only the speakers can turn on their mic and cam. This ensures the panel/ presentation goes on undisturbed. If the host wants they can give permission to any of the participants to turn on their mic and cam.

  • Why is the stage (in conversation mode) a private area (since it is typically the center of a conference)?

    The center of the remo conference is the presentation mode where the speaker sessions, panel discussions and keynote will happen. The ‘stage table’ or ‘green room table’ in conversation mode is technically the backstage/ green room area where the speakers and/or hosts can get together and discuss. Usually, guests do not have access to the green room, and that’s why here guests do not have access to the ‘stage table’.

  • Can I have multiple hosts?

    Yes, the number of Event Hosts you can have depends on which Remo plan you have subscribed to:

    • Director Plan: 3 Event Hosts
    • Producer Plan: 10 Event Hosts (5 on the Monthly Producer Plan)
    • Boutique Plan: 15 Event Hosts (8 on the Monthly Boutique Plan)

    You can check out our pricing page for more information.

  • Do we leave conversation mode while in presentation mode?

    Yes, once presentation mode has been activated, all guests within the event will be in presentation mode, and will not be allowed back to conversation mode until the event host switches back.

  • Is the presentation for all floors the same?

    Yes, all guests will see the same presentation, regardless of what floor they are on. Guests will not be able to stay in conversation mode when presentation mode is on.


  • Can I have sponsor logos on the map?

    Yes, you can have sponsor logos on the map. You can have a maximum of 2, 4 or 10 sponsorship slots available on the map depending on the choice of plan.

  • What are the sponsor banners?

    Sponsor banners are images on the map that users can click to show a popup. The popup can show another image or youtube video. Check out this doc here for more details.

  • What is the max number of event sponsors we can showcase in 1 event?

    Based on our default floor plans offered, you can showcase up to 6 dynamic sponsor banners, depending on which plan you are on. However, you can add static images when designing a custom floor plan to showcase more sponsors if you want. 

Billing and payment

  • Can I upgrade and downgrade my account to fit with my event schedule?

    Yes, it’s easy; just make sure to change your plan at least 48 hours before your event to ensure that our system makes the necessary adjustments for your events. 

    You’ll only be charged the difference between your original plan and your new plan from the day you upgraded until the end of your billing cycle. Which means the subscription amount is prorated for that period in the billing cycle. 

    After you’ve upgraded your plan, it will auto-renew at the upgraded price each new billing cycle (monthly or annually).

    Also, please note you can upgrade or downgrade once per month.

  • Can I upgrade my plan just before or during an event that I’m hosting to accommodate more guests?

    Technically, you can, however, to minimize any issues, we would recommend that you do NOT upgrade just before or during your event as our system does require a bit of time to implement the new settings of a new plan. We would suggest upgrading at least a week before your event so you can also test out any additional features that come with an upgraded plan, and familiarize yourself with any changes to the admin panel.

  • What methods of payment does Remo accept?

    We currently only accept Paypal and the following credit and debit cards:

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Discover
  • Does Remo offer discounts for non profit organizations or educational institutions?

    Yes, we believe in education and good deeds.

    You can apply for this discount through our pricing page here.

  • When will my card be charged each month?

    Your card will be charged 30 days after you subscribe to your Remo plan.

  • What’s the difference between the monthly plans and annual plans?

    Your monthly plan is charged monthly, your annual plan will be paid once, on the day you subscribe to Remo. 

  • How can I cancel and is there a refund policy?

    If you need to cancel your plan, we have a brief article with instructions for you here

  • What is Remo’s refund policy?

    If you are unhappy with our platform and product, you may request for a refund within 3 days of purchase for a monthly subscription or within 30 days for an annual subscription. For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

  • Do you accept payments for paid tickets?

    Right now we do not accept paid tickets, but feel free to use other ticketing services with Remo!

  • Do you have a built in paywall if we want to charge for our virtual events?

    No, currently we do not have a built in payment gateway. However, it’s extremely easy to use Remo in conjunction with an existing event management system like Eventbrite or eventXtra.